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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Classes Resumes

3 weeks of holidays are over, well, almost...and it happened in a blink of an eye, figuratively speaking.. last week was kindda hard for me, adjusting back my timetable and all... and yea, i keep getting nonsense from the devil, cuz he's trying to stop me from doing greater things for God... but i'm not gonna give in to him, cuz he's a headless defeated foe... 

i'm kindda anticipating my next trimester, yet a lil apprehensive about it too.... next trimester would be interesting cuz i would be taking subjects from 3 different 'faculties'...

SUBJECT 1: Electronics II
SUBJECT 2: Introduction to Multimedia
SUBJECT 3: Malaysian Studies

My timetable:

Haha, interesting eh? no?

Hmm... the part where im kindda apprehensive about it, firstly is because it's a short trimester, 7 weeks only... and i know it would pass me by so quickly if i don't do anything about it... and yea.. Christmas would be on the last week of class... i'm anticipating quite abit of the work loads... and 2008 is over at the end of Christmas, how nice>?

See what i mean? and oh, not to mention, archery club would be very busy... my hands and feet feels tired the moment i think of it... *takes a deep breath* .. oh well... all i have to do, is to surrender to Jesus.. everything will work out well in the end :)

before i forget, i have less than 24 hours to consider getting my hair trim-ed... honestly, it's longer than my sister's hair... what the crap man? hahaha

some interesting stories i would like to share:
few weeks back, during one of the cell group meetings, jason said something that caught my attention... obviously, i can't remember the exact words he used, but it was something like these:

you know how we, guys, like to use cheat in games, to get the super weapon and as such so that we can finish the game easily? it's the same in life, God has already given us our life-manuals, so that we can live according to what He has planned for us...

the thing is, we often fail to realize that God has already gave us our 'manual/guide' for us to live our life... it's as if, those were 'cheats'... please, don't come to a conclusion that i'm saying God's word is cheat in life... cuz, it's not... its not a cheat, but certainly, those who know God's word will find it easier to live out life, without a doubt, we will still face difficulties, obstacles, and problems, but we always have a person to call upon, His Name is non other than Jesus... most people have a wrong concept of christianity, all they see is another religion, which is not true... christianity is not a religion, it's a on-going relationship with Jesus... Jesus is not an idea, not only someone great in history, not someone who is dead... He is a LIVING Person, you can even talk and relate to Him...

i know, some of you might give me the 'weird look'... but i challenge you to 'try' Him out... i'm sure you'll not be disappointed... i can say this confidently because my confidence is placed on Jesus...


past few days was kindda havoc for me... i got my results and it's bad... seriously... for only taking 3 subjects last trimester and getting such lousy results... but yea, thankfully i passed all... and that's what i told my parents la... i didn't tell them the actual results.. cuz i know what they're gonna say, and i've already set in my heart to do whatever that they would say... so i guess there's no need to tell them... right? no?

anyway... i was designing the archery club's new t-shirt... still designing actually... the back part of the t-shirt is kindda hard... anyway, i'll post the front part here:

still trying to do the back of the t-shirt... might take a while.... please do comment about the t-shirt... comments/critics are most welcomed...havent really got time to do the design for the christian society's logo and t-shirt.... but i guess there would be quite alot of submissions that side... haha..

that's all for now.. would edit if there's any typo/add-on
till i blog again....


  1. Nice design for the t-shirt! Simple and yet it stands out. Btw, have u gotten a hair cut? hehe

  2. thx :)

    haha nope... wanted to... but didnt know what style to cut... so im tying my hair for now... until/before i get saman hahaha