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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My 2009 Chinese New Year!

Instead of fainting this year,
(ask me if u wanna know more about the fainting LOL)
Went to church in the morning, noon went cybercafe for 'left for dead'... zombie-fying game... haha... played for 2 hours... 1 game only... killed 3002 zombies xD

in the night, we went to a bungalow (owned by a church, my uncle happen to be one of the admins in that church, so we borrowed that place for the reunion dinner... have a great time there, collected most of my angpau(s) there... :D

i didnt really take any pics... chris was using the cam most of the time, it's his camera ma... haha nothing much to update on this part ...

DAY 1:
i went to Port Dickson & Seremban on monday... went there to visit my relatives.. had a long day there... nothing special... hmm... can't think of anything to write hahaha....

oh.. now that i remembered.. i drove back from putrajaya.. on the way back from the visitations, with my dad's car... i havent really drove it before.. so i got the chance to test it out on the way back la... :D


DAY 2:
i went to the Zoo... after dunno how many years la... had a great time there... missed out the bears tho... */sad/* ... arr.. the entrance ticket was expensive.. RM 15! Maybe cuz it's a public holiday la...

Thank God for the good weather! Chris and i got to capture some nice pictures of the residence of zoo... Chris took most of the pic tho... again, his camera ma... haha

Oh, we met our cousins there :) was planned tho xD but meeting them was coincidence also la... cuz we didnt pre-plan where to meet or what-so-ever, we only planned the timing...

the kid's zoo was fun, i got to touch a deer.. baby deer.. i forgot what it's called edi... it's white-spotted, brownish color la... so cute :D

Chris and Clement "sat" the a cow.. err//more like a calf... hhaha.. overall the trip to the zoo was awesome la...

And oh, chris bought himself a hat... monkey hat... hahaha... well... the only thing i kindda regret over the trip was the fact that no cotton candy was sold there.. kindda missed them xD... and also kindda regret the fact that i didnt buy the 'rubik' cube... (fake 1 la... ben10 version xD).. no rubik cube to play now T_T (oh well, might go toy 'r' us tomorrow :D

in the night, we(family) went over to my 2nd aunts place for dinner... and after dinner my cousins and i played with the Wii!.... Wiiiiiiiiii so nice... haha.. i didnt suffer from any hand pain or whatsoever like what my cousins and brother experience tho...played till 12 and we left for home


DAY 3:
Today was long... in the morning, 10am, chris and i went to Flamingo, Ampang for a bowling session :D
lousy scores tho... << blames the fact that we didnt practice for so long... i couldnt even reach 100 =.=


anyways, after 3 games of bowling match, we played 'basketball'.. those arcade type la... :D i got high score there tho xD 166 i think...

and yea after the bowling and basketball trip,
we rushed home, cuz visitors were coming over for lunch.. my uncles and aunties came over and we had steamboat for lunch...my lunch was by far on of my longgessstttt lunch... 1pm till 4pm.. =.=

my relatives came and go during that period la... nothing much to say regarding this..

i was freaking tired by then... took an hours nap infront of the TV... haha.. and for dinner, my family had korean(hot plate) style BBQ and steamboat(again)... interesting and long dinner.. i was basically eating the entire day ... Chinese new year *_*


over the past 3 weeks of holidays... i've gained 3kg of fat... darn... i freaking need to cut them down again...oh btw, i'm kindda underweight actually... haha.. but still the 3kg of fat is not the type of weight i would wanna keep ;)

will edit or change if there's any error.. or any pics i wanna post up la..

oh, btw, here's a game i would like to recommend... 'Perfect Balance'!
-freaking addictive (for people like me... and maybe u too)
heres the link (http://www.flasharcade.com/skill-games/perfect-balance-game.html)

or u can click -HERE- for the game// or u can msg me on msn/ym to get the flash file itself la...
i've finished all 80 stages... very fun and challenging :D

Till i blog again


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