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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hey peeps! im back again.

jus some updates la.. nothing special...

I'm currently very tired... went for a CG Retreat thingy @ Port Dickson yesterday... and came back today.. it was fun in a way.. i have no pictures with me, yet.
will post em when i get em la...

anyways, i got injured during the trip, again... yes, i'm jus being me... i always get hurt during trips... this time, i injured my soul lol ops... spelling :p i mean sole... do you know where your sole?

if you would find yourself a chair, sit on it, perform a cross-legged move,get yourself into position, twist your neck downwards, approximately 30 degree... you would probably see... if you have it....xD

and if you cant find it... it's... it's beneath your feet. (i dun have my wacom with me.. i left it at home, cuz i dun really use it.. unless i want to.. and yea, i guess you'll be able to find it.... lol)

how i got it? i salto-ed into the sea(for the first time), bare footed. and yea.. there were sharp stones on the sea bed... and *WALLA!* here comes the injury... there's 11 spots which are wounded... oh.. it's on my right foot

you might be wondering what's this salto thingy rite? no? fine then... :P - google it... u might find it.. lol

nothing special.. jus that it's making my walking a lil harder.. worry not, it's not deep cuts... surface cuts only...

during the trip, i was mostly "anti-social"... :) im jus being me again.. i like to sit alone.. and do nothing/watch scenery/sleep/listen to conversations .. cant blame me for that right?

the trip was a lil weird to me.. cuz im really not used to being surrounded by people of the opposite sex.. i've always been hanging out with guys since secondary school...

to make it worst, i took up engineering during high school and college, and uni... FYI, there are very little girls in engineering courses.. as far as im concern ..lol
yea so... i jus feel a lil weird la... haha..

there were a few things which i noticed during the trip... areas of my life which i think ill need to make over.. (am not gonna post em here) but by God's grace.. i'll overcome them.

k la.. i'll keyboard-off here, nid to print out some notes and tutorials... prepare for tomorrow's classes and all...

Till i blog again


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