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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Self studying

i've been self studying(not studying, but studying about myself) for a bit lately... well basically to find ways to improve myself...

I'll start with the brain... i've always known that i'm a right-brainer, but i have no idea of the details... so i did some quiz and tests to check em out... here's how it scored:

Left brain percentages:Right brain percentages:
Overall usage:48%52%
Details:38% Logical (Your most dominant characteristic)
31% Sequential
27% Reality-based
22% Linear
17% Symbolic
14% Verbal (Your least dominant characteristic)
50% Nonverbal (Your most dominant characteristic)
40% Fantasy-oriented
28% Concrete
20% Intuitive
18% Holistic
12% Random (Your least dominant characteristic)

so yea, how i described myself before this is quite accurate....as u can see, i'm only 14% Verbal (left brain) and 50% Non-Verbal (right brain)... so when i'm talking to you, i'm only using my 14% hahaha.....

anyways, when i reach back cyber (10mins ago), i when to cybertracker and i found this thing... "How to Talk to Anyone".. it's an e-book, i've briefly view through the table of contents... it looks quite interesting... 364 pages might take me a while to finish reading la.. haha...

ok, off topic abit, this week would be quite hectic... archery club has this 'Sports and Martial Art Exhibition, Demonstration' thing going on... even though it's only 2 days.. i already feel tired when i look at it la... and MMUCS is going to put up a booth for 'Adopt a Gift'.. it'd take some time from me... and yea I'm suppose to lead a bible study thingy for CG this week.. so it's gonna take me some time too... and not to mention, i have another lab tomorrow morning.. 9am-12pm (haven't read lab sheets yet =.=) and oh.. assignments are rushing in.. no doubt it's gonna be fun xD

I guess i wouldn't have much time to update the blog this week... so yea, wishing some people happy birthday first :)

1) To Rachel, (25th Nov)
Happy birthday :) May God lead and guide you as you offer yourself as an instrument in expending God's kingdom. May God bless you with skills, creativity, wisdom, knowledge, and monetary blessings :) God bless you!

2) Nisha, (28th Nov)
Happy birthday, may God open your eyes to see Him as Lord and Saviour. Cuz you know what? He's just so rocking that you can't resist ;)

3) Amy, (30th Nov)
Happy birthday, may you be a living testimony to people around you even as you seek more and more of God! God bless!

4) To Mukhesh, (1st Dec)
Dude, have a blessed 20th birthday in India (how's studies anyway?). May God unveil Himself more and more as you draw near to seek Him.

(I seriously doubt any of them read my blog haha.. but anyway, have a blessed birthday, God bless you! *i know my drawings sucks :)*)

ok, now back to the topic.. haha... nothing much i can say la... but yea, i'm trying to study myself, so that i'll be able to work at the optimized level with other people and myself :D

A random quote from the 'How to talk to anyone' ebook
On the stage of real life, every physical
move you make subliminally tells everyone in eyeshot the story of
your life. Dogs hear sounds our ears can’t detect. Bats see shapes
in the darkness that elude our eyes. And people make moves that
are beneath human consciousness but have tremendous power to
attract or repel. Every smile, every frown, every syllable you utter,
or every arbitrary choice of word that passes between your lips can
draw others toward you or make them want to run away.

I guess that's for now, i better go get reading my lab sheets hahahaha.... Have a nice week people! :D

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I just receive an email.. check this out:

1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...ok 10 is interesting...

10. Talking Rarely
Intellectual conversations will promote the efficiency of the brain

I guess i'll need to start talking, more... hahaha...


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