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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay.... some of you fans readers of mine might have been waiting to see what i recieved for my birthday... so here it goes:

Number 1 contestant: Wacom Bamboo Tablet :)

Step 1: Open up the gift wrapper

Step 2: Pose and smile.. *holding "God bless You" birthday card picture*

Step 3: Open up the "void if seal broken" sticker!

Step 4: still trying.... 

Step 5: Still trying... did they stick it so tough or was it me?

Step 6: Finally! Pull out the box from the box... i know it doesn't make sense :)

(closed up view)

Step 7: Revealing the inner-box 

Step 8-10: Please imagine it by yourselves xD
8: Plug in to computer
9: Install drivers
10: Play with it 

"Artistic" shot:

Contestant Number 2 & 3: Swiss Polo Leather Shoes and EDWIN Casual Shoes

Hmm... i didn't have time to take photo(s) with my new shoes... cuz i was kindda rushing back to cyber on sunday.... (yea, i got my presents on Saturday and Sunday already)

Some shots of the new shoes....

(These weren't really gifts, but i'll just add them into my gift list since i didn't had to pay for them.. and yea, both my previous leather and casual shoes had served me well for 4years, and 1year respectively... time to get new ones xD)

Contestant 4: Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana

(Disclaimer: Image taken from www.secretrecipe.com.my)
*They should be thankful that i help them promote xD*

Contestant 5: Memo-Spa (Memo pad holder)

I wouldn't say: "So cute!"
 but yea..undeniably it's kindda cute la...

Contestant 6: 

All the people who wished my happy birthday... seriously, i can't name all of them... just 
many of them. :D

Again, to all who wished me.... Thank you! 
You people had made my day a happier day/years person, 
and made me discover that i'm trully treasure by so many of you. Thanks again :)

Declaimer again: Gifts and presents are arranged in such an order that i've recieved my gifts(except for the wishes la... cuz it's still going on hahaha)

Current Desktop Arrangement (Literally, not computer's desktop)
-Computer 'freak' example- 
*OMG 3 mouse? + 1 bamboo tablet? + 2 keyboards?*

Thank you.... 
Above all, the person i really wanna thank is God.... 
for without Him, i wouldn't be here, neither would you ;)

So here i'm again to say: 
Thank You Jesus! For all You've done and yet to do! Thank You for the work that You have started in me, and i know that You're not done with me! I thank you for who You are! 

* singing 'Life - Communion, Hillsongs' as a rededication to God *

- come join me and sing along, aloud xD -

Seriously, i mean it.... if you want to, just rededicate yourself to God


Now, for some serious stuffs.....

2nd decade's birthday resolutions: Areas i want to see improvement
1) My walk with God... it's gonna be awesome! (proclaimation of faith!)
2) My time management... seriously, i suck at it ;)
4) Opss 3... my maths... hahahha.. basicaly, my studies la
4) to see myself walking in the center of God's will... yea.. center.. not at the side of the circle

okay, yea 20 natural/physical years had past... certainly i have grown from a mere baby to who i am now.... like i said, God has started His work in me, and He's not done with me.... and i'm glad that's the case... cuz it's giving me reasons to live my life (that He gave) for Him! 

putting aside natural/physical growth... i would really wanna see my spiritual self grow too... yea, i kindda just realized that spirtual growth doesn't just happen, like natural growth... i need to put in my effort to feed myself, and draw near to Him, daily.

So yea, i'm here to say that i've giving my all to see myself living for God, to see myself grow in the Lord. I decide to grow(spiritually)!

I guess that's all for now... kindda sleepy (although it's only 6pm now... haha...)

Oh... today i said the most "thank you" i've ever said in my life... and i meant it everytime i said it... such a nice feeling :) and yea some updates, i've found a group for my MPW2133 Malaysian Studies project... *yay*, i manage to break-through my thick shyness~~

Till i blog again... :)
Birthday boy Clarence

(yea i know i'm a lil childish... but hey, who say a 20 guy cannot be childish? hahaha)

ignore what i just wrote hahaha!


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