[ ᴃᴚiפʜᴌ ᵴᴌᴗᴆiᴏ ]: Graduation!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last Monday, i graduated from the "Six Months School"

Well, technically there wasn't any school.. but i was under a period of medication, after medication, after medication, for 6 months due to the TB virus that i caught (or did it catch me? lol) anyways, yea... so i went for my checkup on Monday..

As usual, i placed in my appointment card and waited for my turn to 'take number' ... eventually, i went for the X-ray and sputum test.

Results of the Sputum test goes like this: "Direct Smear of AFB: No ____ Seen" (i forgot what's the word there edi.. lol)

But yea.. it's a good news.. :D

Next up, i went for the x-ray test.. and walla! Clear lungs, and if i'm not mistaken, i did not see any hole left~! Wohoo... despite doctors saying the hole might remain there because lung cells doesn't grow and patch back.. I placed my trust in God, and yes.. awesomeness!!

Too bad my camera wasn't with me, else, i would have taken a shot of it as a prove. The 'good news' is that i would still have another checkup appointment in September, hopefully, i would remember to bring my camera with me the next time i go.

Praise God... i'm off from medications, i don't have to constantly remind myself to take my meds on certain days or certain hours... but i guess it made me a better man throughout the entire 6 months training.


This new semester has been awesome thus far. Despite me saying that i would be choosing the simpler subjects for this semester, i did some changes to my timetable, i decided to take up Java instead of Multimedia presentation and management...

Along with that, the other elective subject that i'm taking looks rather simple (Software Engineering) in terms of it's content, but yet, the given assignment is rather challenging.. which is awesome, IMHO.. i'd get the chance to learn PHP, ASP, or even JSP depending the language that i wanna use.. and i get to learn MySQL and all those 'important' languages needed to be a web developer... which is AWESOME!! :D

Asides from studies, CF has been great too. Thank God for all the new comers, i pray that they'll feel belonged and welcomed. But most importantly that they will constantly walk with You even throughout their university life here in Cyberjaya.

My first committee planning last weekend was nice. It's great to know that God is moving among us. It's just such a great assurance, and better still, on Sunday, the sunday message was rather similar to what the theme of CF was for this coming year.

Praise God for He is all knowing and mighty, yet mysterious in His ways. But that's just plain awesomeness, rite? :D


Stop striving with your own strength. Flow with the grace of God. Favor and revelations are gonna keep pouring in, sufficient for all the good works planned ahead. With God, nothing is impossible.

Fellow readers, God bless you! He's all you would need, in fact, more than you imagine. Seek and you shall find :)

Have a blessed week ahead!

Till i blog again


  1. wowwww! congretzzz!
    *hope u never hv a chance to enter the sch again~ lol

  2. woohoo God did a miracle in you!!! Praise Him together with you,bro :D