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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14 APR 09 @ 0904

i couldnt figure out a title... haha.. anyways,

MY ASS HURTS! i've got myself yet another furuncle near the same spot where i last had it. this time, it's real BIG

it's there, cuz i injured the blood vessel the other time, which caused the viral infection to spread. i know, my bad. anyhow...

i feel the pain everytime i walk, move, sleep, lie, heck even sit, tho sitting still cause me less pain. it's not really on my ass... it's at my lower back, near the position where we normally wear a belt. having said so, wearing a belt can be 'a pain in the ass'

sad but the fact is that my fever has not completely subside. i still feel the sudden chill and the other kindda symptoms. i've got another paper tomorrow night. and it's math, ugh! only on ODE (ordinary differential equation) which is harder, very much harder than it sounds!

i just skipped a class(the class is on now), cuz i had to 'bandage' the area where the furuncle(boil) is, so that the ooze that comes out from it would not spread to some other parts of my body la...

i just hope it comes out ASAP. and that i (or even you readers) will not have to ever, ever go through what i'm going through now.... exam+assignments+sick+a boil near you ass.. or the like...

anyway, here's another song for you :)

p/s: don't expect me to post up a picture of that...it's just not right. if you wanna know what a furuncle is, go google it or something. ;)

Shine - Salvador
I woke up to another day
Another day to celebrate
Your beauty and your mystery, it's more than any eye can see
I'm not the man I was before
With You, my life is so much more
Break the chains and open doors to a world I can't ignore

Lord let me shine, shine like the moon
A reflection of you in all that I do
Lord let me be a light for your truth
Light of the world, I wanna be used to shine for you

As simple as a passing smile
Or listening a little while
To someone that's convinced that they are in this all alone
Here's my chance to share the news
To introduce the good that's you
Here you go again, you never cease to blow my mind


You're the love that we all need
You lift us up to our feet
You hold the key to eternity
The King of Kings alive in me

Till i blog again


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