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Monday, December 22, 2008

lil updates...

Thank God, my FIRST multimedia assignment which carries marks is done! Thanks to everyone who commented and made critics about it, it definitely helps! thanks again.
for those who don't know what i'm refering to, click the icon below:

i've spent some nights doing it, didn't sleep that day.. now still experiencing the after effects... well, more sleepless nights to come...why? simple, christmas is on thurdays, but the church's celebration is on wednesday... i've got quite a bit of slides to do.. hmm flash again? haha

yea, asides from christmas, i've got another assignment deadline on 26th. Malaysian Studies... shouldn't be much of a problem i guess, but it still takes some time to do review for the 5 articles.. oh well...

p/s: i would still like to get comments and critics on my multimedia assignment, even tho i won't be able to do any changes already, but still, it'll help in my next assignment, i hope..

Oh, Tit Kian, have a blessed birthday. I hope and pray that one day you'll see Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour :D

k la, gtg.. im still at home now.. and i've got class at 3pm. (it's now 11.38am)... need to rush back to cyberjaya.

Oh... i realized i gave alot of complains and !@#$%^&*( during the last few days... to those who were offended. Sorry, i was too stressed up with the amount of work load, still am, but would try my best to keep cool and rely on strength from above :)

and oh, i just found out that my first paper is on the 5th of January.... morning paper summore... Really need to depend on Him la.. talking bout my bad throat, i just bought a bottle/jar/jam container of chocolate pastry to go along with bread... gg XD [ hope my throat gets better by eating more chocolate hahaha... i have no idea why i chose chocolate.. some weird craving i guess ]

I just checked my exam timetable... 5th, 8th and 9th.... all in a week! If im wanna get 4.0 this sem... i better get started!.. but thankfully, the 8th and 9th subject only require 'readings' and not 'practices'.. phew..

Subject Code

I just received an email from my assignment team leader...
Remarks from my lecturer regarding the assignment
Gd work....Nice n awesome... Cool

Ahh... such a nice feeling :D

And oh update again.. xD
Here's a picture taken by chrysler, i did some photoshopping to it :)
-carrying out plan in facebook xD

Till i blog again.... remember to comment arrr...


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