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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Wee... finally got my blogspot done, flash gave me some problem with the menu bar i did that last time :(

I've been longing to blog for quite some time, just that i couldn't really find time to design and do the codings la... hahha, talking about no time to study and here i am designing and coding for my blog :P anyways, still need to work out a lil on the header + navigator part, it's not exactly of what i have in mind la.. but it still looks good :P

Anyways, this is what happen yesterday(8/10/2008).

i was to take one of my paper on the next day, and yea, last minute studying as usual, but it was kindda different yesterday, cuz i was playing COD4 in between my studying time, and i was reading up blogs haha, so yea, i did these 3 things one after another.. and so the time had came where my eyes told me i should sleep, but my brain told me that i still got loads more to study, which is true, last minute + not focused...

so, i decided to skip a few chapter (which ended up easy on the exam paper, darn!).. well, no complains la, since im the one with fault, nyways, back to the story, so i read and read and read till i couldn't take it no more, personally, i think i fried my brain a lil, expending it to more that the 2% that we humans use, so i rested for 2 hours *napping* and so, after 2 hours, i got up, took a quick shower(freaking darn cold hostel water)and continued on my journey of frying my brains as much as it would allow me... there were so many, vast amount of formulas and at the end of the chapter there this sentence stood : "PLEASE MEMORISE ALL THE FORMULAS" i got stun and was kindda intimidated by it la...

then it came the time, 8.30am, and so i headed to the grand hall where my exam would take place at, did the paper, i guess it was ok, hopefully can get a "B" la... but its hard to say, i might even fail it :( there were quite a few question which i knew how to do, just that i could remember any of those related freaking formulas *ish* but i wrote down the steps la, hopefully i can get a mark of two from writing those steps haha...

after the paper, i decided to go home and rest instead of staying in cyberjaya over the weekend till my next paper, so i called my mom asking wheter she could pick me up :D on the way back, she asked me if i would like to drive.. i didnt mind at all knowing that she had to send my grandma to the hospital in the morning for her blood test, so i took over the wheels... the journey was quite smooth despite the heavy+light rain..

when i reach home, as usual, whitey would bark "manja-ly" and he would attempt to kiss my cheek, i said attempt cuz he cant reach my face, im too tall for him to jump :P .. so yea, i took out my dirty laundries and headed upstairs and setup my lappy :)
and there i was the entire day in front of my lappy, the same screen im looking at now.

summary of my today:
wake up at 5.30am to study
went for exam at 9am
reached back to hostel at 11.30am
mom came arnd 1.30pm
reached home arnd 2.10pm
sat in front of my lappy > designing and coding till 7.30pm
had cell group 8.30 - 10.30pm
continued coding at 11.30pm

and here i am, 2am... and it's been almost 24 hours since i really slept, i guess i really need to stop here :P

2am, 10/10/08


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