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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dark Side?

A few friends asked me if i've gone darker..
asked if i went to the beach/played under the sun recently..

my answer was no. and the blame goes to the TB medications, and most of them find it hard to believe.

well you're not alone. even i do.

Have i joined the dark side? bright not more? darn...


On a random note,

It used to be easy for me to answer people/quizzes on the question: "What is your favorite color?"

After being a designer for some time, i find it ever hard to give a straight answer to that simple question. bleh..


some quick updates:

1) good news: no quiz and midterm this week.... awesomeness!

2) bad news: quiz and 'the' midterm is postponed to next week... i.e. next week got 1 quiz and at least 3 midterms... wth [→﹏→]" .. and oh, to add on it.. some lecturer decided to reschedule some replacement class to the day before the midterm papers.. people wanna study lerr.


3) good news: today's the first day im on the new medications... wooots! this means i have 3 more months and 14 days left!

4) bad news: the new medication very troublesome, need to 'split' the pill.. blergh!

5) good news: i was schedule to be on duty for the archery booth today.. even though i've not been going for practices for the past almost 2 semesters, woots! my skill hasn't really got dulled yet xD

6) "bad" news: i'm not gonna join archery club again next semester, at least not as a committee again. i've got other task to be prioritized.

BUGS ATTACK! and im sorta allergic to bug's bites.. had been scratching all day long.. blergh..

right after i posted this, then i read through a short devotion material...
Song of Solomon 4:7
You are all fair, my love, and there is no spot in you.

Dark no more?

Till i blog again...


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