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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Decisions i Made Today

there were many decisions that i made today; good ones, bad ones. all relatively random, but here goes:

1) decided to pluck my moustache, i look younger now :P [ took me approximately an hour :| ]
2) decided to join 'joint camp' on the 23-26 March, even though Ps. Jason's wedding is on the 28th and Koon Kit's birthday is on the 27th.
3) decided to buy burger for lunch [ was actually 'late' for TGIF :p ]
4) decided to play instead of studying, although i'm having 2 midterms next tuesday and wednesday, and i've barely started.
5) decided to find for some other options for my accommodation at cyberjaya, listed out the pros and cons of staying at the currently available locations. still thinking.
6) decided to blog instead of studying/sleeping. long time didnt update ma.
7) decided to come home, instead of staying over in cyberjaya to 'study'.
8) decided to let mom drive me home instead of me driving. was tired, and afraid to kena another speed trap :P
9) decided to finish here. xD

******* 完 *******

some story from my side:

last week was tough for me. i wasn't really 'living'... was just letting the days past.. was crappy, made lots of bad decisions. still regretting many of them.

honestly, i havent been connecting with Him lately. that's one of the reason why i blog lesser, cuz i'm not getting input from above. thus, nothing spectacular to write and encourage people about.

even this post is crappy i think. so yea, im ending it here. going to go connect with Him again.

Till i blog i'm living right again


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