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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ok, so this semester started... its now the third day of the semester... things have been going well (i think), hmm.. come to think of it... i'll let you judge wheter it is going well or not

1) my hostel roommate decides to shift back home... i didn't really worry much or put any thought much into this matter, but of coz i was concerned about the price that i would need to pay.. so the next day i went and did some inquiry at the hostel office la... i was told that i needed to pay 2x of the amount! so yea... watever la.. i can always find a "substitute"... but God provided one :D A new roommate! He's a final year student in FCM, majoring in Media Innovation... and yea.. i havent really get to know him... he just came in yesterday.. and he left for home(in melacca) just an hour ago... so yea, thats about it(for the hostel roommate part..

2) when i just came back, some of my hostel friends (namely Matthew and Naveen - you guys should be proud i mentioned you in my blog :P) told me that there were spot check(s) going on around hostel... whereby all unauthorized electrical applicants and unregistered electrical items would be given a fine and all la.... and yea, i havent pass in my application form for the stickers(suppose to do that last sem, was simply just lazy to do so la... it'll add on unnecessary weight sticker on my laptop and all the electrical apps.. not nice la) and so....... i took out that form from under some pile of notes)and i went and hand in my form to the office...hahaha.. some people were complaining that they were fined RM30 for not having those stickers(from CyberTracker)... i sure hope they don't come to my room la...


3) im quite enjoying my subjects now.... but i don;t know anyone in my class.... and everyone has their clicks already... and im suppose to find a group for the assignments... that may seem fine to you... but darn thats hard for me! it's not like i don;t like to socialize or anything... but making new friends randomly is kindda hard -.- yes i admit that i'm still kindda shy.. i'm friendly but its just hard for me to make friends... some people would seek for friendship, they'll go and make friends, but i'm the type where i seek acceptance... so i wait for people to come to me... lame eh?

so yea// i'll try my best in this area la... God will help me!

4) water pollution in cyberjaya... water is not safe for cooking nor drinking (by SYABAS) /// do i need to say more? oh yea... the 5.5L of water i bought and brought last sem(and i didn't use)... it's coming in handy :D ... hahahahaahahah.. i didnt use it cuz i was lazy to open and pour from it... but the laziness has been proven 'useful' in times as such xD

i guess i'll stop here... going out to makan at McD with my CG members... thursday and friday would be kindda long for me... the classes are short... but the interval betweem them is just =.= la...

till i blog again
(would not edit any spelling mistakes... xD)


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