[ ᴃᴚiפʜᴌ ᵴᴌᴗᴆiᴏ ]: December 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Exam schedules~

Exam schedules are out.. honestly, im quite scared of it.. it wasn't as bad as the last trimester's with 4 combos in a row.. this time they spread it out, 'a lil'

Subject CodeSubject NameDateTime
ETM2046Analog and Digital Communication (resit)8/2/11Afternoon
EMM3126Digital Image and Video Compression10/2/11Afternoon
EMM3026 Digital Audio Signal Processing12/2/11Morning
ECP4126 Computer Security and Disaster Recovery14/2/11Morning
EMM4076 Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality16/2/11Morning
ECP4166 Advance Microprocessors16/2/11Afternoon

goosebumps arising haha.. Lord, lead me.

Till i blog again

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shedding of skin.

Hey there peeps, sorry for the lack of updates, life has been really busy (and still is), but awesome nonetheless. before i get started with my post, i'd like to once again wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a happy new year!


Again the time for my blog to shed it's skin is drawing near.
To unfold yet another chapter of my journey in life. Time to seek God for directions again


TQ Lord for the last 1 year of learning to trust You despite it all, despite going through all sorts of sickness, all sorts of trials, all sort of uncertainties, You remain faithful, always there with grace so sufficient, with new strength and love to lift me up back on my feet again. Truly, Your ways are higher than mine, though sometimes i may not understand, but i'll trust You because You are a good God, and an awesome Father.

The shedding of skin is vital for insects, snakes, and my blog.. it symbolizes growth and life.
Lord, take the wheel and lead me on.

Till i blog again

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Space to grow

So, it has been exactly one month since i last posted this image on facebook.. seems like a long time ago, but it's only a month ago!

I'm re-post-ing this photo because i feel the urge to do so, i'm actually very sleepy right now, but certain things just can't wait, and yes, sleeping can wait.

Things i appreciate in life: Space to grow..

I wonder how many of you appreciate this, cuz this is really a big thing to me, a really, really big thing. As a child in my younger days, if you knew me well enough (like God did, i think my parents also don't know certain things, so yea, you judge), you wouldn't believe what has become-d of me today. No, i'm not implying that i'm perfect now, but i believe very much better-of than what or who i use to be.

Life is such that as a human, we I made lots of mistakes in life, some bigger some smaller, some known some unknown, i think everyone has them.. no?

Nevertheless, whether big or small, throughout the years, i've constantly improve myself, not by my own strength, i tried, and i've failed and failed and failed. I think there's no end in counting the numbers of times i failed trying on my own.

Well, i've grown by His Grace, in certain areas faster, in certain areas slower, but hey, isn't everyone doing that too? Life is a journey, i believe everyone pretty much agrees with that, a journey takes time, it takes effort, and yes, it's cost us something.

Just like a journey in the car, the most important thing is that we have a destination, without which, the journey wouldn't make any sense. Well, unless you're going on a joy ride, which leads you back to where you came from, which is rather redundant i think..

Even with GPS sometimes, i still get lost, i still make the wrong turnings, either because i didn't wanna follow the instructions or i simply couldn't really understand them well enough or i tried, but other cars were in the way and sort of blocked me. However, with that in mind, at the end of the day, i still make it to my destination, i still arrive, though sometimes the route is elongated due to wrong turnings and even reading the road signs wrongly.

Similarly in life, i've made wrong turnings, bad decisions, poor judgments, and what not.. Thank God, by His grace, somehow, somehow i made it through.

Looking from God's eyes, He loves me the same, same as the best person on earth, same as the worst person on earth. He loves us all the same, because He paid the price.

I really appreciate His grace for me because it provided me space to grow, through mistakes, i learn, sometimes i still fail, but His grace is ever sufficient. No i'm not backing anyone up, if that's what you're thinking, no, i'm just saying it for myself.. His love, His blood, His grace, covered it all, all my past, all my wrongs, and He's the Father that always runs towards me, clothes me, puts the saddle on my feet, puts on the signet ring, and restores my position.

All glory to God, the One who restored me, the One who has lifted even when i was in the miry clay. It is like the song "For all You've done & Lord i offer my life to You"

My Saviour, Redeemer
Lifted me from the miry clay
Almighty forever
I will never be the same

‘Cause You came near
From the everlasting
To the world we live
The Father’s only Son

You lived and You died
You rose again on high
You opened the way
For the world to live again
For all You’ve done


Lord, I offer my life to you
Everything I've been through
Use it for your glory
Lord I offer my days to you
Lifting my praise to you
As a pleasing sacrifice
Lord I offer you my life

Who am i? I may be a no one on earth, but He loves me nonetheless. I'm His son, in whom He's well pleased, because of what Jesus did on the cross.

// Dear Lord,
// thank You for lifting me up from the miry clay,
// thank You for coming to save us all,
// continue to use me,
// i know i'll never be the same,
// for all You've done.
// once again, i offer my life as a living sacrifice,
// even for the things of the past,
// use it for Your glory.
// Amen.

To everyone who's feeling worthless, who's feeling like life ain't worth it, listen up.

God is not done with you, He has greater things for you, and most importantly, He's not here to judge, Jesus was judged on our behalf, and all, ALL God wants to do now, is to restore you, to build you up, to make you the person you were meant to be. Believe me when i tell you i know what it means to feel like a nothing. I've been through it, but He restored me, simply because He loves me the same.

I've heard of stories where drug addicts became radical for God even to the extend of answering their calling as pastors. Was it hard? I believe so, but even so, i believe they had this in mind: "everything i've been through, use it for Your glory"

So again, to you who feels like a no one, God is telling you that He can still do great and mighty things in your life, just as He has done to many others. And the best part is that He WANTS to. So here's your chance

He came in love, He paid the price, He rose in victory.
And now i'm free. Free to run, free to dance, free to live for You!

[ notice that i put up the 17th image as well? let's just say i'll be too busy to update during the week with 4 midterm papers haha.. so this is the update of the week, be blessed! ]

on a "random note" : if you're free (or free yourself) ... go read up this LINK

It's about a person name Mephiposheth, son of Jonathan(King David's best friend)
Do read up 2 Samuel 9 & 2 Samuel 4:7 (for background info) first if possible..
Really good stuff, "Son vs Servant, Grace vs Law"

Till i blog again

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 9 (What's my stand?)

A series of teaching He's giving me lately... well, He has been challenging my stand, in a good way of course.. lately it has been about my nation, my neighbours, my 'enemies' and enemies...

do i really love my nation & the people in it? how far am i willing to lay it down? how much am i willing to love them, and yes, its easier said than done!

"how is dealing with a well-meaning annoying person similar to and different from dealing with an enemy?"

something i learn today, and He's giving me "practical session" now.. Oh Lord help me.. Teach me to love like You do.. rid me of my sub standards..

and yea, that's what i posted on FB..

but lets consider this... if we're not able to even love or show kindness to an annoying well-meaning person, are we able to love our enemies?

it's always a learning process, not really rewarding if you were to judge it in the natural, it's almost like foolishness to some.. yet, i know that this is the narrower gate that i will somehow need to learn about..

so yea, praise God.. i showed some kindness.. not much, but hey, its a start!

note to self: prayers are awesome.. be ready when you ask for it.. :))

p/s: typed this on my N900 XD and clarence!!! please study la.. not much time left @.@

Till i blog again

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Got extra cash?

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print it, then i'll get some extra cash too xD

and oh, i've got myself a new handheld device.. Nokia N900.. will post up some pictures soon.. :D


time to chill down, and start working~~

Till i blog again

Monday, December 6, 2010

Compilation of my November posts...

I'm thinking of sending the pic for printing.. either a big A3 sized .. or 30 4R sized pictures...

or.. if you have any other suggestions, do tell me :D

Till i blog again