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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

quick update:

due to the boil that i had, i did some research and found that im not just having a boil, but it's now called a 'carbuncle'... which is multiple boils/furuncle(s) at the same location...

it's not a pleasant sight, so i wouldnt even think of posting a picture of it in this blog. anyways, according to the informations i got from the internet, i'm supposed to get a doctor to 'check me out'... but due to the busy schedule... exams after exams, labs after labs, and assignment due dates after due dates.. i'm reluctant to pay the doctor a visit..

yes, the carbuncle is disturbing and pain. and moreover, i did feel feverish and chilled myself a lil (which NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION) ... but i couldn't careless. is studies important? is health important? from what point of relativity are you referring from?

im just posting this to kindda stray my mind out from the exam stress that i'm having, along with the 'pain in the ass'.. i'm not really prepared for the exam (which is in an hours time, and it's 20marks!) ... i can blame the pain and the difficulty of the subject all i want, but it doesn't change a single thing.

if i could, and if i was much free-er, i would get some medical attention... and at best to lance out that freaking 'disturbia'.. (but it would cost me some $$, and it turns me down)... lancing the carbuncle would also means hospitalization (i think)... and leaving my assignment for my groupmates (which isnt fair, i think :P)

i guess im gone blabbering.

one last question... should i get MC just to skip the exam today? im actually feeling fine now... but not fully prepared. "should i, or should i not"
- i've only got an hour for that answer... but i'd most likely just sit for the paper, hoping that the paper would be so much more easier than i would imagine.

Till i blog again


  1. the answer is no, i probably wouldn't skip the exam even i were not ready. but then probably it's too late for you anyway lol

    anyway get well soon

  2. haha yea... i was out at the exam hall alrdy by the time u msg me... haha... but the paper was ok la... can pass it.. but to score, it's a diff story la... haha

    yea.. i wanna get well soon.. :D