[ ᴃᴚiפʜᴌ ᵴᴌᴗᴆiᴏ ]: Scammed! twice!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Scammed! twice!

The following contains a 'chat' or rather 'argument' between me and "my other dad"..

to those who do not know that i have another dad, you can safely skip this post,
as it will NOT benefit you in any way. x)

» Click here to read story, click again to close ;) «

yea, in the end, i was cheated twice :(( ... >x(

our relationship grew stronger at the end of the post... the "fight was random"

the 'click to open' thingy was necessary, i have my reasons... xD



Anyways, just thought that i should just post a lil update..

4 papers are done and *fingers crossed* done for good, and i hope to get quite reasonable grades for them. 1 more paper ahead.. and yea, i dislike that paper the most... electromagnetic theory >.<

just the thought of the names brings shudders running through my body...

ask any 'normal' engineer... most would give you the same respond.. or so

yea... that's all for now..

Till i blog again


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