[ ᴃᴚiפʜᴌ ᵴᴌᴗᴆiᴏ ]: November 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Working Permit Expiring!

Hey peeps. i just got this thought in my brain again, im suppose to rest and sweat it out now.. cuz the fever is being really stubborn.

and leaving the thought in my brain while trying to rest isn't helping.. and so..

anyways, do you remember me writing a post regarding 'thoughts about fever'? No? then check it out HERE! .. do read up "Random Thought 2:" cuz that's the thing im gonna talk more about.

the fever kindda started early this week.. most likely on Saturday night/ Sunday morning.. and it has been bothering me the entire week.. like i said during TGIF (MMU CF friday prayer thingy) .. " My brain and my body isn't synchronized "

so yea, just a thought about it, since the fever is here as a defense mechanism against infection... i figured that one week is prolly a lil too long.. and the last time i had a fever, i gave them evacuation notice.. but since they're here to work, probably a working permit sounds better to them? hah!

so hear me out fever, you've got a 1 more day (in fact less than an hour) to finish up your work here in my body. your working permit is gonna expire in 1 day time. so work fast, OT if you need to, cuz you've spent way too long here in me.

i guess that's all... just had to write them down, prolly cuz i was 'deprived' of my chance to write and blog for a lil too long. xD


one of the birthday cakes... in fact, the only one caught on camera! haha.. thanks again peeps!


well time's up! and yes! i certainly feel much better now... evacuation notice/ limiting their working permit + faith works wonders! Thank You Lord! ;D

- really, try them if you have yet to!

Till i blog again

My Journey thus far, and the adventures set ahead!

Hey peeps! It's been quite a while since i updated the blog, and im fully aware of that. this post would be long tho xD

Once again, i would like to extend my thanks from the bottom of my heart to those who wished, celebrated, and even try to surprise me with celebrations (it didnt work btw, but thanks again :D )

A new phase of life i suppose, being 21 now, i realize that there's so much more to life, so much so that on one day when i was chatting with a friend who happens to be 21 also this year, we were saying that we think we do not have what it takes to enter 'the world'. but of course, i was wrong there. by myself, i certainly can try striving my way through the world. putting up front a 'hero', trying to prove to others i have what it takes. but that would just eventually lead me to a dead end, to myself. and fail.

Jesus on the other hand, is certainly more than enough for me. just the other day, i was listening to AOL radio... this was one of the songs that spoke to me.

Walk On The Water | Britt Nicole

You look around
It's staring back at you
Another wave of doubt
Will it pull you under
You wonder

What if I'm overtaken
What if I never make it
What if no one's there?
Will you hear my prayer?

When you take that first step
Into the unknown
You know that He won't let you go


So what are you waiting for?
What do you have to lose?
Your insecurities try to alter you

You know you're made for more
So don't be afraid to move
Your faith is all
It takes in you
You can walk on the water too

Verse 2:
So get out
and let your fear fall to the ground
No time to waste
Don't wait
Don't you turn around and miss out
Everything you were made for
I know you're not sure
So you play it safe
Try to run away

If you take that first step
Into the unknown
He won't let you go


(Step Out)
Even when a storm hits
(Step Out)
Even when you're broken
(Step Out)
Even when your heart is telling you, telling you to give up
(Step Out)
When your hope is stolen
(Step Out)
You can't see where you're going
You don't have to be afraid

So what are you waiting for?


Yes, indeed when you take your first step into the unknown, i know that i know that He will certainly not let me go and He will guide me through.

so Lord, im taking the first step into the unknown. Lord lead me through, let me shine Your light in this process of moving forward. I know You have planned it all for me. I know that You'd take care of me even more than how you take care of the birds of the air, flowers in the wild and fishes in the sea.

Lord, with You, im ready again, im ready to move on, im ready to face areas of my life which needs a change, ready to live, ready to love. let me Lord always depend on you, always know that Your ways are higher than mine, always know Your grace is all i need, always know that Your Love for me is higher than the mountains, deeper than the deepest depth known. Let me always know You.

My prayer oh Lord for this year is that You take me unto the journey and adventure planned and purposed for me, lead me on, be my Lord, let me know more of You, let me know myself through The One who created me. In Your likeness Lord, change me. im all set and ready to be molded. Teach me oh Lord.

In the name of Jesus i pray. Amen.


My journey thus far was certainly one of a kind, there's only one Clarence Cheong that God created ya know? there just too much to share about my journey thus far, but nothing beats a sincere thank You note to Jesus!

Thank you Lord for all these years, all the things i've gone through, to make me the person i am today. Thank you for loving me, protecting me and guiding me through these years. thank you for the people You've placed around me. life would certainly be different without any single one of them.


i have no idea what adventures are set before me, but im excited about it. simply because He's leading me through it. i remember somewhere in my blog i posted something about getting a GGF (godly gf) .. wish came through haha.. nothing happened actually. God brought me closer to Him instead, because what most people are trying to find in a women, a companion, are : mercy, comfort, beauty; in which all these are actually of God's nature Himself.

So yea, God revealed more and more of Himself to me. it's a great and honorable privilege indeed.

This year, even as i continue on this journey of life, i'd placed my trust in Him. For His ways are higher than mine.

(p/s: special thanks to my sis who bought me the book titled: Wild at Heart.. it certainly opened up my understanding and it realigned my focus. wild at heart indeed)


How was my 21st birthday celebration? it was like i said, one of a kind.
I was rather perplexed cuz the celebrations were too overwhelming, as my family and i don't really make a great deal out of birthday, we do to a certain extend, but the way the people around me celebrated were a lil too much for me... haha.. but yea, thanks again peeps!

3 birthday cakes this time... a record! (that is if you'd consider a brownie with ice cream topping a cake... > thanks Eugene)

asides from the celebrations, my birthday was different in such a way that i was sick (prolly due to overworking last 2 weeks, plus this unusually cold weather), and i had a mid-term exam on my birthday.

most people would be put-ed off for such a 21st birthday - day... like what one of my friend said " happy birthday clarence.. celebrating bday in the midst of midterm.. very meaningful.. hehe.. " - very meaningful indeed!

i had a rather different perspective on this matter tho. i decide to look at it as moving into this new phase of life as a challenge, a test, a mid-term exam indeed. a qualifying test!

I also saw this as a chance to trust in the Lord for good health and strength for the days ahead. throughout the day, i certainly had those in mind, however, as the clock closes in to the time where i had to take my paper, i was troubled, mainly cuz this is the only paper im having this semester, and i wasn't really prepared, prolly cuz i had too much 'wall post' to reply :P (excuses i know xD) .. but mainly cuz i was having fever which lowered down my concentration spent while studying; i was constantly finding myself very in need of sleep...

my sis was there to help me out. i thank her for that :)

the midterm turned out slightly easier than i expected, tho i know i might not score it, cuz i forgotten some stuffs... but yea, thank God it wasn't as tough as i thought it would turn out to be.


its' the weekend again! time to rest i suppose.. i'm been waking up at approximately 7am everyday since 3 weeks ago.. prolly my system got used to that timing.. ( which also means i got less sleep.. ) oh well..

just to note it down... the weather is unusually cold this week. i hope it ends soon... my body isn't adapting well to it. in fact, confused.

i guess that's all for now.. thanks for reading, readers, i hope that this year we would grow closer! :D

Till i blog again

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

80th post...

apparently this is the 80th post.

anyways, just wanna update a lil.. things are going smoother these few days.. im feeling good again. i'd be really busy this coming few weeks. God grace is more than enough for me, and i'll depend solely on Him.

i'd be less (maybe) online... so yea, if there's anything urgent, please do call/sms me. my phone is always with me.. well sorta...

just a random thought :: go google >> canon s90 .. one of the newest compact camera which is fully manual and automatic as well.. priced around RM 1500 .. tempting hahaha... but will wait till i think it's the rite time la.. :D

and so,
its quite early for me to say goodnite.. but im drained. so yea, gnite peeps.

Till i blog again

Sunday, November 1, 2009

return: the occurrence of a change in direction back in the opposite direction

Despite the long title. all i really wanna say is that i'm sorry for being away for a long time. and here i am again. i've returned. anyways, life hasn't been in it's tip top condition.

i've lived life, without really living it. and honestly, i doubt anyone around me knows that i've been in that state for a month. who am i kidding? it's not like i'm able to bluff to myself.

i wouldn't know if it makes any sense to you. but it does, at least to me. for the past 1 month, i've "secluded myself" in my own world. and it sucks. day and night passes me by, as if none were important. i'm still recovering from this state im in. it's not a nice state to be in.

physically, yes, i was there at those events and places. but overall, i wasn't at those places mentally and spiritually.
for the last 1 month, everything in my brain is as good as none. i can't really recall what i've done throughout that period of time.

you could call me a zombie or worst, it was really that bad.

no. i would not wanna go back to that state. it's lifeless. unpleasant. and meaningless.

why would anyone wanna live in that state, if they're mentally healthy.
if given a chance, yes, i would like to regain the past 1 month that i've wasted.
yes, i've been in tons of places during that period; i've procrastinated living life, if you'd understand what i mean.

sad to say, but yes, recently, i just realize i wasn't living life. but thank God, now that i know that, i wouldn't be living that sorta life now on.


i'm gonna pick myself up, and yes, it's a good time to do so. to rearrange life according to what is truly important. to make a renovation in my life. no way i'm gonna end my 21st year on earth with such a lousy state.

on a random note, thank God. i've passed all my papers last semester. even the paper i disliked most. and yes, after waiting for '21' years, i can finally say: NO MORE MATHS PAPER!! some engineering student and most design student would shout for joy .. i think :P ... and yes, since im like in the middle of the two. im certainly glad that i've finished 'all' the maths paper that i need to take for my tertiary education.

results weren't that great. but it's an improvement. so yea, im thankful about that. and i certainly hope to do better for the years to come. (now that ptptn is giving out free scholarship for first class students) tho i might not be able to reach that. it certainly gives me some sort of motivation to strive harder.


anyways, im really tired. im not a zombie afterall. my internals are crying (a good sign that i'm still alive) .. and yea, busy busy busy busy busy schedule ahead. tho im only having 1 subject this sem ( i wanted to take more, but all the other classed clashes... oh well.. good for me also la ) ...

why am i busy? cuz im good at taking up responsibilities, without knowing my abilities. err.. the decisions were good in nature. but 'logically bad' ... so yea.. i've placed myself in such position. so i'm gonna persevere and believe and depend on His grace that is sufficient for me.

That's all for now, till i blog again