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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saxophone training

Haha... i think this would be the last post for a week or so... Apostolic Program starts tomorrow, we had already and would continue shifting the instruments, office equipments and all those needed items over to KLIH today, the instruments can only be shifted in the night due to some complication with the hotel, but all in all, it should work out just fine. Later tonight at 8, i'll be heading to church to dismantle the LCD projector from the ceiling board to be brought over to KLIH... hmm anyway, lets get back to the topic... Saxophone training xD

So yea, i got "semangat-ed" cuz during the exam season... listened to too much smooth jazz :D ... tried the guitar, but nah, it's just not my "type" haha... saxophone on the other hand seems friendlier to me... so yea.. i like it :D

I read up from somewhere that regular practice is important as it will give your muscle(s) memory.. can understand? means like if i always move my ears, the muscle remembers that action kindda thing la... so yea, same goes to the muscles of my lips, diaphragm, tongue and fingers... and by doing so, i'm building a strong foundation(i hope :|) yea, so i practiced for 3 hours today hahah... my neighbours must be wondering when i would stop xD

i started with the long notes ( not endurance test, but to maintain the equal amplitude(loudness) when blowing a certain note ), actually there are 3 types:
1) Medium loud
2) Medium loud to soft
3) Soft to medium loud

The latter 2 are certainly harder the the first haha...i still need some a lot more practice on that haha... anyway.. after doing that i got a lil bored, wanted to try blowing a song, but the score sheets are hard to find, and yea, i don't know how to read "bean sprouts" xD example of "bean sprout" below hahaha

*image removed*

so anyway, since i can't read the "bean sprouts", i had to learn .. and i googled it as usual... but it was quite dissapointing as i couldn't find any... little did i know, from the same website i found the other day, there were lessons which are free xD... *happy* it's basic stuff but certainly good enough for me to train with... and yea, the 'bean sprouts' had the note(s) written above it, and from there i learn how to read 'bean sprouts" xD >> CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF FILE

ok, yea practiced for a bit... oh... che, i used your metronome haha... below is the recording of my practice... maybe some of you would be interested to judge hear haha... CLICK HERE

haha yea, i guess that all i wanna share la.. gonna clean the saxophone and go for lunch haha...

Good news, just cleaned the saxophone... less saliva already hahaha... i guess it's a improvement from the last time hahaha.....

and ohh... just after i blogged, i went and listen to the original lesson's audio file, i just realized that what i practiced was wrong... LOL... it was suppose to be 1 bar for 1 note, but i treated 1 line as 1 bar, hahaha my bad... i'll practice properly next time la... xD

till i blog again...



  1. Hey Bright One, your saxaphone practice and personal training plus interest, is an impressive journey. If u need whatever advice whatesoever, u can always ask me. (And I've definately blew the saxophone before. Hehe)But for a start, make it 15mins just blowing and stretching your diaphragm, like blowing those long notes. Then u can move on to 30mins-1hr practising scales and volume control ;) Keep it up! It's a good interest.

  2. hey sis... sry for the late comment-reply... had been busy as u know... yea sure.. anyway.. im going to sleep now.. very tired, typing with my eyes closed haha... not bad can spell correctly xD