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Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm Ready!

Lord, i'm ready!
Show me, lead and guide me.

Wisdom and knowledge, strength and perseverance; good, but useless without You.
All i want it You.


i know i'ven't (short form for i have not - it's not recognized widely, yet. lol) been updating the blog lately, busy with lots of things, as usual. mostly self-inflicted, i'm lousy in declining requests & offers. having said that, i've gotta learn how to live as myself, instead of living in the expectancy of others. of course, their expectancy are good. but it has been pressing me down for too long, i'ven't been able to excel in areas where i think i would fit best in, because of people's expectancy towards me. by His grace, i'm standing up again. and as He leads, i'm gonna walk with Him, instead of just tagging around.


to compensate for not updating my blog for so long, here's 100 random things about me.

i might add in another 25 or 50 15 things about me, as an update...LOL.

here goes:

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NOTE: 4 ppl tagged me in a row... 100 random stuff about me? here goes xD

100 Random Things About Me!

1. i am straight

2. shopping is not in my dictionary (most of the time)

3. i have a habit of not printing out my lecture notes (or rather simply being lazy)

4. the course that i'm currently studying is the one and only one found in Malaysia. it still amazes me at how God lead me to where i am today... Thank You Jesus!

5. there are some people out there who thinks i'm studying some designing course

6. i hate spamming (i think)

7. i like watching anime and movies

8. i'm currently watching some anime series named: Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple

9. i'm typing this single handedly- eating bakua with bread with the other hand :D

10. i enjoy designing

11. i enjoy programming

12. i enjoy learning

13. i dislike studying

14.i'm a good learner, bad practitioner

15. i have a dog

16.i blog.... once in a while...

17. i have studied and pass most of the subjects that i'm taking this semester... can't do credit transfer ... not fun studying something that you've forgotten ... again

18. i thought my english would be good cuz i'm born on 19 November... doesn't make sense? 1119 - SPM code for english paper... it appears that i'm just average

19. i hold grudge against motorist that rides in the middle of the road, but often forget about them right after i overtake them

20.i wish i had a smaller bag (sometimes)

21. i would turn 21 this year

22. i have feelings... common sense right? xD

23. i enjoy running

24. i enjoy jumping

25. i enjoy free-running

26. apparently i can be quite random sometime

27. apparently i can be quite lame sometime

28. apparently i can be quite sarcastic sometime

29. apparently i can eat quite a lot when i want to

30. apparently i can be quite a good goal keeper... i often get feedback as such after futsal games

31. apparently i have priority disorder (proven by me writing this 100 random items)

32. i spend most of my day in front of the computer

33. i love.. like.. google

34. i'm currently underweight

35. i'm only 52KG... the last i check

36. my thigh and brachioradialis muscle hurts now...

37. i'm usually quiet unless provoked ~ lol

38. i am approximately 180cm

39. my laptop's battery can only last me around 30 minutes... i screwed it up

40. i use to have a chipmunk pet... still wish i have one(but lazy to take care)

41. since young, i've always wanted to know what blood type i have, but i've still yet to find it out

42. i like watches... the harder to read it the better

43. i like things that challenges my IQ (such as programming and logic)

44. i like sushi

45. i dislike butter and milk

46. i'm currently finding lines between the two, or three, or four

47. i enjoy flashing (lol... sounds so wrong) - as in adobe flash

48. i'm currently reading a book titled : Destined to Reign in Life.... one of the few books that actually caught my attention and made me continue reading

49. i like peter petrelli's hair style & planned to get my hair done .. like his xD

50. i sweat quite abit.. especially during the night

51. i can solve a rubik within 4 minutes ( i know, its slow )

52. i like photography, or rather to be able to look at things from a different perspective

53. i like small cars, not super small la... size like Proton Satria / Suzuki Swift

54. i have a lot of friends around the campus but only a few in my class... damn lame wei

55. i have yet to start shaving cuz i'm lazy to keep up with the commitment after the first time

56. i might not end up as an engineer... taking up the engineering course is just a stepping stone i guess

57. i'm so tempted to stop here and continue watching anime... hahah

58. i like TARC's way of teaching and MMU's way of explaining

59. i have yet to collect my diploma certificate from TARC

60. i'm most likely going down to Port Dickson next weekend with my CF's CG mates

61. i have 2 labs and 1 midterm next week... uggh..

62. i find GCC compiler troublesome... why cant MMU use Window's based program? stupid linux...

63. i use to spend my whole day watching people play golf when i was really young... and i was told that i'm talented in it... but never had a chance to play it yet

64. i repaired and made arrows before ( in both non-digital & digital world..... digital: Ragnarok Online - arrow making LOL)

65. studying is not one of the things i do during the non-exam period... i should change in this area.. i know

66. i use to hide my homeworks under my bed when i was in my primary school ( and my mom always find them... how does she do that? LOL )

67. i took up engineering during my secondary school time... most people only get to do that for their tertiary education... that's because my school offered a paper called 'teknology kejuruteraan' ... engineering technology)

68. i played with robots during my secondary school time... and ended taking up mechatronics during my days in TARC...

69. i don't break dance, i only do flips and such... it's different you know...

70. i wish there is a nice place in malaysia to do free running .. even a good gym would do

71. i've climbed to my house's rooftop quite many times... sometimes with permission, most of the time without xD

72. my old double decker bed used to be awesome... my mom designed it :D

73. i only crap a lot when i'm online... i think

74. i can type with my eyes close... can even do that single handedly.. but do expect one or two mistakes xD

75. i wished i had a car? not really... i'm bad with directions ( in a car )... walking is fine tho... weird

76. i find church awesome... even if you're there for fun, you'll still get benefited in the end

77. i'm currently seeking God on which ministry He wants me to be in... i'm all over the place now...

78. i use to learn drums, guitar, bass, piano and even saxophone... but it didn't last for a month... ended up with technical stuffs again.. my strong point i guess..

79. i fainted during chinese new year before.. cuz i did something stupid... hahaha

80. i went to the zoo during chinese new year

81. i'm quite forgetful

82. i have a wacom bamboo

83. i know it's getting boring

84. one of the sports that i enjoy most is high jump and long jump... yea i know.. it's back to jumping

85. i tore my hamstring before... and yes, cuz i did something stupid

86. from personal experience, it's not fun having a purple hamstring

87. often people come to me for help.. i get pissed sometimes.. Lord, i want more of Your grace...

88. i was born in the year 1988 ( blames the number 88 for reminding me )

89. i like wearing white pants

90. i've met with 2 car accidents before.... both self inflicted, and both involves a non-moving subject
( i know, freaking lame )

91. i failed my driving test ( on the road ) 3 times! and i took a spend of 9 months just to get my license =.= .. i'm not as bad as you think i am

92. i often find myself doing stupid things... :)

93. i enjoy paintball-ing

94. i taught tuition before

95. i'm now wondering why in the world did i choose to write 100 random stuff about myself... ugh

96. i suck in spelling...

97. i need to start finding for a house to move out to soon ( for next sem onwards )

98. despite the fact that i like designing, i suck in drawing

99. i like insects... in general, unless they fly towards me

100. clarence thinks that there's only a few possibility for one to read through all 100 items i posted here:
a. you are extremely free
b. you are so-the-very- kepo
c. you are interested to know me more
d. you think you'll be able to know me more
e. you have a crush on me... o.O
f. you find me interesting... cuz i went through the trouble finding 100 items to write about myself

if none of the above is correct, the only conclusion is:

that i got nothing else to write

Here's the extra 15 items:

101. i normally feel awkward in front of a person of the opposite sex

102. i was a prefect in school. i was incharge of the assembly everyday

103. ironically, i hated arts during my secondary school cuz i couldn't draw well

104. i love butter when it comes to BBQ. otherwise, i hate them

105. i was boasting when i said i could type singlehandedly blindfolded ( i took a test a failed quite badly )

106. my room number at home is 23. ( it doesn't imply that my house has at least 23 rooms k? )

107. my room number in hostel is 4014

108. i just measured my weight and height today. my weight was almost the same, i think i need to re-measure my height again.

109. when asked by guards at the guard house, i frequently give them wrongly( not on purpose, i'm forgetful ), and they normally wouldn't notice.

110. i have a 26.58 Gb music library, of which 93% of them are Christian Songs.

111. there are 4893 songs in my music library

112. as much as i desire, i think i wouldn't be able to perform a perfect split anymore. my muscle are not that flexible anymore

113. i was called mushroom head (by one of my close fried) during my secondary school time, cuz my hair looked like one... to him

114. carrot and clorox happened to be some of my nicknames by some of my friends.

115. some of my closer church friends (+ brother + me) would wack each other's head whenever we come in contact with a volkswagen beetle (old one)

Like my sister said, it's kindda selfish to write so many 'i, me' myself' things here... so i'll write 10 random things about YOU! yes, you! my readers!

1. you are currently using a device which is able to transmit data from my blog to you.

2. you are concern/wanna know how am i doing in life.

3. you are a human (aliens, if you're reading this, good for you :D - you get to know us, humans, more)

4. you are reading this

5. you are breathing

6. you can be funny at times

7. your smile is important to someone

8. your existence means a lot to someone

9. you've seen a ball before

10. you know i'm trying to be funny here ;)


Feb 14 Emo? haha... [ this photo was taken during chinese new year, thus, not a feb 14 emo picture ;) ]

Till i blog again


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