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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Wow.. 112 hits in 5 days, that makes an average of 22 hits perday... haha maybe most of the hits belongs to me la.. xD

Anyway, anyone wanna go Lowyat this few days? I wanna get a new laptop cooler pad... mine is making noise and not at it's optimum speed anymore :|

since it's officially holidays for me now, i'll just list down some stuffs that i would need/want to do... just incase i forget haha

1) Design t-shirt for archery club [need]
2) Finish up my proposal for archery club's event...by this week [need]
3) Design MMU Christian Society's logo and t-shirt :D excited [want]
4) Read up Micricontroller 8051, wanna try to apply for exemption.. just incase those lecturers saja susahkan me cuz i forgot alrdy haha [in between need and want haha]
5) Apostolic Program, Intake 11 ( 2 weeks, 19 Oct to 1 Nov ) [ need and want also haha]

EDITED on 17/10/08 1am

6) Learn proper javascipt... i was so amazed at some website i saw
7) Learn proper div tags and z-index :D
(Just incase you don't know what im talking about... its all the web design stuffs :D )
8) Learn saxophone properly.. with practice as much as i can :D

Thats all i can remember for now, would edit this post if i remember any...


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