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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tagged v2.0

so i got tagged again. this time by Carynn via facebook(got blog for me to link to?)

i'll start with the rules first la...

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

Even so, like they say " Rules are made to be broken ".... so, this is how i interpreted it:
Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

Haha... ok, so there wouldn't be any tagging on my side, but if u want to, and you are free, just tag yourself la.. and oh, do drop me msg so i can view it too :)

since there are 16 items for me to post, i'll categorize them into groups of 'facts', 'habits', 'goals' and perhaps, 1 'random thing'.... so here goes:

Fact 1:
Despite the fact that i'm an engineering student, i dislike maths. And oh, i enjoy programming and designing A LOT.

Fact 2:
I like jumping, running, and yada yada yada... stunts in other words. - you can view my records in friendster, if you're interested...

Fact 3:
I can do a side flip, front flip, and cartwheel easily, without hands. p/s: (but it's kindda impossible to do cartwheels without hand, cuz without them, it wouldn't be considered as cartwheels. xD).. backflip, on another hand is a problem..

Fact 4:
I am very talkative when i'm communicating via non-audible mediums. Which means i'm not very talkative while communicating via audible mediums(need time to warm up my throat haha)...But at times, i can be quite talkative.. or cheeky when it comes to playing with words la...

Fact 5:
Even though i can't play any instruments professionally... i have music in my blood. Jazz and rhythm in particular.

-----END OF FACTS-----

Habit 1:
I have a habit of not talking... basically, not starting any AUDIBLE conversation .. unless you consider the "msn messenger's message recieved tone as audible conversation la"

Habit 2:
I have a habit of spending.. err.. more like wasting my time in front of my laptop.

Habit 3:
I have a bad habit of doing things last minute.. but it's somewhat better now, cuz i'm determined to change it.

Habit 4:
I tend to be quite sarcastic especially when it comes to words...

Habit 5:
I have a habit of going to church every week.

-----END OF HABITS-----

Goal 1:
Constantly walking in the center of God's will. And to help others who are not able to walk in the will of God, to walk in them!

Goal 2:
Have an awesome relationship with God. Deeper and deeper by the seconds or milliseconds or speed of light....something like that la...

Goal 3:
I wanna be a good family man, when i "grow up". A good and godly example to my future wife and children.

Goal 4:
Spend time wisely.. in other words, being a good steward of my resources..

Goal 5:
Get a girlfriend (which would eventually be my wife) in 2009/2010?
I know that sounds tricky... but no, im not planning to get married in the next two years... just wanna get a GGF first. (GGF = Godly girlfriend)

It's about time right? No?

Define girlfriend:
- someone who loves God higher than me
- someone whom i am able love and to lay down my life for (and would do the same to me)
- the person which God has planned and set aside for me :)

-----END OF GOALS-----

Random thing 1:
Hmm.. since i was in the topic of BGF.. why not continue?

I have someone in mind... but i'll let God do His part la...Letting God be God... i think that's the best...cuz i don't wanna get myself into a relationship which would make things sticky and complicated (which is not what God wants)...

whoever she is.. Lord, at Your perfect timing, let it be so.

Note: To anyone who wants to know more, sorry to say... but no, i'm not giving out any names.. opss.. name without an 's' :P | and do not ask more.. (unless you're my section overseer or pastor or parents la) hehe


Some updates:

1) Church was awesome today, God spoke differently to different people... mine was with regards to the topic i posted yesterday.. "Stewardship".

How He spoke? Well... He reminded me, and gave me a better picture... of not condemning myself whenever i look at my mistakes, but to always be reminded of the Cross at Calvary.
(and i wasn't condemning myself when i wrote the previous post, instead i was looking forward, to be a better steward with the awesome grace of God! so yea, timely message! woot!)

2) "A Day in The Secret Place" would be on tomorrow. It's gonna be an awesome time with God... as an individual as well as a church! So i would not be online from 10am till 6pm or so... if there's anything urgent, send me a SMS @ 016-6084761 ... if not urgent but saja wanna kacau also can, but not recommended la... hahaha

3) I've got electronics 2's midterm this coming thursday, despite the fact that Thursday is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY in Selangor! Oh well... im not gonna mourn over it or anything... cuz it's good.. at least i got an extra day to study ;)

4) Lots of assignment deadlines next week! I doubt i'll be coming back next weekend la... i would rather stay over for the weekend and do my assignments there, to reduce the 'traveling hours'

5) Just thought it would be nice if you readers can gimme some feedbacks on my assignment so far: http://3then.deviantart.com/art/WIP-iPhone-Report-4-105491756

thanks :)

Hmm... i thought that adding this would be interesting, so here it is:

random facts:
2) I like to climb through windows, the smaller the better, the higher the better too hahaha, and oh, i like to do it when im wearing formal suit.... proofs:
- although i was a prefect in school... (can kira head prefect oso la, lower by 1 or 2 rankings only haha) I climbed through my secondary school's 'Dewan Bestari''s windows at least twice, and yea... i was wearing 'formal suit'...without permission (like DUH!)

- I went to the 'lighting room' in KLIH's Grand hall, through a window :) and yea... it's way up high, i had to climb on a pillar to get to the window... and yea, i was in my formal suit too... i think i wore i leather shoes that time also... haha(no wonder it rosak la! haha)


I guess that's all for now. Till i blog again


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