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Saturday, March 28, 2009

another quickie...

2am, and i'm still not in bed. well this time, i have a good reason for it... anyways

few updates and notes.
1) i smacked my face unto the ground (sand) from a vertical position, approximately 0.5 meters above sea level. it's not as fun as it sounds. my face is now not as handsome as it "should" be. i think i burst some capillaries... oh well..

my fault anyway... how it happened? i was attempting another infamous stunt, the backflip... hahha. yea, anyway, i couldn't make it... so i landed on my face la...

2) my limbs' muscle are 'crying'... well yea, cuz i was torturing them during the Joint Camp. running around, doing stunts, and the such, whenever opportunity arises...

i think i torn some muscles too... my right leg and right arm can now be considered 'cacat'... cuz i cant really use the muscles, as for now.. really painful.. my bad

3) joint camp was awesome. photos to be added soon?

4) happy birthday to Victor & Koon Kit. May God bless, lead and guide you in every step you take. walking in the will of God is the safest, and BEST place to be.

5) congrats to Ps. Jason and Ps. Jadeline. they're getting married today. approximately 9 hours from now.

6) i need to sleep now. if not i'll die on stage tomorrow while emcee-ing. haha.


Till i blog again


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