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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some updates

Hmm.. last 2 days had been quite a marathon for me... no complains.. but very exhausting... anyway.. ive not been able to sleep well past few night, exclusive of last night...the mosquitoes has been 'kissing' me quite alot while im sleeping.. kindda kacau la.. esp when u have 2 days of marathon.. not a nice feeling at all...

anyway, im here blogging, cuz i can't sleep di.. i slept quite late last night.. and yet here i am, awaked at 8am++ ... i tried to go back to sleep, but i cant la... so i decided to just worship God aloud... since my roomie went back already(without telling me, maybe cuz i was asleep la.. haha) it just feels so awesome being able to worship God, lifting hands and praising Him, in my room without feeling awkward haha...

so here's one of the songs:

i felt energized and ready to push myself again, to be the best of what God sees in me!

Spirit of the Lord

Fill this place Lord
With Your power
Let me see You
Reing with sovereignty
I need Your touch

That the world would
know You sent me
Let the dead rise,
Let blind man see
You lifted high

The Spirit of the Lord
Is on me
And I will go
I will go

I will go where You send me Lord
Jesus my whole life God, it's Your
With the Spirit of the Lord, I'll go

I'll go
I will go
I'll go

okay, some updates:
1) The event which the archery club held wasn't that great.. basically, bad turnout and that's about it la.. haha

2) The bible study last night ran well (i guess)... i thought them... hmm.. more like reminded them of who they are la... The topic i choose was "Who i am in Christ" cuz it's so darn important for us to know who we are to be able to function as how God wants us to...

imagine this:
if someone with high authorities doesn't know who he is, basically, he can't perform as he ought to la... same with us, Christians. We need to know who we are, the authorities that God has gave us, the promise that He gave and by knowing, and practicing our identity in Christ, i believe, there's no reason for us not to be able to soar up high with wings like eagles, alongside with God!

3) my class today only starts at 1pm! woots! after a few days of 9-10am classes... its nice to be able to wake up later than usual (although i woke up early, but still can lepak la... haha)

4) assignments are starting to pile up abit, i better get started before i 'die' because i procrastinate -.-

5) i had been thinking about how come im still so 'shy' when it comes to making new friends and talking to people.. and i realized that it's the same stupid excuse i made up... 'i think too much, im afraid of what people will think of me...' <- isn't that pride?

hmm.. gotta work on that...

oh yea, i figured that if i be myself, there's no reason for others to reject me... im a lovely/friendly person after all :P i'll stop here i guess... testing siggy again... (below)

(this siggy looks so much better... jpg vs gif haha.. yes, it's my handwritting.. wacom :D)
Till i blog again :)


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