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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


First i wanna thank God, the internet is back .. Weeee...


The following would be my review on my 2nd time with 'him', lets assume the saxophone is a male la, oh wait.. does that mean i have been putting my mouth with his(mouth piece)? That's so gay...Crap! We'll just put 'it' as 'it' la instead... haha :P

Ok, so it has been approximately 2 weeks since i first saw it, the definition of saw here means i held it, blew it and cleaned it. My brother introduced it to me, since i was saying that i wanted to learn an instrument, that week, i took out my guitar, remembered a few chords, some strummings and yea that bout it la... i went online and got the chords for the song "Life - Communion, Hillsongs", but it didn't come with the lyrics, so i had to google it again... after much quite little searching, i finally found the lyrics itself... so i had to listen to the song, and try to put the chords at its rightful place.. it was okay i guess, not bad for someone who doesn't play guitar xD... ok back to the saxophone...

It was raining quite heavily just now, the internet kept getting disconnected, i was quite mad pissed, cause i'm so used to the internet connection in cyberjaya, fast and no dc(most of the time la)..instead of waiting for the internet... i went and played a game or two alot of rounds in Call of Duty 4 (CoD4), its a war game la... yea, it was fun, leveled up a lil, kicked some asses killed some bots.. and it got boring after an hour or so.. walked around the house for a bit, then i remembered the existence of the saxophone, so i went to chris(my bro) and asked where he placed it... and so the journey begins:

Now, the saxophone was in my hands, so what? it's not like i had trainings or what-so-ever before...i didn't even know how to hold it and how my fingers should be placed... i had to turn to someone, i couldn't count on my bro cuz he was tired and sleepy, and i don't think he knows how also la.... so the "best" solution was the internet.. but the internet was slow and shitty crappy.. so i had to wait a lil (quite alot actually haha), wanted to watch video tutorials from the internet via youtube, but i couldn't cuz the internet kept getting disconnected after every few minutes... *beep*... so i had to search for some text version..google-ing was still slow, but somehow i manage to find one >> click here

When i opened that page, i was like "man.. takde gambar ke?"
Even so, it didn't take me much time to get my fingers on it properly (the keys on the saxophone had different 'markings', i don't know the correct word for that haha..), after i got that right, i went to my room, as i didn't want to disturb any of my family members la...

at first, it was all 'lou fong', in other words, the correct tone and key couldn't come out la... it took me around 15-20 minutes to finally get the correct placement of my lips on the mouth piece... *proud* lol....then, i got my fingers properly placed on it and started blowing... initially, i could only blow one note, and when i pressed the second note, the sound went "off-key" ..... it was hilarious, had some farting sound and all la... haha.. after training for a bit, i finally could blow "B > A > G > F > E > D"... so i tried blowing "D > E > F > G > A > B" ,it was harder(quite hard, i still can't get a hang of it) due to the number of holes closed initially, i had to use more strength in blowing to get the flow la...

Time flew... 2 hours had passed.. wow, i was amazed, cuz i normally don't stay long on practicing whatever, be it my homework or music instrument (i stay long on PC games/software tho :P ).. i was kindda out of breath... brain slowing down haha... anyway, after blowing it for 2 hours, the amount of saliva in it was *shivers* gross..


I still had to clean it.. but it was okay i guess, it's my saliva after all xD
It took me a while to clean it.. and now it's being left there to "air it", to dry it i think.... and here i am, blogging during dinner time... haha

Here's some final words: 


A lil update on my side...

i'll be going lowyat tomorrow... anyone interested? haha

and, and,

I'll be very busy for the coming 2/3 weeks.. i doubt i'll have time to blog... but maybe i would... my timing always sesat 1 hahaha..... thats about it la...

Till i blog again... 'sayonara'


(leaping down the stairs for dinner)


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