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Friday, December 12, 2008

Short Update

::Here's some minor update::
i've got a boil on the skin of my 'gluteal muscles' (do some googling :P)

Day1: Itch .
Day 2: Pimplish + Pain .
Day3: Blackspot + Reddish surrounding .
Day4: Evolving .
Day5: Furuncle .
Day6: --?

It's still there.... 'a pain in the ass' literally =.=
and if you're wondering.... no, i won't upload any pics of it (like Duh!) hahaha


::Other updates::
1) Electronics midterm was a killer... i think almost everyone who entered the hall came out wounded

2) Electronics' assignment's due date is coming near... and i've not started =.=! it's gonna be a long week!

3) Intro. to Multimedia's midterm is next thurs... havent start doing revision... but this one should be okay kua...

4) Intro. to Multimedia's assignment deadline delayed by 2 days! weee.. good news xD

5) i'm gonna 'perform' an 'experiment' now... i'm gonna 'watch' a movie while sleeping ;) i know, it sounds stupid... (no doubt, it is la) .... talking about multi tasking ...LMAO... XD

hmm.. i've decided to 'watch' transporter 3 while sleeping -> reason: poor video quality.. i'll do some imagination on my own wahahaha

fyi: LMAO = 'laughing my ass off' ... darn.. i'm reminded of the 'pain in the ass now'... crap!

i guess that's what happens when u have a tired person with a 'creative' brain :)


DND.."watching" movie now :P | nites :)


Forgot to do something... hehe..

Guys... have a blessed birthday... May God bless y-all with good health and strength, wisdom and understanding, peace and joy! Enjoy ya special day :)

guys refering to:

12th Dec
13th Dec
14th Dec
2)Chin Wei
3)Jyi Fong
1)Sern Liang

Till i blog again


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