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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hmm... it's been a long long while since i last talk/msn/meet any of my diploma friends... almost everyone of us got separated into different different universities all over this country and even the world...

there were so many happenings which had occur, yet i knew nothing, feeling kindda upset with myself for not being a friend to these lovely peoples la... so yea, one of my friend messaged me regarding another friend who was in a rather "hard time of his life", a friend who i was close to, yet i didn't know what was happening to him, due to the "geographical distance".. i'm not going to leak out any personal details la.. i think my friend wld appreciate me for not saying it out haha..

so i decided to get intouch with these lovely peoples again... msged a friend and really chatted, got myself updated with these real stories, amazing things i would say... im glad the friend of mine which i was referring to earlier is getting along fine now... I pray that he'll be able rise up and that the problem that he faced would not reoccur anymore. In the name of Jesus!

Yea... i feel relieved and good now.. and i've made a commitment to get myself in contact with happenings all around the world la.... yes, in mmu, i was basically not in contact in any happenings around the world la.. it was as if im like "a frog under the well".. this is so that i would at least know whats happening and ill be able to ask for God's guidance in these matters la :)

anyways, its getting late, i guess ill stop here... Church is on as usual tomorrow, 1 praise celebration only tho.. i would have meetings on tomorrow to get myself prepared to serve God in MTI intake 11 :) and hopefully i'll get my priorities right tomorrow, to do things which are urgent la...

Nites, God bless!


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