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Friday, November 28, 2008

Should i? Should i not?



im now writing to the readers who saw the 'teaser' image before i wrote this entry
* so the rest of you can just ignore it, if you want ;) *

here goes:
"Hmmp... Should i? Should i not?"
so did the teaser image got you gung ho fans readers wondering about what was on my mind when i decided to put up this post? Did you get excited to see a new post, or perhaps some of you felt the adrenaline rush due to the awesome-ness of the title?

Haha... i bet you did *not*... xD

Ok... this part is for everyone hahaha:
Does the entry title "should i? should i not?" ring a bell?

*a moment of silence, let u recall some memories*

I believe most of you fans readers would have already experience this many times in your life... Déjà vu?

Nah, im sure that this is not just some Déjà vu thingy, it's more than that! Cuz on my side, this statement often occur in my mind, especially during times of decision.. be it big or small, it doesn't have to be a significant event, it can just happen at anytime.

For you curious readers, sorry to burst your bubble, but this entry title is mainly NOT talking about me.. it's talking about all of us, humans.. Like i said, many times in our life, we often get this sorta statement when we're about to do something, for example making a decision... We get it so often that at times, we tend to ignore something more important and then we end up using our mind to figure things out..

Some of you might ask... "what is that important thing?"


yes, you've guess correctly
(assuming that you took some time to guess la...)

i'm talking about our conscience .. huh what?
conscience? con + science?

Disclaimer: Quoted from WIkipedia

Conscience ability or faculty that distinguishes whether one's actions are right or wrong. In plain English, it is a person's inner sense of what is right or what is wrong morally. It leads to feelings of remorse when one does things that go against his/her moral values, and to feelings of rectitude or integrity when one's actions conform to our moral values. It is also the attitude which informs one's moral judgment before performing any action. The extent to which such moral judgments are based in reason has been a matter of controversy almost throughout the history of Western philosophy.

Commonly used metaphors refer to the "voice of conscience" or "voice within."

yes, conscience.. in lame man terms.. your heart..

Hmmp... feeling the adrenaline rush again? No? haha...

Yea, we tend to ignore our conscience, because we're just so used to using our "all-mighty" brain.. At times, we give excuses to ignore our conscience, and frankly speaking.. if we continue to ignore our conscience, we would most likely end up as a "cold blooded" human.. why?

Take the following scenario into consideration:
*Warning: Parental Advisory recommended, nah... it's just a simple illustration*

p/s: very long... but worth the look xD
» Click here to read the scenario, click again to hide it ;) «

To those who didn't read the 'scenario'... the moral of the story is to listen to your conscience.. the small voice inside of you...(for more information, please read up the 'scenario', definitely worth reading it.. ;)

well, basically, that's what i want to say.. but i'll elaborate a lil more (bear with me, for the long entry >.< )

In each and every one of us, God has placed a 'small voice' in us... it's commonly referred as 'your heart'/// now, try to link voice and heart... i guess, the conclusion is that our heart has a mouth rite?

so, to those bio students... FYI, your heart has a mouth, and it can speak.. remember that kay? :p

The figure below show's where your heart's mouth is...

(dun kill me if you fail your bio cuz you added that label in your exam ya hahahah... and yea, i'm not a bio student... so...believe me not..)

Like i was saying.. God has placed in us a small voice.. and most of the time... it's not loud.. but listen to it, and you'll not regret... cuz from my experience, most of the time where i ignored it.. i regretted it in the end.. not a good feeling..

Well.. i think that's all i can write about the small voice in you.. listen to it..

Listen to your heart
when He's calling for you.
Listen to your heart
there's nothing else you can do.

Cropped from DHT's - Listen to Your Heart

Till i blog again

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some updates

Hmm.. last 2 days had been quite a marathon for me... no complains.. but very exhausting... anyway.. ive not been able to sleep well past few night, exclusive of last night...the mosquitoes has been 'kissing' me quite alot while im sleeping.. kindda kacau la.. esp when u have 2 days of marathon.. not a nice feeling at all...

anyway, im here blogging, cuz i can't sleep di.. i slept quite late last night.. and yet here i am, awaked at 8am++ ... i tried to go back to sleep, but i cant la... so i decided to just worship God aloud... since my roomie went back already(without telling me, maybe cuz i was asleep la.. haha) it just feels so awesome being able to worship God, lifting hands and praising Him, in my room without feeling awkward haha...

so here's one of the songs:

i felt energized and ready to push myself again, to be the best of what God sees in me!

Spirit of the Lord

Fill this place Lord
With Your power
Let me see You
Reing with sovereignty
I need Your touch

That the world would
know You sent me
Let the dead rise,
Let blind man see
You lifted high

The Spirit of the Lord
Is on me
And I will go
I will go

I will go where You send me Lord
Jesus my whole life God, it's Your
With the Spirit of the Lord, I'll go

I'll go
I will go
I'll go

okay, some updates:
1) The event which the archery club held wasn't that great.. basically, bad turnout and that's about it la.. haha

2) The bible study last night ran well (i guess)... i thought them... hmm.. more like reminded them of who they are la... The topic i choose was "Who i am in Christ" cuz it's so darn important for us to know who we are to be able to function as how God wants us to...

imagine this:
if someone with high authorities doesn't know who he is, basically, he can't perform as he ought to la... same with us, Christians. We need to know who we are, the authorities that God has gave us, the promise that He gave and by knowing, and practicing our identity in Christ, i believe, there's no reason for us not to be able to soar up high with wings like eagles, alongside with God!

3) my class today only starts at 1pm! woots! after a few days of 9-10am classes... its nice to be able to wake up later than usual (although i woke up early, but still can lepak la... haha)

4) assignments are starting to pile up abit, i better get started before i 'die' because i procrastinate -.-

5) i had been thinking about how come im still so 'shy' when it comes to making new friends and talking to people.. and i realized that it's the same stupid excuse i made up... 'i think too much, im afraid of what people will think of me...' <- isn't that pride?

hmm.. gotta work on that...

oh yea, i figured that if i be myself, there's no reason for others to reject me... im a lovely/friendly person after all :P i'll stop here i guess... testing siggy again... (below)

(this siggy looks so much better... jpg vs gif haha.. yes, it's my handwritting.. wacom :D)
Till i blog again :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Self studying

i've been self studying(not studying, but studying about myself) for a bit lately... well basically to find ways to improve myself...

I'll start with the brain... i've always known that i'm a right-brainer, but i have no idea of the details... so i did some quiz and tests to check em out... here's how it scored:

Left brain percentages:Right brain percentages:
Overall usage:48%52%
Details:38% Logical (Your most dominant characteristic)
31% Sequential
27% Reality-based
22% Linear
17% Symbolic
14% Verbal (Your least dominant characteristic)
50% Nonverbal (Your most dominant characteristic)
40% Fantasy-oriented
28% Concrete
20% Intuitive
18% Holistic
12% Random (Your least dominant characteristic)

so yea, how i described myself before this is quite accurate....as u can see, i'm only 14% Verbal (left brain) and 50% Non-Verbal (right brain)... so when i'm talking to you, i'm only using my 14% hahaha.....

anyways, when i reach back cyber (10mins ago), i when to cybertracker and i found this thing... "How to Talk to Anyone".. it's an e-book, i've briefly view through the table of contents... it looks quite interesting... 364 pages might take me a while to finish reading la.. haha...

ok, off topic abit, this week would be quite hectic... archery club has this 'Sports and Martial Art Exhibition, Demonstration' thing going on... even though it's only 2 days.. i already feel tired when i look at it la... and MMUCS is going to put up a booth for 'Adopt a Gift'.. it'd take some time from me... and yea I'm suppose to lead a bible study thingy for CG this week.. so it's gonna take me some time too... and not to mention, i have another lab tomorrow morning.. 9am-12pm (haven't read lab sheets yet =.=) and oh.. assignments are rushing in.. no doubt it's gonna be fun xD

I guess i wouldn't have much time to update the blog this week... so yea, wishing some people happy birthday first :)

1) To Rachel, (25th Nov)
Happy birthday :) May God lead and guide you as you offer yourself as an instrument in expending God's kingdom. May God bless you with skills, creativity, wisdom, knowledge, and monetary blessings :) God bless you!

2) Nisha, (28th Nov)
Happy birthday, may God open your eyes to see Him as Lord and Saviour. Cuz you know what? He's just so rocking that you can't resist ;)

3) Amy, (30th Nov)
Happy birthday, may you be a living testimony to people around you even as you seek more and more of God! God bless!

4) To Mukhesh, (1st Dec)
Dude, have a blessed 20th birthday in India (how's studies anyway?). May God unveil Himself more and more as you draw near to seek Him.

(I seriously doubt any of them read my blog haha.. but anyway, have a blessed birthday, God bless you! *i know my drawings sucks :)*)

ok, now back to the topic.. haha... nothing much i can say la... but yea, i'm trying to study myself, so that i'll be able to work at the optimized level with other people and myself :D

A random quote from the 'How to talk to anyone' ebook
On the stage of real life, every physical
move you make subliminally tells everyone in eyeshot the story of
your life. Dogs hear sounds our ears can’t detect. Bats see shapes
in the darkness that elude our eyes. And people make moves that
are beneath human consciousness but have tremendous power to
attract or repel. Every smile, every frown, every syllable you utter,
or every arbitrary choice of word that passes between your lips can
draw others toward you or make them want to run away.

I guess that's for now, i better go get reading my lab sheets hahahaha.... Have a nice week people! :D

(testing siggy)


I just receive an email.. check this out:

1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...ok 10 is interesting...

10. Talking Rarely
Intellectual conversations will promote the efficiency of the brain

I guess i'll need to start talking, more... hahaha...

Friday, November 21, 2008

My first day being a 20

This is gonna be short, cuz it's late and i've lab tomorrow morning.. so here it goes:

My first day being a 20....
(exclude 19th of November, cuz technically i was born at 10.54pm hahaha)

God gave me a bigger picture of how i landed here in MMU today. Honestly, since/right after my church camp in May 2008, i know that MMU is the place where God wants me to be at... but i wasn't quite sure of the purpose of being at MMU.

So i got the geographical coordinates right and i landed at MMU. But the story behind how i reached here is just so amazing when i look back at it...( i can't say that i know every detail, but certainly God knows best :D )

I have always wondered why i had to go through TARC before coming over to MMU... and i keep getting comments like... 'wah.. why you do your diploma first? why didn't you do foundation straight away?' kindda comment.... but now that God have given me a bigger picture, i now realize that if it wasn't for the 2 years in TARC, basicly serving God back in Wangsa Maju, i wouldn't have picked up designing... and i wouldn't be at where i am now....

If i was to come to MMU 2 years ago, i would most likely have landed in Melaka, and would most likely be doing electronics majoring in robotics... cuz i was 'heavily' involved in robotics competition during my high school days... but now i know that that field isn't what i really like... but what i'm doing now... it's what i take pleasure in... although the core subjects are the same... but the essence behind the course is just so sweet!

During my last days at TARC, i was talking to some of my friends about where i might be going.. i had actually made up my mind to hand in my 'portfolio' of my designs of shirts, logos, website, flash and such to MMU.. so that i'll be able to do my degree straight away instead of doing foundation 'again'.... cuz i wanted to give up in my engineering studies... the irony:i hate maths actually (hahaha)

so yea, during MMU's open day, i went there, and i only visited the FCM(faculty of creative media)'s booth... i didn't even bother to check out the engineering faculty's booth...

but as soon as i reached home... i went online and did some research on the courses offered by the Engineering faculty... and i saw this 'baby'... before all these, my parents did tell me about the 'life of a designer' and yea, i didn't really like it..... the work pressure, and job hours, deadlines and such, it's not that i can't handle such things, but i prefer not la.. haha...

and so... the course... Electronics Engineering Majoring in Multimedia is basically what is suited to fit me best... Engineering + Designing... i wasn't really quite sure of how this course would lead me before this... but today, my lecturer(assit course supervisor) made clear about this course and how it would lead us, and what would we eventually end up as....

Perhaps, you wouldn't understand a single thing i wrote above, but the summary is this:
God has plan for our life, you and me, not Christians only..... it's already all planned out well, and everything will fall into place according to His plan and will for us. Rest assured, God is a God of Love, He wouldn't lead you into something you can't arise from... the devil, however is always there to make sure you won't achieve what God has for you...

so here i am to say:

Arise peoples! For my God is bigger than he who is in the world. And my God has conquered the grave, what else can stop Him?

i thank God for all He's done, and all He has for my life! What He had done today, it's certainly a great assurance that God has place in me for the first day of being a 20. So yea, i'm now all pumped up to surrender more and more of myself to this GREAT and AWESOME GOD of mine!

i guess that's all... took me almost 1 hour... sleepy di.. hopefully don't sleep in lab la.. =.= (haven't finish reading lab sheet)

gnite all...
God bless :)


(not that short post after all :P)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay.... some of you fans readers of mine might have been waiting to see what i recieved for my birthday... so here it goes:

Number 1 contestant: Wacom Bamboo Tablet :)

Step 1: Open up the gift wrapper

Step 2: Pose and smile.. *holding "God bless You" birthday card picture*

Step 3: Open up the "void if seal broken" sticker!

Step 4: still trying.... 

Step 5: Still trying... did they stick it so tough or was it me?

Step 6: Finally! Pull out the box from the box... i know it doesn't make sense :)

(closed up view)

Step 7: Revealing the inner-box 

Step 8-10: Please imagine it by yourselves xD
8: Plug in to computer
9: Install drivers
10: Play with it 

"Artistic" shot:

Contestant Number 2 & 3: Swiss Polo Leather Shoes and EDWIN Casual Shoes

Hmm... i didn't have time to take photo(s) with my new shoes... cuz i was kindda rushing back to cyber on sunday.... (yea, i got my presents on Saturday and Sunday already)

Some shots of the new shoes....

(These weren't really gifts, but i'll just add them into my gift list since i didn't had to pay for them.. and yea, both my previous leather and casual shoes had served me well for 4years, and 1year respectively... time to get new ones xD)

Contestant 4: Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana

(Disclaimer: Image taken from www.secretrecipe.com.my)
*They should be thankful that i help them promote xD*

Contestant 5: Memo-Spa (Memo pad holder)

I wouldn't say: "So cute!"
 but yea..undeniably it's kindda cute la...

Contestant 6: 

All the people who wished my happy birthday... seriously, i can't name all of them... just 
many of them. :D

Again, to all who wished me.... Thank you! 
You people had made my day a happier day/years person, 
and made me discover that i'm trully treasure by so many of you. Thanks again :)

Declaimer again: Gifts and presents are arranged in such an order that i've recieved my gifts(except for the wishes la... cuz it's still going on hahaha)

Current Desktop Arrangement (Literally, not computer's desktop)
-Computer 'freak' example- 
*OMG 3 mouse? + 1 bamboo tablet? + 2 keyboards?*

Thank you.... 
Above all, the person i really wanna thank is God.... 
for without Him, i wouldn't be here, neither would you ;)

So here i'm again to say: 
Thank You Jesus! For all You've done and yet to do! Thank You for the work that You have started in me, and i know that You're not done with me! I thank you for who You are! 

* singing 'Life - Communion, Hillsongs' as a rededication to God *

- come join me and sing along, aloud xD -

Seriously, i mean it.... if you want to, just rededicate yourself to God


Now, for some serious stuffs.....

2nd decade's birthday resolutions: Areas i want to see improvement
1) My walk with God... it's gonna be awesome! (proclaimation of faith!)
2) My time management... seriously, i suck at it ;)
4) Opss 3... my maths... hahahha.. basicaly, my studies la
4) to see myself walking in the center of God's will... yea.. center.. not at the side of the circle

okay, yea 20 natural/physical years had past... certainly i have grown from a mere baby to who i am now.... like i said, God has started His work in me, and He's not done with me.... and i'm glad that's the case... cuz it's giving me reasons to live my life (that He gave) for Him! 

putting aside natural/physical growth... i would really wanna see my spiritual self grow too... yea, i kindda just realized that spirtual growth doesn't just happen, like natural growth... i need to put in my effort to feed myself, and draw near to Him, daily.

So yea, i'm here to say that i've giving my all to see myself living for God, to see myself grow in the Lord. I decide to grow(spiritually)!

I guess that's all for now... kindda sleepy (although it's only 6pm now... haha...)

Oh... today i said the most "thank you" i've ever said in my life... and i meant it everytime i said it... such a nice feeling :) and yea some updates, i've found a group for my MPW2133 Malaysian Studies project... *yay*, i manage to break-through my thick shyness~~

Till i blog again... :)
Birthday boy Clarence

(yea i know i'm a lil childish... but hey, who say a 20 guy cannot be childish? hahaha)

ignore what i just wrote hahaha!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


i'm actually pretty tired now, i had a long day, but i just feel that i need to write this before Wednesday la.... Wednesday would have another new post(i hope)... yea, i guess you know why.. I'm still thinking whether to put the title as mirror/grow clarence, grow.... so i'll leave it as it is now la...

looking back the past 19 years (almost 19 years) i've seen God's grace towards my life, not once or twice, i seriously can't count how much grace He has poured on my life. Even before i was born, He was already gracious towards me, He took my place on the cross, He bore my(our) sins, and the consequences of my(our) sins. His merciful grace just came and overtook me.. time and times again... stronger and stronger each time..

Asides from that, for every time that i chose not to obey God, i ended up regretting it, and even so, He was always there with His everlasting love, there to just embrace me, and say that it's ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn how to more forward and never fall back to such mistakes. I'm freaking thankful of His faithfulness, love, mercy and basically for who He is. even as i look back at how He has leaded me throughout these years, i realized that there are certain areas where i would need to move into... for example, i realize that i've been quite a 'I, me, myself' person, i'm not implying that i've been selfish or anything life that la, but i tend to seclude myself in meetings, and even classes... i'm like a lone-ranger, it's more than just a 'personality disorder', that's what the devil wants me to think it is. 

come on, let's be honest, i've been a christian for like almost all my life, i've known God as my personal God and Saviour eversince i was around form 2, He has changed me alot, and it's definately not a good excuse for me to say that 'shy' is my weakness... because i know He has already brought me out of that... seriously.. i'm not shy (or not as shy as what i was ) anymore... If God wants me to stand on a stage to share or worship in a christian meeting, that's not a big deal anymore... 

and i've come to my realization that God wants me to stand out, not only in a meeting where christian meets, but also in my lectures (where i don't know anyone there; when i say i don't know anyone there, it's litterately no one... zero), where i may seem the smallest, weakess... the no body of the class...... of course it's easier to stand up and be an example of what a christian is when there's a bunch of fellow comrades that you are well aquinted with..  

tell me... how can i do what God wants me to do if i'm not allowing myself to change? if i continue to seclude myself from the rest of the class, how can i be the light and the salt to the world(class)? how would people see God in me, if i don't allow myself to let God do what He has planned for me? and so... to do that, i would need to rise up, from that place where i always 'hide' myself.. 

at this point of my life, i decide to grow out of such nonsense, that i'll not allow such 'personality' to stop me from doing what He has planned for me.... few days back when i was reading 'Renewing Your Mind', there's was this scripture.. 
So here's what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don't become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You'll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.
Romans 12:1-2 (The Message)
i chose from 'The Message" version because it would be easier to understand :)

so yea, i'll continue to allow God to move in me!

 i know, some of the things i've said here is like "Duh!" to most people... but here's the thing... most of us know it, but how many of us has decided to work on it? 
Head knowledge will remain as head knowledge unless and until you work on it, and make it an experiential knowledge..

i think i've said what i needed to :)


few updates on my side:

1) like i wrote the other day, my mouse is giving out edi... so i bought a new mouse... new eh? no, not really... cuz the driver isn't working.. so i'll need to get back to the shop next week to ask about it la...

Here's the new mouse... it doesn't have a name, not planning to give it anyway haha... it's a Gigabyte mouse, with 800/1600 DPI switch... which is useful when designing.. hope to get it working ASAP la...

2) like i wrote the other day also... i've decided to cut my hair rite... so yea, i did it... and it turned out to be a "make over".... haha seriously, i'm not used to this hairstyle... frankly speaking, i don't really like it... but i'm not sulking over it or anything la... i'll post up some pictures of me and my new hairstyle on Wed/Thurs la... cuz there are some spoilers in the picture that i'm gonna post... hahaha... so please practice patience with me

haha and oh! this is a freaking good preventive measurement for the bashings that might occur... i sure wish it doesn't... i'm not a big fan of such things...

3) Happy birthday to Lai Hoong! May God continue to lead and guide you, in every step that you'll take, and that you'll allow Him to work in ways that you might not understand. Let Him be God. Have a blessed birthday!

4) Oh... like i said also, i feel an excitement in the spiritual realm, and yea, new things has begun... Ps Kenneth and Ps Sharon along with their precious Sophia will be leaving for Penang soon, to start a new church under God's direction. I'm grateful that they are obeying God even though alot of things are not settled yet, they don't even know how God is going to work through them, but their obedience is the key in working with the One up above :) My prayer is that they'll continue to run this race as good and faithful servants... that even in a new place, they'll have favour from people and man. Good health and strength be upon them, and God's grace to continually flow through and with them as they work alongside with Him! God bless you Ps Kenneth and Ps Sharon, and not forgetting little Sophia :)


To make things fun, i'll add in some spoiler for my new hairstyle hahaha

oh btw, this is da mouse picture too.... but still cant use la... maybe cuz i screw up my lappy with Vista OSx haha... will reformat lappy next sem kua..

Friday, November 14, 2008

hmmm... V2.0

haha... can't think of a decent title... so i'll leave it as it is la... 
(i've bold some of the text, arr... for you lazy people who are lazy to read la... the bold points are the keypoints la)

1) classes has been good so far.... i especially like "Introduction to Multimedia" ... it's just my thing la... haha... learning about all the different types of multimedia... converting from analog multimedia to digital multimedia ... the types of compression, and how it is done and all la... i wouldn't have been able to learn these if it weren't for God's plans and timing :)

2) hostel room electricity was down a few times just now... didnt bother me much tho... but plans to shift out next acedemic year... most likely would need to shift out la... i'm ok with the hostel, but i don't think hostel would let me continue my stay here, as i'm from KL

3) happy birthday to my CG leader,Sue-Jane. May God continue to lead and guide you as you walk with Him. Enjoy your bashing from the CF member... sorry i'm not there to bash you up, cuz i don't like the idea of bashing people anyway... 'do to others what you want others to do to you' ... and personally i think it's scaring off some newer member/// just my 2 cents

4) i started reading up.. clarifying things that i don't understand regarding my subject.. eventhough i studied it before (or i did not pay attention in class la, during diploma) JFET and MOSFET thingy... characteristic curve, bias types, etc etc... 

5) oh.. i was browsing through my cellphone's contents... and yea i found something i install quite some time ago.... it's a java application... title: Renewing Your Mind... well kindda doing my devotion with it... new sem, new start? new perspective and all... and yea... i'm quite sure God has planned something new... i've yet to know what it is.. but yea, i can feel the excitement in the spiritual realm... 

6) i watched 'YAMASAKI' during the electricity down time, via my laptop and it's depleting battery... my battery kindda cacat di... but oh well, it's not like i use it anyway... oh, back to the movie... i doubt you've heard of it, cuz it's some French language movie... i made use of the subtitles... the story is about a group of guys, 7 of them... they practices free-running/ le parkour... quite interesting la.. especially if you like stunts and such.... i'm one of them xD

7) there's this archery club's team building camp on 29th and 30th November... in sg pisang, karak highway... don't feel like going, cuz would be busy with church's stuff and all... and it's RM 80 for 2 days 1 night... kindda rip-off la... haha... no doubt i would enjoy myself, but i don't think i need that... cuz it's not gonna 'change' me... yes i know i'm lack of these skill... team building stuff... basicly making friends.... working with people is ok for me... leading them however, is another matter .. xD

8) i've yet to find a group for my MPW2133 Malaysia Study assignment... hope to get one soon... God help me!! Seriously, it's no fun going to a class which has assignments which are group assignment-type, when you know no one... how i miss my days in TARC... *imaginary tears dropping on my keyboard*

9) i'm currently listening to a christmas song... my 22Gb playlist is on shuffle mode (Maybe more than 22Gb liao.... gg leh? FYI... if you're looking for some song, especially christian songs, not latest but i can say recent years.. drop me a msg la.. who knows, i might have it :D) ... the christmas song i'm listening to now is instrumental in nature.. and yea... can use it as lullaby... *eyes closed*(falling asleep edi hahaha... eyes closed while typing this sentence. lets see what it turns out to be la) *eyes re-open.. wow i'm amazed, well not really, kindda used to it di haha

10) i'm out of short topics already.... oh now that i remeber....

Praise God, i haven't kena saman yet (for keeping long hair, but apparently its ok to keep long hair (until collor length.. mine is around there already.. ), but cannot tie it... weird eh... cuz according to the 'rule book':
29.3 Male students shall not keep hair beyond the collor, not spot fancy/fashioned hair such that the male identity is lost
... but i don't plan to get saman-ed la.... ) so i would most likely be trimming, hmm to be exact i think it's cutting la... no point trimming it... so long di... maybe a makeover? it would be interesting kua... haha.... and oh... i decided to cut my hair cuz i'm kindda sick and tired of sweeping the floor due to the ammount of hair drop i'm having now... cuz my hair is long and thick.... haha.. but darn, i'll sure miss my long hair haha

and yea... my hair-cut decision is also a preventive measurement (might kena bashing next week* hint hint* xD)

11) water in cyberjaya is still quite polluted, but much better di... i still dare not, to be exact, im being wise to not drink water from the cooler machine la... freaking thirsty now.. lazy wanna fill up my water bootle... hahaha.. after blogging only i drink water la... (yea i know, drink more water)

12) as i've mentioned before, i like communicating via non-audible mediums.. be it pointing, typing, physical movements (eg: nodding) ... i sure hope this doesn't continue as a habit forever, it's no good for me....  i realize that i've been doing that quite a lot nowadays... -.-

13) don't feel like studying anymore after this... i wanna sleep :D ... tomorrow would be a long day in my room.... i don't have any class in the morning, and the noon.... but i have one in the evening 5-6 pm... then only i can go home... sad case =.=! lousy timetable... but looking from the bright side, i can sleep in tomorrow until 5pm OMG! hahaha

14) my mouse is kindda giving out already...especially it's right button(oddly, the left button is fine), not responding as good as it ought to be....  but i still like the feel of this mouse, have been using it for quite some years now.. might get a new one soon... but it's still ok i guess... ( i know, it has become and came to this state due to much of my gaming, but i don't really play much...)

15) oh.. i won't be leading worship this trimester... really busy, my hands and feets are kindda tied up...

16) whatever that i'm thinking of writing now... (there's something in my mind which i'm hesitating to blog about) .... i just surrender it to God la... let His will be done... for He know what's best for me now :)


 hmmm... 16 points... i guess that's quite abit of update i've given.. i know i don't have pictures in my blog.. and it's lame cuz it's suppose to be a studio.. haha... but whatever la... don't have a good camera to mess around with .. even if i have.. i doubt i'll bring it whever i go la... 

gnite all.. this post took me 54 minutes to compose and type... and edit and... 
*zzz mode turned on*


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ok, so this semester started... its now the third day of the semester... things have been going well (i think), hmm.. come to think of it... i'll let you judge wheter it is going well or not

1) my hostel roommate decides to shift back home... i didn't really worry much or put any thought much into this matter, but of coz i was concerned about the price that i would need to pay.. so the next day i went and did some inquiry at the hostel office la... i was told that i needed to pay 2x of the amount! so yea... watever la.. i can always find a "substitute"... but God provided one :D A new roommate! He's a final year student in FCM, majoring in Media Innovation... and yea.. i havent really get to know him... he just came in yesterday.. and he left for home(in melacca) just an hour ago... so yea, thats about it(for the hostel roommate part..

2) when i just came back, some of my hostel friends (namely Matthew and Naveen - you guys should be proud i mentioned you in my blog :P) told me that there were spot check(s) going on around hostel... whereby all unauthorized electrical applicants and unregistered electrical items would be given a fine and all la.... and yea, i havent pass in my application form for the stickers(suppose to do that last sem, was simply just lazy to do so la... it'll add on unnecessary weight sticker on my laptop and all the electrical apps.. not nice la) and so....... i took out that form from under some pile of notes)and i went and hand in my form to the office...hahaha.. some people were complaining that they were fined RM30 for not having those stickers(from CyberTracker)... i sure hope they don't come to my room la...


3) im quite enjoying my subjects now.... but i don;t know anyone in my class.... and everyone has their clicks already... and im suppose to find a group for the assignments... that may seem fine to you... but darn thats hard for me! it's not like i don;t like to socialize or anything... but making new friends randomly is kindda hard -.- yes i admit that i'm still kindda shy.. i'm friendly but its just hard for me to make friends... some people would seek for friendship, they'll go and make friends, but i'm the type where i seek acceptance... so i wait for people to come to me... lame eh?

so yea// i'll try my best in this area la... God will help me!

4) water pollution in cyberjaya... water is not safe for cooking nor drinking (by SYABAS) /// do i need to say more? oh yea... the 5.5L of water i bought and brought last sem(and i didn't use)... it's coming in handy :D ... hahahahaahahah.. i didnt use it cuz i was lazy to open and pour from it... but the laziness has been proven 'useful' in times as such xD

i guess i'll stop here... going out to makan at McD with my CG members... thursday and friday would be kindda long for me... the classes are short... but the interval betweem them is just =.= la...

till i blog again
(would not edit any spelling mistakes... xD)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Classes Resumes

3 weeks of holidays are over, well, almost...and it happened in a blink of an eye, figuratively speaking.. last week was kindda hard for me, adjusting back my timetable and all... and yea, i keep getting nonsense from the devil, cuz he's trying to stop me from doing greater things for God... but i'm not gonna give in to him, cuz he's a headless defeated foe... 

i'm kindda anticipating my next trimester, yet a lil apprehensive about it too.... next trimester would be interesting cuz i would be taking subjects from 3 different 'faculties'...

SUBJECT 1: Electronics II
SUBJECT 2: Introduction to Multimedia
SUBJECT 3: Malaysian Studies

My timetable:

Haha, interesting eh? no?

Hmm... the part where im kindda apprehensive about it, firstly is because it's a short trimester, 7 weeks only... and i know it would pass me by so quickly if i don't do anything about it... and yea.. Christmas would be on the last week of class... i'm anticipating quite abit of the work loads... and 2008 is over at the end of Christmas, how nice>?

See what i mean? and oh, not to mention, archery club would be very busy... my hands and feet feels tired the moment i think of it... *takes a deep breath* .. oh well... all i have to do, is to surrender to Jesus.. everything will work out well in the end :)

before i forget, i have less than 24 hours to consider getting my hair trim-ed... honestly, it's longer than my sister's hair... what the crap man? hahaha

some interesting stories i would like to share:
few weeks back, during one of the cell group meetings, jason said something that caught my attention... obviously, i can't remember the exact words he used, but it was something like these:

you know how we, guys, like to use cheat in games, to get the super weapon and as such so that we can finish the game easily? it's the same in life, God has already given us our life-manuals, so that we can live according to what He has planned for us...

the thing is, we often fail to realize that God has already gave us our 'manual/guide' for us to live our life... it's as if, those were 'cheats'... please, don't come to a conclusion that i'm saying God's word is cheat in life... cuz, it's not... its not a cheat, but certainly, those who know God's word will find it easier to live out life, without a doubt, we will still face difficulties, obstacles, and problems, but we always have a person to call upon, His Name is non other than Jesus... most people have a wrong concept of christianity, all they see is another religion, which is not true... christianity is not a religion, it's a on-going relationship with Jesus... Jesus is not an idea, not only someone great in history, not someone who is dead... He is a LIVING Person, you can even talk and relate to Him...

i know, some of you might give me the 'weird look'... but i challenge you to 'try' Him out... i'm sure you'll not be disappointed... i can say this confidently because my confidence is placed on Jesus...


past few days was kindda havoc for me... i got my results and it's bad... seriously... for only taking 3 subjects last trimester and getting such lousy results... but yea, thankfully i passed all... and that's what i told my parents la... i didn't tell them the actual results.. cuz i know what they're gonna say, and i've already set in my heart to do whatever that they would say... so i guess there's no need to tell them... right? no?

anyway... i was designing the archery club's new t-shirt... still designing actually... the back part of the t-shirt is kindda hard... anyway, i'll post the front part here:

still trying to do the back of the t-shirt... might take a while.... please do comment about the t-shirt... comments/critics are most welcomed...havent really got time to do the design for the christian society's logo and t-shirt.... but i guess there would be quite alot of submissions that side... haha..

that's all for now.. would edit if there's any typo/add-on
till i blog again....

Monday, November 3, 2008

God's workings!

I seriously can't think of a good title for this post, so i'll just leave it as it is for now until i figured out a good name for it. There's quite a bit of things i would like to post, but i guess i'll leave some for the 19th :)

Or maybe not... xD

This few weeks has been quite a journey, every year, after MTI, it really feels like that's the end of the year, it's like a new beginning to a lot of greater things ahead... it's just marvels me at how God put things together without us knowing it...
I've grown to love God more, it's just so sweet... it's hard to explain in words(it's just impossible to do so) on how wonderful really God is! Even now, before my computer, i can sense His lovely presence. I can feel the excitement in the air even though nothing in my room is 'interesting'. although i had to miss my first CF camp, but i do not regret missing it... comparing to what i've recieved throughout the 2 weeks of Apostolic Program!

This morning, i woke up due to the pressure in my digestive system... i just had to release it... i had a good run yesterday, i rested, and yea, i've released it xD
Last night, Ps Jason and Daniel took a few bunch of us for dinner at "Chop Steaks", Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Haha, it was quite a journey as they weren't sure of the way, we really looked high and low for the shop... we persevered the hunger in our stomach as most of us didn't take our lunch cuz we were shifting the instruments, laptop and projector back to church right after the Praise Celebration(sunday service) ended. Most of us who helped were really pushing ourselves to the limit... and we did it in quite a short amount of time. Thank God for His grace that kept us going... i actually felt dizzy and i was see-ing images/white spots in my eyes on the way back from KLIH... we decided not to do the setups of the instruments and all, a very wise decision i would say xD

and oh... i drove the van back home with that dizzy-ness in my head and eye... thank God i didn't meet with any accident... talking about accident... i actually scratched someone's bumper on the way out of the parking lot near KLIH.. ok.. the story isn't interesting if i don't start from where it started... so here goes:

it's been a while since i last drove the van.. and the only, mark the word ONLY vehicle i drove is the kelisa... and to make it worse, i seldom drive.. haha... so yea, back to the story... we were shifting the instruments for the hall to the loading bay.. and we couldn't find any place to place our 'stuffs' and instruments at the loading bay. So we had to drive our vehicle to the loading bay... i wasn't suppose to drive the van, but no one was available, so i took a step of faith to drive it la.... the moment i reached the van... i prayed.. God help me! It's just freaky to drive a vehicle you're not used to... especially from a kelisa to a big van... on the way out of the parking lot, i took a turning which actually scratched someones car.. i really had tried my best not to scratch it.. but it somehow just happened la... i felt bad, real bad that moment... so i quickly moved my van to the loading bay and decided to see how bad the condition of the 'scratched car' really is... but i couldn't find that car... i felt worst at that moment.. i couldn't even leave a note of "sorry and please call me"

nevertheless, i did not allow that incident to ruin my entire day... so i decided to forgive myself and move on... (that's all i have to share regarding the accident story)

back to the main topic (which i don't know what it is xD)
hmm... ok the food at Chop Steaks were real good for the price! value for money... that what malaysians like most xD

I ordered a Lamb Chop and a plate of fried rat noodles(loh shu fun)... the lamb was awesome! so freaking juicy and oh... you can just feel the tenderness of the meat while you're chewing on it... it was just so good! Our table (we joined 3 tables) ordered a lot of food... we had lamb chop, steaks(well done and medium rare), butterfish, maryland chicken, salmon, fried kuey teow, beef noodle, calamari, and quite a bit of other dishes which i can't recall... seriously.. it's like we ordered food for 20+ people... not forgetting i ordered calamansi for my drink ( initially, i didn't know what it was, but after asking around, i found it it was lime... when the drink came, i turned out to be "asam"-kindda drink, but i liked it... i like sour stuffs xD) but in the end, we finished all 90% of the gfood... during the dinner, we joked a lot... which actually cramped our stomach's capacity for more food... i really had a good time... the food were really good.. maybe it was due to the fact that most of us were eating hotel food for the past two weeks hahaha

we had our food until 10pm... we spent 2 fruitful hours of fellowshipping there.. it was great.. the fact that daniel and ps jason didn't know the way there, they would also not know how to get back.. haha.. so yea.. we placed our hope in Jesus to lead us home la.. xD we actually rounded the whole MRR2 link... haha it felt like i was taking the city for Christ.. that's how i felt la.. but i didn't tell any of them... on the way back... i decided to bless a vehicle behind my car at the toll... i paid for the toll for the vehicle behind me.. even though it was just RM1.60...

imagine this.. i bless the car behind me, the car behind me blesses the car behind him and if it goes on and on and on... i seriously don't know what would happen... random acts of love... i guess i'll continue practicing the act of blessing the car behind me, everytime i pass by a toll :D

(i'll upload the pictures when dawson sends it over to me... i wanted to bring my brothers DSLR.. but was kindda lazy also... cuz i was dizzy during the outing... but now i'm fine, i guess... )

hmm ok.. next topic... leading worship?
Rachel(from CF mmu, too many rachel(s) that i know xD) messaged me via YM! the other day asking if i would wanna try leading worship next sem.. i was really tired and all at that moment, so a better decision is to decline the offer first... but i told her that i would lead it, if God wants me to do so... on the next morning(sunday morning), while preparing myself for church( i actually woke up late... ) God reminded me that during the Apostolic Program on the 'Anointing Service' night, Pr David told us that there are few anointing God wants to give...

(i can't remember the exact words and all the anointing offered but these are the two that i remembered most)

1) The be able to teach things which is in the Kairos time of God...
2) The be able to reach a deeper level of worship and to lead others into worship

i responded to all,although what i really wanted was these two but i told God that i want everything that He has for me... i was and still is really hungry and thirsty for more of what God has for me :)

so yea, i guess that's a yes from God saying that i should lead worship next sem... i've yet to tell rachel that i would accept the offer....i'll just have to do that when she comes online la.... offers like this doesn't simply pop out of no where... God has it all planned out...

im thinking of another topic which i want to blog about




gimme a moment





Congratulations to Ps Jason, Ps Monica and Ps Jadeline... they were ordained as pastors last friday! Awesome... i kindda grew up with them... it's just so exciting to see them fulfilling what God has planned for them :D

i'll just leave the main title as it is la... really can't think of a good title...
haha.. just when i wrote that... i know what's best :D