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Friday, February 19, 2010


Sad to say, but yesterday i missed one turning on a road which i take on a regular basis whenever i come home.
Sad to say, i relied too much on my GPS, which was accurate yet inaccurate.
Sad to say, i took extra time and cash on the road back home.
Sad to say, that the more i didn't want to make mistake, the frequent-er i did them.

But thank God, i still made it home somehow.

Note to self:
1) Never over rely on GPS
2) Trust your inbuilt instinct-GPS
3) Know the roads, at least for your own city -.-
4) Learn from mistakes. Use U-turns whenever possible


I'm back home now, thank God for the internet came back.. thank God Chris is back safely. Thank God that no major accident that happen to people whom i know during this CNY period. Thank God for all the angpows and fun i experienced this CNY.

Remember me saying "i will not do anything stupid this CNY"? Obviously i failed. Heres a picture to prove it.

Oh, i skipped another class today. Because i didn't want to travel back and forth from KL and Cyberjaya, again today.

2 months and 8 days has passed since i first went on my medication-marathon.. it's rather disturbing and annoying to see the same pills for the past 2 months +.... nonetheless, by God's grace, i'll persevere and continue until i'm free from the medications.

Coming up next: Checkup on 22/02/10 Monday 7am in the morning at the Respiratory Center @ Jalan Pahang.

Hopefully i'll come back with lesser pills... 11 pills a day is rather tormenting.

Last night i tried dance-dance revolution hand stand version. it sucks and was practically quite impossible to play.. lol.. nevertheless, i had fun.

i'm heading to the bowling alley again. now.

so till i blog again...


  1. lol. i've never even used GPS before. and yeah over reliance on GPS can be dangerous too.