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Friday, November 21, 2008

My first day being a 20

This is gonna be short, cuz it's late and i've lab tomorrow morning.. so here it goes:

My first day being a 20....
(exclude 19th of November, cuz technically i was born at 10.54pm hahaha)

God gave me a bigger picture of how i landed here in MMU today. Honestly, since/right after my church camp in May 2008, i know that MMU is the place where God wants me to be at... but i wasn't quite sure of the purpose of being at MMU.

So i got the geographical coordinates right and i landed at MMU. But the story behind how i reached here is just so amazing when i look back at it...( i can't say that i know every detail, but certainly God knows best :D )

I have always wondered why i had to go through TARC before coming over to MMU... and i keep getting comments like... 'wah.. why you do your diploma first? why didn't you do foundation straight away?' kindda comment.... but now that God have given me a bigger picture, i now realize that if it wasn't for the 2 years in TARC, basicly serving God back in Wangsa Maju, i wouldn't have picked up designing... and i wouldn't be at where i am now....

If i was to come to MMU 2 years ago, i would most likely have landed in Melaka, and would most likely be doing electronics majoring in robotics... cuz i was 'heavily' involved in robotics competition during my high school days... but now i know that that field isn't what i really like... but what i'm doing now... it's what i take pleasure in... although the core subjects are the same... but the essence behind the course is just so sweet!

During my last days at TARC, i was talking to some of my friends about where i might be going.. i had actually made up my mind to hand in my 'portfolio' of my designs of shirts, logos, website, flash and such to MMU.. so that i'll be able to do my degree straight away instead of doing foundation 'again'.... cuz i wanted to give up in my engineering studies... the irony:i hate maths actually (hahaha)

so yea, during MMU's open day, i went there, and i only visited the FCM(faculty of creative media)'s booth... i didn't even bother to check out the engineering faculty's booth...

but as soon as i reached home... i went online and did some research on the courses offered by the Engineering faculty... and i saw this 'baby'... before all these, my parents did tell me about the 'life of a designer' and yea, i didn't really like it..... the work pressure, and job hours, deadlines and such, it's not that i can't handle such things, but i prefer not la.. haha...

and so... the course... Electronics Engineering Majoring in Multimedia is basically what is suited to fit me best... Engineering + Designing... i wasn't really quite sure of how this course would lead me before this... but today, my lecturer(assit course supervisor) made clear about this course and how it would lead us, and what would we eventually end up as....

Perhaps, you wouldn't understand a single thing i wrote above, but the summary is this:
God has plan for our life, you and me, not Christians only..... it's already all planned out well, and everything will fall into place according to His plan and will for us. Rest assured, God is a God of Love, He wouldn't lead you into something you can't arise from... the devil, however is always there to make sure you won't achieve what God has for you...

so here i am to say:

Arise peoples! For my God is bigger than he who is in the world. And my God has conquered the grave, what else can stop Him?

i thank God for all He's done, and all He has for my life! What He had done today, it's certainly a great assurance that God has place in me for the first day of being a 20. So yea, i'm now all pumped up to surrender more and more of myself to this GREAT and AWESOME GOD of mine!

i guess that's all... took me almost 1 hour... sleepy di.. hopefully don't sleep in lab la.. =.= (haven't finish reading lab sheet)

gnite all...
God bless :)


(not that short post after all :P)


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