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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Intake 11 Journey

It's been a week or so since i last updated my blog, anyway, intake 11 is still on, and it's gonna be at the peak(work load) tomorrow... God's presence is just so sweet here... oh btw, the session(s) is/are on while i'm typing this blog :D ... i need rest also ok? haha... for the past few nights, i over-night-ed at Pr. David's place as i've got to work on the prophecies recording and all, quite a lot of them, sort them out properly and all la... too much details ...malas to type xD

These few days here has been awesome, and it's gonna be "awesomer"! It's no doubt tiring, wake up around 6am everyday, get prepared and waits for Jason to pick me up.... whole day sessions and works(CD burning, Prophecy sorting, PA system, projection and a whole list of work la....) and finally reach home around 12/1am... and the starts over again the next day... tiring but God's grace is certainly enough for me all of us who are serving...

too many things to list down, would just list down a few interesting things/happening:
1) i played percussion on stage the other day, A Day in the Secret Place - in the morning only tho.. it took me some guts to play on stage, cuz it has been quite a while since i've last practiced drums/percussion
2) CD burning, duplicating to be exact, has been fun, i'm 1 day ahead of time, which is good :D
3) meet lots of new friends...
4) reached a higher level of worship, but its not enough... need to get higher summore xD
5) went to lowyat again that day, had to lead the group for the intake 11 participants for shopping.... they shopped alot! i dunno how much they have spent in a day's spent..
6) learnt new things, some re-learn... all in all.. awesome !

i guess thats about it la.. my brain is kindda 'shutdown mode'... very sleepy haha...
forgive me for my broken english...


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