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Friday, March 26, 2010

Parable [ K, P, P, F ]

[ K, P, P, F ] = [ Key, Prison, Prisoners, Freedom ]
The title was alil too long, so i had to shorten it xD.

The following blog post may cause you to think again.

Have you been in sticky situations where you feel like you're in a jail?
Have you undergone moments in life where you find life impossible?
Have you been in circumstances where you just wish that you've freedom the moment you wanted/needed it?

Well here it is, an article that would potentially set you free. If you open up yourself to the idea i'm trying to convey here!

Now, imagine this, imagine that you're in a jail, locked up with other prisoners. You have lost contact to the outside world!
And imagine that there's a bunch of keys(eg: 1000 sets of keys) lying there on the ground,
*Now, it sounds simple right? Come on, just pick up the keys, and open up the jail bars!*

And oh, to 'make things harder', the Keys actually came and found you.

But, are you willing to pick them up? I mean, who wants to touch the key that moves, right?
The keys are waiting for anyone of you to pick it up! Yes, it's that simple, you just have to pick em up!

Unless and until one of you picks it up, and actually uses it, nothing will happen, even though freedom is just locks(eg: 1000 locks) away.

Seriously, you can't expect a jail to be only secured by a lock right? What good will that jail serve right? haha!

Many of us, are in fact, prisoners;
Prisoners in different areas of our lives. Some of us might have problem dealing with our anger, some guilt, some lust, some pride, some rage, and the list can go on and on.

Yet, many however, do not see the key which is lying on the ground. We're too caught up in our situations, we fail to see what God has done and prepared for us. Some might be so caught up in their own situation, that even when someone else picks 'em up, they're not even bothered!

It's sad that we can blinded to the things which are placed before us. Some might feel so defeated, so defeated that even the keys to freedom seem like rubbish. Isn't that just sad?

Now, imagine someone picking up the key, but after a few rounds of trying, that person gives up. He got fed up, because there's just so many keys and so many locks.

And "to make it worst", each lock can only be opened by one set of key.

Note that most of us only see the negative, we fail to see that it's possible for us to break free, as long as we keep trying, cuz the keys are there! Giving up not a solution, it's not gonna bring you anywhere near freedom!

Here's the different part!!! Read up!

The keys and locks are numbered coded!!


Doesn't that make things even easier!??!

In life, it's the same. We are in fact, bound by many obstacles and difficulties, bound by time, space and even law. The sad part is that, sometimes, we fail to see that we have the key(not far from us) to victories living!

In this parable, i'm trying to convey the message that Jesus is the Key! We're trapped in this world which is filled with moral values that are somewhat corrupted. Even the best of us is incomparable to what God has placed as standards for us. However, the thing that's turns the whole situation around is that Jesus has paid the price; paid the price so that we may live victoriously! In fact, He came from HEAVEN (i.e: outside world), down to the earth where you and me have lost our 'communication with the outside world' (i.e: God Himself). He's the key to many 'locks' that are seemingly impossible!

Now back to they bunch of 1000 keys.... consider this, unless you know the keys better, or best, 'inside out', you'd take a long time to open up each locks, right? Now am i making more sense? Remember me saying about the keys being number coded? It's the same, unless you know which number is linked with which lock, it'll still take you forever to unlock those locks!

It's the same, unless you know Christ, you wouldn't know how to overcome certain challenges with ease. It's true that some of us are 'locksmiths' to a certain degree, we're able to get away with one of two or even a few locks, but as humans, we're limited. There's bound to be locks that we're unable to open, locks that will pull us down. Why not pick up the keys placed before you? Wouldn't that make life easier? Especially when the keys came to you, and best still, they are numbered!

In the same context, i would like to stress again that, you need to know your keys to unlock your locks! You need to know Jesus(the Key of keys!) to unlock & overcome your problems that are weighting you down!

Lastly, why struggle? When the keys are placed before you, waiting for you to pick up, and the best part, it's all numbered!

Awesome Quotes:
I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
-Jesus (John 14:6)

Till i blog again


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