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Monday, December 29, 2008


Wow! 'In a blink of an eye', it's 2009... even so, i hardly remember that i graduated from TARC... it's like i've been in MMU for ages, padahal, i've only been in MMU for 6 months...

Looking back... (yes, im aware that 2008 hasnt end yet... but i wont have time to update it right after 2008 ends, cuz i'll be having my finals).. so yea, looking back... this year had been quite a weird one.. lots of happenings... funny, lame, painful, stupid, happy, sad, u name it, i'm sure most of it would be in my 2008..

One 'painful' experience i had this year was my left hamstring's muscles which got torn... and in return, a purple hamstring for 2 months or so... seriously, it was scary... if i would upload the picture.. some of u might freak off... really... purple leg.. can u imagine that? if u really wanna see it, PM me la... i'll consider wheter u're "worthy" enough to view it or not.. LOL.. i wanted to post some pics of my leg.... but my pose in the pics can be quite sexy.. haha.. so too bad... not posting any pics.. unless i crop the images la...

EDIT: here's the cropped image..
» Click to see my purple hamstring, WARNING: Do not regret LOL «

another major thing that happened this year was God leading me to where i should be.. from TARC to MMU? diploma to degree... from mechatronics to electronics majoring in multimedia... it's just so not related... but God has His ways in leading me... I really wanna thank God for that...

This year, our church had our first church camp in years... almost like the first time in 6/7 years.. and it was totally awesome... 'Born at a time such as this' was the theme of the camp... i've found new purpose in life.. and my perspective on how life should be was changed.. made quite alot of new friends... all in all... AWESOME!

hmm... oh, this year, i saw my sister flying off to UK (for this first time..LOL)... interesting experience to have someone who was always there to suddenly 'disappear' haha... and after she left... i left to MMU... so the house was left almost empty... ;) but i guess it's just how God has planned it la...

in 2008, i've met up with lots of friends, made lots of new friends, got closer to the ones i know, and even got myself connected to the ones which i've lost contact with... friends from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, college and uni.. nice peoples :)
-I just came back from a reunion with some of my primary school classmates... honestly, i couldnt recognize some... some looked the same, some didn't change much... i'm just amazed at how we had grown... after 8 years of not meeting each other... it's so nice to get to meet them again.. when's the next time? soon i guess :)

-asides from primary school friend, i got myself connected with quite alot of my secondary school friends again... really nice to hear that most of them are doing well... wonders of technology i would say... :)
-despite being away from my TARC friends, we still keep ourselves in touch... and it's nice.. really feels good to know that there are friends around who cares for you eh? :D

note to friends: thank you!

hmm... i had quite a lot of blessings this year... can't really count em all... just too many..and also i malas wanna count la... cuz there're more to come hahahaha... despite that, i honestly wanna thank God for all that He's done.. and i wanna thank Him also for the things that He yet to do, cuz i know that everything from Him is worth giving thanks for :)

first time experiences?
- staying away from home
- paintball

- CF
- lots of designing?
-> First camp book cover design,
-> First CD cover(second actually... the first was accidental lol)
-> First Successful interactive flash using Adobe Flash instead of swishmax
-> and more..
- had my first multimedia assignment (and got good review :D)
- meeting up of old friends?
- played futsal in genting highlands, church camp.. not good for the lungs tho haha
- video recording
- play with a DSLR, graphic tablet and more
- use hairband
- had long hair, tied my hair and walked around streets proudly xD

- played saxophone, cajon
- played percussion on stage :D
- archery + inter-faculty competition
and more... alot more new experiences

hmmm... all in all.... 2008 is a year that i wanna remember... 'a walk to remember'

as for 2009.... i would put it this way :

"staring at this empty canvas, waiting for the next stroke of my life"
- taken from 'Slow down time' by Jeremy Camp

some of u might ask.. why is it an empty canvas rite?.. let me answer u... cuz my life is not just a painting.. it's a video clip... u know like those times where u drew in every page of ur notebook, and flip the pages very quickly?... so.. it's almost like God is adding on a new page every nano-second, mili-second, second, minute, hour, day, month year, decade, century.. yada yada yada ...yea, that's how my life's story is gonna be told :D

crossing over to 2009 eh? haha

one thing i wanna see in my 2009 is : improvement... in any area that i'll take a step into la...

( i malas wanna write di... freaking tired, had a whole day out.. had church in the morning... then i had a long lunch ( the duration and the table was long xD), after lunch, some of us went to the arcade.. used up some cash playing haha... after playing.. i rested for 20 mins... then headed to pavilion to meet up with my primary school mates... reached home around 10.30 - 11pm... and here i am blogging la..(cuz internet speed very slow... haha)

p/s: will update this post with some images and details when i feel like to la..

forgot to wish my readers... haha... so here it is.. xD
Happy New Year peoples!

k then,
Till i blog again


  1. i see u banyak syok in mmu huh?

    Envy le..

    Too bad i got nothing on my side =(

    lol, good job bro.. hope you enjoy u life there..

  2. hmm.. well MMU isn't that syok la... quite a small campus if compared to TARC... TARC is still nicer, more people, more food, and got pork there LOL...

    but here also got a lot of things that i cant find in TARC la..

    u wait la... sure got something good that's gonna happen on ur side 1... haha.. :D

    i oso hope i can enjoy my life here... haha.. next week got finals =.=