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Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Walking" and some updates...

I guess i'll not start with the definition of walking this time.. it's kindda lame xD

So anyway here goes:

Woke up this morning, around 9am, first thing >> turned on my lappy *i know, swt* and bla bla bla, not important details... tied up my hair, and got myself ready by 10am, and i left home and headed to Wangsa Maju LRT station. So yea, like the title suggests, i had to walk from home, took me approximately 20 minutes to reach there... this would be my first time going lowyat plaza on my own (=.=) i didnt really know where and how to reach there la... cuz most of the time, got people send me there ma... haha..

and ohh.. it was a lil awkward in the LRT and also my walking journey, cuz yea, i'm a guy and i had my hairs tied up... passerby(s) gave me a weird look thingy la haha.. but ive got used to it some time ago it's still awkward la... haha

and so, by faith, i took off and reached there in 1 piece, around 11am... kindda fast eh? *i got good timing :P* i went there with 2 main purpose in mind, to get myself a cool-er cooler pad for my lappy and also to get price list of whatever i can get la, i took it for Intake 11's shopping team la... i walked, and walked, and walked, and walk, only God knows how many kilometers i've walked just now... so finally i had done my surveying and had finished collecting all the price list available la..

as a smart consumer, i went to the shop with the cooler pad with the lowest price la of course.. and i got myself a "Cooler Master - Notebook Cooler - NotePal Infinite ∞" (took me a while to get the ∞ symbol via character map heh) and praise God, the price was within, and in fact lower than the budget i've allocated... it cost me RM100... for the quality, i would say it's money for value la... :D

and ohh.. during my visit @ Lowyat plaza, i saw En Heng there, it seems like he has been working there since after diploma la... any of you guys from diploma who is free... go meet him la.. fourth/fifth floor...

i still don't didn't know what took over me, but i just wanted to walk around Times Square, so yea, i did it... alone... walking aimlessly around Times Square, kinda "woo liao".. i walked, and walked, and walked again... (it's lame, i know).. everywhere i turned to, i see "lala-wears" and "punk-wears", not really my type of dressing style la...and there was one shop with many "patungs aka mannequin".. all dressed up in punk-lala style... and they were displayed outside the shop la... and guess what? i saw 1 fella, dressed in the same style.. ( i really thought he was one of the patungs ... LMAO )... walking around Times Square was quite a journey for me.. cuz i don't normally go there, and yea, i don't do shoppings... honestly, from my point of view, it was really like a cosplay to me... xD.. Can someone give/teach them better sense of clothing?

soon not long after, i saw a casual jacket/coat... it looked good from afar, but too bad.. the cuttings were a lil out, and the stitches were quite awful la... so i didn't get it la... and yea, i ended up "window shopping-ing" in Times Square with the cooler pad with me... Oh! Did i mention, the shop(which i bought the cooler pad from) gave me a plastic bag which could not really fit the cooler pad in it... it was so so freaking hard to carry it around.. and not to mention, walking, walking and walking around Times Square for nearly 2 hours....

I got bored, so i decided to go back la... no point wasting more time there.. i wanted to go to the arcade, but it was closed (-.-!)... got on the monorail and headed home la.. just before i reach Wangsa Maju LRT station, i actually thought of walking home, but i just had the feeling to call my mom la... (she took my grandma to the hospital this morning for some checkups)... so i thought she would be back home already, so i called her mobile number, and found out that she was nearby only, packing food for lunch... so yay! don't need to walk back, with the cooler pad in my hand :D

Thank God for His timing, on the way back, it started raining cats and gods (opps typo) dogs... (now i understand why i walked around Times Square aimlessly for :D) phew, imagine me walking back... really gg lor... haha.. anyway, took my lunch after i got back, didn't want to open my cooler pad just yet... cuz i wanna take pics with my brother's sony alpha 200 haha.. so i waited for a while then i went out to TARC at 3pm, for fun to pick my brother la.. had to wait for him for 30 minutes in a 'no parking area' ... luckily no security guards "disturb" me la.. haha

by the time we got back, we started taking pictures and so... lighting was ok.. taking pictures of products of this size was kindda hard la... *skipped too long* .. and yea. here i am, blogging while testing out my new cooler pad... so far so good :D

there would be CG tonight at church office.. 8.30pm.. so i better get some rest la... and ohh before i forget.. i just received the worship team schedule for Apostolic Program Intake 11... when i first saw it, i was like *OMG/WAAA* ... i'm scheduled for "Audio Tech" (sound man in other words) for most of the days... it has been quite a long while since i last touch operate the Public Address System (PA system) alone... and for most of the days, i'm scheduled to operate it alone, in a big, really big hall... (operating PA system also means cannot fall asleep la... haha)

and did i mention earlier that the PA system which i would need to operate for AP Intake 11 is 2x or 3x bigger than the one used in my church.... such pressure.. however, i believe that by God's grace, i won't screw up la... :D and yea, of course i was still scheduled to do "Visual Tech" jobs too.. i don't think i'll face much problem there la.. talking about that, i need to get the welcome projection done asap... tried designing 1 yesterday... not to my standards at all.. i guess i'll need to start over again la...

i guess thats all for now... till i blog again... have a nice day, and to my MMU friends, have a nice holiday :D

- Clarence
(goes to sleep, will edit any typo/error in language when i'm free la...)
p/s: i know i used alot of "la(s)" in this post, forgive me, cuz im too tired to write proper england now xD

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  1. Talking about walking... Hmm... It got me counting how many hours I spend walking on the streets per week: 3.5hrs minimum. A minimum of 30mins per day. Sometimes 30mins per journey. In conclusion, I miss my car and I miss driving!! Next round I'll probably calculate my speed of walking and come up with perhaps 5-10kmph. HAHA. But indeed, God has the best plan and the best timing for us! Our unplanned plans are the BEST plans of God! Be blessed.