[ ᴃᴚiפʜᴌ ᵴᴌᴗᴆiᴏ ]: June 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Updates 24/6/09

Hey peeps! it's been a while since i updated the blog... anyways,

1) I've shifted from MMU's hostel to Cyberia. It has been 1 week + now, loving my room so far, haha, i have yet to know most of my housemates... cuz there's 10 of us here... and i'm the "i do my thing, you do your thing" kindda person.... haha so, yea, partly my fault in not knowing them la...xD

2) Class has started, assignments and 'midterms' are gonna start soon.. and i'm quite determined to do well this semester... judging by how i was the previous semester... i believe i need to change, a transformation in my attitude and passion towards my studies, placing my priority right... learning to 'love myself, for the right reasons'.... attached below is my timetable... just in case any one wants to call me... i'd not be available on these slots...

3) i've started to use MS outlook quite a bit these days... cuz i use my Sync cable as my primary charging 'device' haha..

4) one of the things i would like to start doing, is to stick my to-do list using those 'yellow sticky notes' on my laptop monitor.... haha... i'd 'strike'(remove them from the screen when it's done) them off ... i think it would work, provided i don't get pissed by it and remove them without discipline haha... i think this would be effective, as i spend most of my time in front of my lappy, and when the sticky notes starts to pile up, i'd not be able to use the lappy, i think.... haha


that's all for now i guess... friggin sleepy... haha.. almost everyday morning classes...

Till i blog again

Friday, June 12, 2009


Greetings to all!
i know i've been 'away' from the blogging world for quite some time now... i occupied myself with lots of things, which are mostly non essential for my growth to be a better man... but yea, that happens all the time i suppose?

Few key updates i'll be addressing today, as a summary, here's the list of things i'll be updating on:
1) My holidays
2) My new handphone
3) My results
4) What i wanna achieve in my next year of studies!
5) Things i need to do NOW!


so here goes:
My holidays:
My holidays started 2 weeks back... right after my exams..

i think i've mentioned it somewhere about the things i wanna do for this particular holidays.. but ill list them down again, and whichever that i succeed in doing, ill put an 'X' in front :)

[X] bouldering ( 'rock climbing' without ropes ) - it was definitely an awesome experience... i did it for an hour and my limbs where friggin' tired at the end of it, nevertheless, i'm sure to go for it a lot more times! awesome!

[X] buying a new handphone - updates below.

[ ] reformatting my lappy - lots of unused apps and registry.. lazy to remove one by one lol

[ ] renovating my blog - wanted to make a simple flash + xml version, but decided not, cuz viewing flash on my new handphone isn't as pleasant as i imagined. xD

well asides from the things i've planned, there were certainly quite some other random happenings
1) my sister is back from UK for her holidays
2) i had to become my sibling's driver for a week
3) my family and i went to Kelantan to visit my grandma who went for an op.
4) i spent 2+ hours in a stationary car... eating kenny rogers with 2 toothpicks.. (weirdest way of spending my holiday)


My new handphone!
i've always wanted to get a PDA phone since i was young, it's just cool haha.. and yea, i finally did.
What is the first brand that comes to your mind when the topic is handphone?
Some may say nokia, sony ericsson, samsung, even O2 and HTC...

well, even i never imagined myself buying a phone with the brand ASUS, but i did. Asus P750...

First impression : simple and nice. not the sleekest Windows mobile device around, but not too bulky either... a balance between good and evil lol

it has been exactly 1 week since i've got my new device. still exploring it... yet to fully understand on how to tweak the registry.. yet to flash it... but certainly, it has been a great week with it :D

like what owl mention in his blog, i would rather not call it a phone ( cuz i seldom use the phone function anyways, maybe only 1 or 2 calls a week, and an sms or two )... it's certainly more than a phone, more like a mini laptop haha..

some slight complains on this new 'mini laptop' ...
1) the camera is certainly not up to par being a 3.0 Mega pixels device
2) the amount of usable RAM (built in 64MB) is not enough.. it'd be nice if i could upgrade it to 128MB or more :) [ and yea, there are reports around with people having that done, i've yet to find out where... but i'll only upgrade it after a year.. that is when my warranty period is over ]
3) can't get Worms World Party to work on the device... the keys just don't register.. ugh.. i've even tried to edit the hex files and such... but oh well.. i installed 'Snails Reloaded' instead xD
4) the default language (eg: Xt9, ABC, abc, 123, symbols) isn't that user friendly, gotta keep changing it when im keying in some data

some awesome comments on this new 'mini laptop' ...
1) the GPS on this device is awesome.. uses very little battery! according to reviews, it can last for 6 hours on a still position (whereas other device might last very much lesser)!
2) This device is packed with VGA resolution, but the sad thing is that Asus ended up using QVGA resolution on this device... well maybe because of it's limited RAM
3) Gaming on this device is sweet! tho more RAM could be helpful xD
4) The built quality is very nice, afterall, Asus do manufacture laptops and such..

What i like most of this device is the "customizability" ... all kinds of registry tweaks, 3rd party softwares, games and such.

To finish things of on this topic, here's some screenshots i took... ( i wanted to post up a few picture taken with my camera.. but the quality was real bad... so im not uploading it xD )

i like this theme best, looks real good on the device, and it even matches my laptop's wallpaper.. haha.. :D

Quick Menu... one of the best freeware i use... it replace the traditional start menu.. very user friendly IMHO

Urtime, nice clock and alarm software, it came with the device itself.. one of the things i like best is the geek alarm... very funny and interesting way to wake you up, see the screenshot below

How many balls are they? they expect you to count and answer them when you just wake up... and the alarm will keep ringing unless you solved the question haha..

i've always had a bible in my phone.. i can carry it anywhere and at anytime, very useful :)

Gaming? This is merely one of the GAMES i can play on this device... Pokemon! hahah


My results:
I just got my results yesterday... i've passed all... and when i say i pass all, i mean barely passing it.. the fault is on me... what kindda results can you hope for when you're literally studying last minute... in my case, most of the time, i start studying at 3/4pm, and i continue until the 2/3am... wake at 5/6am and the exam is at 9am... that's how i 'studied' for my last trimester's exam... my room mate can testify for me... real bad attitude towards study... i kindda lost my passion and motivation towards studying...

to me, learning and studying are different [i've yet to change this mindset]... well maybe because most of the time, learning is more of a spoon feed kindda thing... and yea, lazy people like this kindda thing, as compared to self motivated to read up..

i calculated my CGPA and GPA.. real bad, not gonna post it up here.. but nevertheless, thank God i passed all, if not i'd be studying now, preparing for the supplementary paper on the 18th. =.=


What i wanna achieve in my next year of studies!
There's a lot of changes i wanna see in my studies next year... the past year in MMU has been nice, but i do notice that i've become lazier and lazier by the day... skipping quite some classes during the last trimester... procrastinating became a 'routine' in my studies and life... it's just not right la..

i'd like to get back the passion towards studying, and learning, never giving up in spite of what the situation tells me, cuz i know my God is greater than any situations, and i've been made a conqueror through Christ. God has proven His grace again and again to me... but being a christian 'for all my life'... i kindda belittled it.. and live my life as if nothing is important..

i thank God for He has given me a good brain... many students who studied ahead of time and took the same paper that i took didn't make it through.. as compared to me, which studied last minute... how much more i could achieve if i started just a bit earlier? having said so.. i'm not gonna keep on trying my best with my own strength, cuz i've already seen the result of it.. i'm gonna depend on Him. For He is after all, God.


Things i need to do NOW!
Well, class is starting again next week. i'm not prepared for it, still enjoying myself with my new device ;)

but yea, i've gotta finish up a slide for Sunday's Praise Celebration, i've procrastinated. i've gotta start packing up my things ( cuz i shifted out from the hostel, and moving to Cyberia, things are still at home, just like the way i brought it back :| )

i've gotta go collect my diploma graduation cert... lol.. it has been almost 1 year.. and i've yet to collect it... hahaha.. (probably going to TARC later... will see how things go.. )


that's all for now.. will edit if i see any errors.. haha

Till i blog again