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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Updates regarding my:::::

18 APR 09 @ 0056 - short update:

updates regarding the changing of course. the idea has been eliminated, cuz my faculty isn't offering it next semester onwards, i think.

updates regarding my buruncle, i'm going to see a doctor tomorrow, hopefully, to get all the pus and whatever that needs to be removed, removed.

updates regarding my ass, i've got myself another hole on my ass.. on a random note, you know, some people got themselves double degree and such; i've got myself a double ass-hole. rude it may sound, but it's a fact made sacarstic and vulgar ;) only God knows how deep that freaking hole is made by the buruncle.

updates regarding my midterm test result, one of it suck, big time. cuz i was sick, and couldnt concentrate studying, thus, obtaining a much lower result than i expected. just got to do well in the finals i guess.


i've got 1 more assignment left, and 1 more lab report to finish... and i'm done with the busyness, i guess.

Till i blog again


  1. really shud go see doc d...
    God bless ar... hope the poison inside wont spread to other places..
    gambateh for ur studies oso.. u will do better n better coz God's glory is greater n greater on u...

  2. went n see doctor edi yesterday. nothing was removed by the doctor. according to her, it's only an abscess. so whatever that's left inside is my fat....

    and for my studies, yea, im gonna depend on God. gonna start studying edi.. if not sure die. hhaha.

    thx for dropping by tho :)