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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

our God,the same God in ancient China

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a truth that have been discovered,a message by Kong Hee.I hope you guys have a clearer understanding.(hours of searching for those chinese poems)

Chinese always have something in mind that christianity is a western religion.Lets have a look at a few facts.
Taoism came in 6 bc,while Confucianism and buddhism came in on the 5th bc,what about the bc before that these religions came into mainland china?The chinese actually worshipped a God,which is alike to our God in the old testament,which they called him 上帝 or 上天 notice the word 天 is originated with the word 大 which means big and our God is above it. - above the大 and it makes the word 天.

司馬千 recorded 皇帝 actually built an altar in 泰山 worship 上帝
he also recorded a song by a scholar which goes 上帝者,天之別名也,神無二主(史記。卷28鋒禪書第六) carrying the meaning that the there's only one God.

another song in the Ming Dynasty 於昔洪荒之初兮,混濛,五行未運兮,兩曜未明,其中挺立兮,有無容聲,神皇出御兮,始判濁清,立天立地人兮,群物生生. It simply means that before God created the universe there are no planets,the sun and the moon and earth are yet to form.And when God started his creation,day and night was separated .He then calls forth every living begin.Here we reffers to Genesis 1:1 and it exactly matches what was recorded by the historian,that "the earth was without form....God separated light from darkness...and then He created man" It proves that before Idolatry,the chinese people worshiped a singular supreme God which has the same nature and character with Jehovah!
Chinese writings came 2500 ...to be continue out to hostel

even i am waiting for him to continue the story.. so you readers just wait la.. haha

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