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Saturday, December 31, 2011

206: 2011

So, in about 30 mins from now, 2011 is ending. How was my 2011?

Well, ups and downs are pretty much the constant. But it was definitely an awesome year.

I haven't been blogging for some now, writing skills are pretty much down the drain huh? haha.. let's me just summarize my year, as what i remember.

I started it with:

0) officially "graduated" from TB
1) i've obtained my first 4.0 CGA in tertiary education
2) i went for my industrial program
3) i went to Cambodia for holidays
4) given the privilege of leading a group of students in the Christian Fellowship MMU (CFMMU)
5) i went for my church camp despite not having leaves as an intern
6) continued working for MMU as a research assistant after my internship
7) bought my new laptop

i have no idea what to say.. so, time for some pics haha:

My 2011

Computer security assignment -.-


Final tuition session i gave for the kids at Rumah Trinity

They must be missing me a lot now.. :|

Having Him loving you, no matter what!

Ridiculous amount of free food during my internship!

New laptop! :)

New guitar! :)

Joystick to play games :D

Vectorization of Bright Studio's logo :)

Bright Studio's custom badges :)

Honestly, there was much more this year..

Lots to thank God for, especially His faithfulness and loving kindness!
Surely Psalms 23:6 is mine! In many occasions He has taught me Isaiah 55:8. and lots more.. some to be revealed when allowed haha..

God is not done with you. :)
This year, i went through my deepest valleys, went through my highest heights.. i know, next year would be even more so.. yes, deeper valleys, and higher heights. There will certainly be lots of trainings, sometimes sweat and pain, but it's all to build me up, to be able to contain more, to reach higher heights, and ultimately, having the goal of being Christlike as i keep hanging out with Him.

Do not confuse Light and bright. Light, is the source; bright, is the symptoms of being exposed to the Light.

1 min to 12. So yay to my last 2011 post XD

Blessed New Year everyone :)
God bless!

Till i blog again

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

205: Update.

Well, i started a 30 day project, but it looks like it's not going well so far.. haha..

it's supposed to be a 30 day prayer list project thingy..
not that i'm not praying on days i didnt post up specific stuff... but to keep updating it with a link is rather hard...


to compensate with the lack of updates, here's an unprepared and ad hoc acoustic cover of "Through Christ" by Generation Unleashed by Chrysler and myself..

enjoy & God bless!

Chords, in case you wanna learn up the song ;)

Through Christ
-Generation Unleashed


when the darkness tries
to hide my way
Your word is the light
that guides my faith
Am F
i will trust in You
i will trust in You

when my heart is weak
and i've lost my way
i will lift up my eyes
and choose to say
Am F
i will trust in You
i will trust in You

C G Am
i can do all things through Christ
i can move a mountain if You
Am G
are the strength of my life
C G Am
i can do all things through Christ
if You are the strength of my life


in Your presence i find
strength renewed
i found courage to stand
and a hope that is new
Am F
i will trust in You
i will trust in You

Am F C/E G X 2

when every trials come my way
i will worship You always
forever trust in Your unfailing love
when every doubt or fear or shame
i shall hear Your voice within
forever trust in Your unfailing love

p/s: one of the earliest guitar songs i learn and enjoy playing.
simple heart to heart worship and crying out to the Lord.

Conclusion of the matter:

Choosing to trust isn't merely accepting the situation.
Choosing to trust is an act of faith, not blindly,
but with a heart full of hope knowing that God loves me,
so much so, that He gave His one and only begotten Son.

What then will He withhold from me?
We may not receive ALL of the desires of our heart, but He knows best.
Love never fails.

Till i blog again

Monday, October 24, 2011

Post 204: God, are You kidding me?

There were many times in life when i reach a point where i am only left with one question:

"God, are You kidding me?"

Those were tough times, times where you'd never imagine you'd stand up again.
Those were times when you feel like giving up, and say, whatever man,
this is too hard.
Those were times when it feels like you're holding a knife to your own heart. Those were times when it feels like you're ripping your heart apart with bare hands.

Saying no to things you hold dearly to, saying no to the desires of your heart.

Painful? Yea, in fact, "pain" and "ouch" are understatements.

Nevertheless, It is also at those times when you finally made up your mind and say, not my will, Your will be done.
It is those times when you say, it's painful, but ill give it another try.
It is times like these where i truly grew;

Like how an eagle first discovered their wings, stretching out, reaching for higher heights.

Was it worth it? Was it?
After all that i went through, yea, i would definitely say it was worth it.

Painful? Definitely.
Questions? Plenty.
Yet, i chose to trust in Him. I choose to worship Him with my questions..
If i could understand it all, wouldnt that make me infinite too?
Letting go in pure adoration; it's a beginning of many more.

The closest comparison i can find; is as to how your muscles grow,
it needs to be torn,
it needs to give space,
so that it's able to contain more.
an increase in the capacity.

I guess, it all boils down to this question:

Do you want to have the capacity to contain more?

When there's no test, there is no testimony.
A test, is simply an opportunity for testimonies.


Confirmations after confirmations. mind blowing moments again and again. really, humbled to a point of no words.

I've reached a new season of life. A new beginning of superabundance and of grace.
Yet, humbled, and still learning as i walk into this new dimension of what God has in store.

Below contains quotes after quotes.

18th October 2011:
it feels like you're unknowingly stumbling into kairos time, though the situation may appear otherwise. yet, looking through the eyes of love and eyes of faith, every doubt and fear dissolves and turn into a beautiful exchange. ♥

12th October 2011:
do you remember days when you suddenly understand certain things that you initially don't? tonite was one of those nites :) It's amazing how He pulls strings together and unveiling things one by one.. awesome :D and to top it up, it is also one of those nites that you know you're reaching higher heights :) simply awesome, thanks Pa! :)

16th September 2011:
There's something about Eagles that attracts me:
1) They glide/soar with the wind
2) They pluck off their feathers and breaks their beaks so that they can always perform at the optimized level
3) With reference to the above, they have a time of "camping", a time of retreat
4) They have sharp vision, and they are darn good in what they do.

time to learn to be an eagle, and rise up on wings like eagle :)

to do list: pluck my feathers, break my beak.

14th September 2011:
to understand & discover my origin & purpose in life, in view of perpetuating myself to move forward in the destiny that was set before time

13th September 2011:
pruning is not punishment, pruning is being positioned to be more fruitful #john15 #billjohnson [http://www.ibethel.org/podcast/2011/09/06/first-things-first]

1st September 2011:
Those who did not believe did not enter the promise land, do you believe?

Random awesome quote (26th August 2011):
Food For Thought: Is the existence of anything defined by whether or not u believe or experienced it? yes: if i don't know u & don't believe u, u don't exist?

25th August 2011:
There's something about being the contact point between Heaven and earth. Partnership is in His mind, He's inviting you today!

16th August 2011:
In Hebrew, something exists because it fulfills a function. God has called us into existence, because we are to fulfill a function. Question is, what function? Wanna know more? Come join us in CF tonight, FOE BR3045, 8pm Title: Why are we here for?!

12th August 2011:
He still uses you when you feel like crap. simply to show you that it's not about you, its about Him, and He has not given up on you, so you have no right to give up on yourself.

10th August 2011:
Sometimes i wish i was nearer to home. Nevertheless, i'll be faithful at where i am, afterall, i'm placed here for a purpose, placed here for a mission. Pick up your identity today, until you're able to identify yourself at where you are, you'll never be able to live as who you are called to be.

9th August 2011:
just too many coincidence to deny the truth. awesome Daddy! :D

8th August 2011:
Living a Christian life isn't really about doing what you should be doing, its not really about doing what you know is right to do, neither is it about doing what you have been told. Rather, it is about doing what God is telling you to do. Note that i wrote "is telling", present tense, and for that, a relationship is required. well, of course, there's always a place for doing what is right, and what doing should be done, but never let that place take over what God is telling you to do now.

5th August 2011:

4th August 2011:
To learn to see & envision the good when things seems bad. Things are better than you think.

29th July 2011:
Identity - to know who you are, and to know it correctly.

21st July 2011:
Have you ever felt like you need a Hero to lean on? Feeling so weak and out of place? I know Someone who is perfect for that job, and hence, i'll be away for awhile.

28th June 2011:
to live FROM that realm while living in this.
its a matter of perspective, mission, and desire.

27th June 2011:
#common mistake
living FOR an identity.. instead of living FROM an identity

21st June 2011:
God: Define the relationship.

He's asking us to define the relationship we have with Him, it's not to discourage us, instead He's asking you if you'd wanna take it to a higher level, to take it deeper.

18th June 2011:
A Vénir
// A Vénir means coming soon.

Till i blog again, God bless!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

203: Setup to be pursued

Well, i don't think i wanna write much here, but yea, just jotting it down as a milestone :)

- i was setup to be pursued by Him.

A simple prayer in the morning, signs after signs after signs from morning till nite :)

also, understanding part of the big picture that He's doing in my life.

FB statuses of the day:
you asked, He spoke; time to obey.
do you remember days when you suddenly understand certain things that you initially don't?

tonite was one of those nites :) It's amazing how He pulls strings together and unveiling things one by one.. awesome :D

and to top it up, it is also one of those nites that you know you're reaching higher heights :)

simply awesome, thanks Pa! :)

i guess that sums it up, haha! its ok if you don't understand this post, cuz the intended reader is myself. haha :)

one thing that keeps me running this race despite things that's happening around me, is grounded in the truth that He loves me, and He has a plan for me, not just some random plan, but one that is awesome. Jer 29:11

p/s: i got my haircut today haha.. yea, feels weird if you ask me, but ah, ill get used to it.

Till then, with love :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post 202: Blessings!

Well, its almost the end of my internship now, the past 16 weeks has been a rather different feel than my usual semester with assignments and studies.

Which do i prefer? Honestly, IDK! Both has its ups and downs, though i reckon that a student's life has more flexibility, in terms of time.

The past 16 weeks has been a blessing to me, free food almost every other day, no need of going through the daily motion of traffic jam when traveling to work, good colleagues, friendly supervisor, funny boss, even a job offer after i finish my internship program! If you think that was awesome, check this out! I even get to join my church camp despite "no leaves" are given to interns! Blessings after blessings!

Swapping 3 working days just to attend the church camp was simply awesome!
[ and hence, my internship period is extended from this Friday, 16th Sept 2011 till next Wednesday, 21st Sept 2011 ]

It's not just about the camp, not just about my church members, not just about my friends there.. it's all about Him. All about Him!

The ever faithful One! Majestic is His Name! Seriously very very awesome!
I had a great time up in Camerons, Chefoo Methodist Centre. Taking 4 days off and just to sit at His feet is such a bliss! Everyday was another opportunity to meet Him and to know Him more from different-different facets of His totality!

Blessings indeed!

Anyways, back to internship. I've learned a fair bit of knowledge here, not just how to write programs, or how to get work done quickly with the least effort, i've learned more about the University i belong to, i learn more about people personality, about attitudes, about life experiences, about not just having days pass you by.

It's been a blessing to me, to be a blessing to others around me even during this internship period. Such a pleasing feeling to be able to get others stand on their foot again, overwhelming joy bubbles up to see lives changed for the better, seeing lives take on its purpose again.

Heavy workload? Well yea i guess it was quite a burden to handle CF, Church, work and other commitments together. There was even a point of time where i just want to give up everything, such its just so tiring running up and down, doing this and that, all, because i did not set my focus right, because my eyes were not fixed on the Beginner and the Finisher of my faith, Jesus!

Perspective plays a major role in your everyday living.

I guess that's all from me now, its office hour anyway haha :D

I Need You More

written by Lindell Cooley and Bruce Haynes

G Am
I need You more, more than yesterday
D/Dm C G
I need You Lord, More than words can say
I need You more
Am G D2 G
Than ever before I need You Lord, I need You Lord

More than the air I breathe
More than the song I sing
More than the next heartbeat
More than anything, and Lord as time goes by
D Em
I'll be by Your side
Cause I never want to go back to my old life


C G Am D

More than the air I breathe
More than the songs I sing
More than anything, I need You more..


We give You the Highest Praise!
We give You the Highest Praise!
We give You the Highest Praise!

Till i blog again

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a quickie ..

Well, its the 12th Week of my internship now, internship has been fun, though yes, tiring especially during the weeks where i had to do programming from 8 to 5..

Things has slowed down a lil on my side, though i've been involved in various administrative work, but yea, good for me, cuz i don't like doing paper work, and He provided me opportunities to work and build my skills in this area..

Later, at 11am my lecturer in charge will be coming in to do the compulsory ITP visitation.. but ah well, i don't think there'll be anything much also, well since im familiar with my work, and im in campus... haha.. just hope for the best la...

Oh yea, my lappy is on its way! I'll be collecting it on Wednesday @ Sunway area, so if you'd like to meet up, that is the time haha!

Also, look what i got myself the other day from the "Reject Shop"

The bright light is the right light eh?

Haha, i got myself 2 of those for RM36 i think, quite comfy if you ask me, quality wise not bad... quite a steal eh? sommore it's like a custom made T-shirt, so yea... awesomeness! hah!

Anyways, im off to bed, getting myself enough rest just in case i need to do any impromptu presentation or anything to that extend, don't wanna get myself caught off guard would i?

Nites & God bless! Blessed day ahead!

Till i blog again

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Identity ..

Identity is something i hold on to dearly, because it defines who i am.

Why is identity important? Identities are important because it defines who you are, without an identity, or a right identity, one is not able to live as who he or she is supposed to.

I grew up watching TV and movies, there are always those movies where people got into an accident, go through some concussion, and losses their memory along with their identity . These characters often find themselves wondering and wandering, finding out who they are, in some movies, a certain antagonist character will try to give a wrong idea of who that person is, effectively handicapping the person to live as who he or she really is.

So the question is, do you know who you are? Seriously, have you ever asked yourself this question? It's quite a scary question if you ask me. But it is a question that you need to ask yourself, if you are to live as who you meant to live.

How sure are you that your identity is not a mere make-believe?
Are you sure that you are not living a life less than who you are called to live as?
Are you sure that you're not living a handicap life?
How sure are you?

Unless, unless you really know who you are. You will never be able to live as who you are meant to be.
Are you living in your identity?

Most of you would have learned identity matrix and such in school, they remain the same even after transformations. That having said, knowing your identity is a vital part of life, it's vital because life comes with all sorts of pressure, all sorts of challenges, all sorts of "transformations", but yet, if you know who you are, you'll be able to go through them without having you going against your stand, beliefs and core values.

See how important identity is? But the question remains, who are you? What is your identity? How are you being defined?

Since the 30th of May, approximately 10+ weeks now, I started doing my internship program in the University itself.. When i started, it felt nothing more than me just coming to campus, nothing more than a student life, with working hours in an office environment. Yes, i know that i'm now a MMU staff, i know that i am now not just a student, with that, i dressed proper, one fit for a University staff.

When you are able to identify yourself at where you are, you begin to live as you are meant to be.

Knowing your identity empowers you to live as you ought to

Slightly more than a year ago, my friend and i took up an offer to work as Research Assistants in the campus, we talked about making Staff ID and Staff Stickers, we talked about the benefits we would reap from doing that, yet something held us back, we didn't do it back then. This time, this time was however different! I was not satisfied with just identifying myself at where i am, i pressed in, i took an extra step, to finally get myself a Staff ID.

Making the Staff ID wasn't really easy for me, yes, i know it is my right as a fellow University Staff to make an ID, but yet, deep inside, i had a mix feeling that i'm still a student what, why do i even need the Staff ID? I have all the documents needed to make a Student Car Sticker, why do i want to go through the trouble? Do i want to go through the trouble?

Nevertheless, i gathered up my guts from all over the place, and walked the extra mile. Before you judge, you've got to know that i am naturally a person that hates paperwork, i hate going through the hassles of red tapes and what not, more than that, i was never really a bold person. Anyways, i proceeded to the ID making department and got the ID done within 30-45 minutes. Ahh, such an overwhelming relief came over me, thinking that all is good now.. but i forgot that my Car Sticker was still not done, so i went through all the hassle again.. now, back to our topic, identity.

More than just a sense of achievement, obtaining the Staff ID itself played a deeper role than just another ID with memento.

It redefined who i was. I walk around campus with a different identity now. I move about knowing my identity, knowing what i can do, and what i shouldn't do as a staff. A sense of boldness was upon me.

Similarly, in life, there's a deep longing in everyone to know what is life for, to know if there is more to life than this.. But this can only be answered, if you, if you found your identity, knowing it rightly, and living it out. Imagine for a second if Superman didn't know who he was, there would never be comics, animations or even movies about him. If you don't know your identity, something is missing!

Just the other day, i posted up on Facebook

"An amazing sight seeing people living in their identity!".

Seriously, it was absolutely AMAZING! Each one playing out their role, each fitting into a beautiful picture! I urge you to know who you are, and to know it rightly!

You may have some questions like "how then am i suppose to know who am i?", "who is going to tell me who am i?".. For that, i know a Perfect Person for that job, He is after all your creator, the Person who called you into being. Your identity can only be found in God. He created you, He knit you together in your mother's womb, and when He created you, you were made wonderful! (Psalms 139:13-14)

The devil is good at giving you identities which are make-believes, identities which are lower than what God has for you, identities that will handicap you, identities that will never allow you to live life as who you are meant to. Never give in to his suggestions, God has more, God has more! Never settle for less! That being said, you can always rest assured that His plans for you are good, His plans for you are never to harm you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

God has more! Never settle for less!

Just last night, i posted this on Facebook:

Sometimes i wish i was nearer to home. Nevertheless, i'll be faithful at where i am, afterall, i'm placed here for a purpose, placed here for a mission.
Pick up your identity today, until you're able to identify yourself at where you are, you'll never be able to live as who you are called to be.

and i went to bed after that.. While resting my head, I asked God to speak to me, and He did. A simple thought, Isaiah 53 came to me. So i picked up a Bible, the Living Word of God, and read up Isaiah 53.

As i was reading it, i felt like my status was speaking back to me through that chapter. Jesus, though He was far from Home, probably He would have wished to be closer to Home, nevertheless, He was faithful at where He was sent, after all, He was placed here for a purpose, for a mission!

I thank God, that because He identified Himself at where He was, He was able to live out His calling, without which, we would amount to nothing.

Such an amazing God isn't He? He's not a make-believe, He is real! So real that sometimes it freaks me out, but that's just so reassuring isn't it? :)

I'll end this post with a song to encourage you, an invitation to learn to live as how He meant you to, His arms are wide open, ready to show you how to live. God bless!

I heard the sound of your first breath
A brand new life on your mother’s chest
A beating heart, expectant eyes
On the first day of your life
I saw you take your first step
And I watched you run with no regret
To chase your dreams and find true love
And the best is yet to come

So come with Me
I’ll show you life
Even better than this
Come with Me
I’ll show you love
You didn’t know could exist
Better than your first crush
Better than your first kiss
I’ll show you how to live

Remember how you felt from across the room
When you realized someone had eyes for you
And the way your heart sang cuz you believed
You were worth something

So come with me
I’ll show you life
Even better than this
Come with me
I’ll show you love
You didn’t know could exist
Better than your first crush
Better than your first kiss
I’ll show you how to live
Oh, I’ll show you how to live

Cuz I created your heart
That makes you feel
I am the love that makes it real
Oh, I am the One, I’m the One, I’m the One
I am the One, I’m the One, I’m the One

So come with Me
I’ll show you life
Even better than this
Come with Me
I’ll show you love
You didn’t know could exist
Better than your first crush
Better than your first kiss
I’ll show you how to live

Cause I am the One, I’m the One, I’m the One
I am the one, I’m the One, I’m the One

Till i blog again

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

199: What is freedom?

What is freedom?

I remember once where my brother was asking for the "key to freedom" for his upcoming 21st birthday.


Mom: what key to freedom are you talking about? We have been giving you, all 3 of you the freedom way before you are 21.


So again, the question, what is freedom?
Many people would identify freedom with a key, but why?
Is the key the freedom that many are searching for?

Even for myself, i had the same idea, thinking that the key is my freedom. While i was walking back from lunch to my workplace, the Lord spoke through an impression. He brought back the scene and asked me, what is freedom?

For a moment, i paused and pondered. Soon enough the answer was unveiled. Freedom is not the key.

A key, by itself, is useless.
A key, by itself, is nothing more than a piece of molded iron.
A key, by itself, without the knowledge of how to use it, is meaningless.
A key, by itself, without a lock sums up to nothing.
A key, by itself, can't bring freedom.

So what is freedom? Without the slightest of doubt, a key is needed in bringing one to freedom. But the key itself isn't freedom.

Freedom is when one knows that they are free-ed.


Back to where i started, my parents gave all 3 of us siblings the liberty and the key way before we were 21. Here, the key meant nothing because we didn't know that we had been set free.

Isn't it somewhat sad, having us 'trapped' not knowing that there was no prison to begin with.

Similarly, in life, The KEY had come, The KEY paid the price.
The problem?

The problem is that many has yet to know that they have been liberated. Many have yet to know The KEY who loosed the chains, The KEY that took our place in redeeming sacrifice.

The KEY is none other than my beloved Father, beloved Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Don't get me wrong and conclude that i'm saying Jesus, by Himself is useless, a piece of molded iron and etc. I'm saying that if you have yet to receive Him as your personal Lord, you have yet to receive freedom.


Dear friends and readers,

There's a difference in knowing about The KEY and knowing The KEY personally.
There's a difference in knowing about the freedom and living in the freedom.

Here's an invitation to receive The KEY and to live in freedom.

If you'd like to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour, to know Him personally and to live in this freedom that He is offering, come, let us pray.

Dear Lord Jesus,
I thank You for saving me while i have yet to know You.
I thank You for loving me first, I thank You for paying the price i could never pay.

Thank You for washing away my sins on the Cross.

Lord i open up my heart to You, here is my heart Lord. Come, come and live in me. Come and make me the person You want me to be.

In Jesus' Name, i pray,

If you have prayed the prayer above,
Congratulations & welcome into this Family of God. All heaven is rejoicing over you. DO however leave a note, or send me a personal message through my email or any means that you are comfortable with. I'd be most glad to hear from you.

God bless and have a blessed week ahead!

In love,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Internship Week 3 Summary

Hey peeps, i know i haven't been updating much lately, especially good posts like i used to do... i'll try to get back to that soon :)

Anyways here's what i learned throughout my last week here ..

It is ok to praise and tell me "well done" but it's not ok if you tell me i'm working too hard, even though it might be a fact, you can tell me to take some time off, but no, never tell me that i'm working too hard. Well my supervisor did, and now i'm slacking. big time. hahaha, but of course, comparatively to the other interns, i think i'm still doing more than them...

maybe, i'm not really slacking afterall... hah!

anyways, back to work, its working hour afterall :))



its sad when you hear others talking about someone you know when they do not know that you know that person.

anyways this was what happened, and that person is someone i know, and i would say somewhat close.

i've always heard and knew that it is wrong to curse in God's name, it's not like i don't understand why i shouldn't or why it is wrong. But yet, i didn't really really understand how hurtful it is. Yes, of course i felt the pain when i hear people curse in God's name, but the pain was somewhat minimal. But after this experience, i'm able to understand it better, here's the beginning of so much more.

Till i blog again

Friday, June 10, 2011

Week 2 of Internship

And so, week 2 of internship has come to an end, time passed faster than i expected, well maybe because i had lots of fun this week, of captain ball, ikan bakar and cyber cafe despite having internship, i guess that's something not many interns can afford, especially with my fellow university friends.

Honestly i have nothing much to update, but i can only thank God for a smooth week, though faced with lots of programming problems, God still gave me ideas to solved them :D

Thank God i'm on schedule, at least, my own schedule, but maybe i'm taking things too fast .. lol

I'll prolly finish my supposed internship work soon if i continue at my pace, though its a good thing, but i'm sure my boss would hand me some other heavier stuff on me after this, so i'll prolly take things a lil slower summore... haha

life has been good, though a lil tiring as i have to juggle between work and CF related issues, but its all in good hands for He is with me. Being connected to Him daily really feels good, especially when you're not doing it alone.

and so, this morning i was reading the book of Acts, chapter 9..

Acts 9:40
Peter sent them all out of the room; then he got down to his knees and prayed. Turning toward the dead woman, he said "Tabitha, get up." She opened her eyes, and seeing Peter she sat up.


Background: Peter was in a "foreign" place, and there, some people came to him and asked him to come over immediately to their place where Tabitha was.

Why did he send "them" all out of the room? Probably because Peter needed to listen from God and probably because he sensed that they have little faith.

What amazes me is at how much Peter cared for a stranger. Why?

Looking at my own life, when do i really get down to my knees and pray? I guess only in desperate times, times where nothing else seems to be able to help, times where i ONLY have Jesus.

Are we willing to love others like how Peter and Jesus did? Do we really care? Our fellow campus students and staffs. Our coursemates? Do we care?

I believe that if it matters to us, it matters to Him, and when we pray, He'll answer us. And that's what fervent prayer is about.

May the Lord continue to speak to all of us even through this verse.
God bless! Have an awesome day ahead :)

Anyways, time to head home .. an awesome weekend lies ahead :)

Till i blog again

Friday, June 3, 2011

Week 1 of Internship

Hi there readers! How are you peeps doing? i hope yall are in good shape and good health!

Anyways, so... week 1 of my internship has finally come to an end, yes i know its only week 1.. but seriously with all my heart, believe me, being student is so much much much more awesome!

Being an intern in the campus itself has its good and bad. i think.
Well for my case, i'd say it's very very different, mainly because i'm following up on what i did earlier this year when i took up a job opportunity in campus as a part time research assistant.

Following up on a programming based work is definitely not fun. it's never fun to dig up something you consider done and doing it all over again... (not exactly doing it all over, but to just dig it up and do it, is quite a pain in the ass IMHO)

And so, this week, i spent most of my days programming... and i feel very lifeless after that... though yes i love programming, but doing that for 8 hours a day is really tiring, boring and very brain consuming! I can feel the heat coming out of my brain everyday, and as soon as i get back from work, i'll crash into my bed, and wake up wondering why i slept earlier.. cuz i would have problems sleeping in the night! =_=

Nevertheless, here comes the awesome part of doing internship in your campus (and having stay near your campus) ... you don't really have to sleep early, you don't really have to wake up early (though i still wake up at 7am every morning while work only starts at 8.30am)

through this short working experience, i've gain even more respect to my parents as they are able to sleep late (1-2am) and yet still wake up at 6-7am! maybe it's because we children don't help around at home, maybe it's because we are the ones who keep them up awake.

working really does drain you out.. having to stay awake the whole day without much time to break... it's really not a nice experience. nonetheless, even for the rest of my internship (15 more weeks) i pray that i'll continue to depend on His strength for me!

work load has been quite bad, maybe it's because i was previously working on the same project, hence, my superiors place a higher expectation on me. and yes, that sucks.. especially when you think you don't have what it takes to fulfill their expectations.

there were quite some hook ups along this week, be it in shifting my stuff (yet to really shift in to my new unit) though i have been staying here for a week+ now.. still.. quite messy as i didnt have the time to unbox and clear up everything..

i guess that's enough of complain eh? good news coming up next!

what's the good news?
I got 4.0 last trimester! WOOOOOTS~
Praise God, even with my busyness in my involvement in CF, in campus, studies and all those, i still manage to do well... even with bad exam timetable (back to back, 2 papers in 2 days) ... Thank God for strength and wisdom in all things..

Bucket list:
get 4.0 at least once before i graduate [ checked ]

anyways, time to sleep.. i need them. gnite peeps!

Photo credits to Philip, my new room mate

Till i blog again

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Post 195: Getting things right.

Sometimes, we tend to misplace things and even truths at the wrong place. Often, calibration is needed.

Do not confuse Light and bright.
Light, is the source;
bright, is the symptoms of being exposed to the Light.

Quick updates:
Internship is in a day's time... prepared? not at all actually..
i've yet to revise all the programming languages needed, i've yet to go through all my past works to understand and review what i did, even more for the things that i need to do.

I do not know what to expect for this coming Monday. Walking around campus for the next 16 weeks in formal attire would be one heck of an experience. Flashy, yes, but at the price of being odd, uncomfortable, and out of place; or at least, for now.

As of holidays, i pretty much did most of the things i wanted to, didn't really do the things i needed to... but yea.. i suppose it happens.. right?

Of gaming, ipoh trip, rock climbing, shopping, moving house, Joint Camp, archery, and movie.. yes it was fun and tiring at the same time..

as of archery, it has been more than a year now since i last shot my last arrow, but i still had fun in Sunway yesterday... simply because the bowling alley was packed (some tournament was going on)

The one on the left is mine

Pretty much still quite accurate, i think. yes it was fun.
Holidays are gone. Next up: Internship!

Wishing everyone who would be undergoing their internship a pleasant and awesome 4 months! I'll see you all again very soon!

And not forgetting all those who are leaving, i would like to thank you once again, for being a part of my life, for being who you are, for impacting me (for the better or for the worst) ... it was definitely a pleasure to meet you all... i wish you all the best in life, do keep in contact, i would surely want to meet up with you again!

God bless & good night!

Till i blog again

Thursday, May 19, 2011

1113 | Quickie

Hey there again peeps.. just another quick update for my blog,

yes i am aware that it's been a while since i posted up anything, so here's something new...

In Your Likeness
Colin Battersby, From the album: “Huge” Youth Alive Western Australia

D A/D G2
Jesus I need You
Asus A
You are my light
Jesus I want You
E7add4 G2
To shine, to shine

In Your likeness, change
In Your likeness
Change my heart

G2 D
I want You to take me
Asus Bm7
Lord come and break me
G2 D
I want You to shape me
Asus A
As You are

Sorry for all the mistakes in between, didn't intend to upload it at first :))
and beside, this is the first time im uploading a cover with my face in it... lol

cuz im too lazy to edit..


anyways, quick updates...
packing up my stuff wasn't as easy as i thought... not that i thought it was easy in the first place.. the word lazy sums it up i guess...

holidays? i've been gaming quite a bit, more than i ever did throughout the entire previous sem... and i think i should stop, before i get over-addicted, again. but yea, it's always fun to keep pwning people in games... that is, unless i get pwned myself...

my bio-clock is currently haywire ... late nights and early mornings, for no apparent reasons.. but yea, holidays rite? lol

ok, err... im out of words.. so ..

Till i blog again

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quick updates...

Hey peeps! Sorry for my awayness, life has been really busy, hectic would be the right word.

anyway, just some quick updates... finals is around the corner, practically knocking at my door step... Next Monday & Tuesday!

Preparations? Almost nonexistence. Yes, i did study a lil here and there, but i've been traveling around lately to get some paper work done, and oh how tiring it is..

Nevertheless, i thank God that most of the other things that i was assigned to do/was supposed to do is done, and done well.

Internship placement? Did i not update you all yet? hmm.. anyways, i've got my internship stuff more or less settled. I'll be working in the university itself under the Research Management Centre (RMC) where i previously worked part time... so yes, i'm a MMU staff.

I wonder if i would finally apply for a staff sticker this time... haha, the last time my friend and i worked part time, we had all sorts of idea about getting staff ID, getting staff parking sticker and all these sort of stuff.. well the cool thing is, i wanted to work in Cyberjaya as i had other commitments here.. and everything went well, so praise Jesus again! woooo~

Things that needs to be done real quick? Get my accommodation stuff done real quick, settle some management stuff, plan some stuff, email lots of people, and the list goes on... haha :)

Finally, just for the heck of it, happy 05/05/11!
i woke up at 05:05:11 just to take a screenshot from my phone... lol.. but too bad, it didn't show the "seconds" information on the screenshot..

05:05:11 @ 05/05/11

Till i blog again

Thursday, April 21, 2011

MengenalMu - GMB (Acoustic Cover)

Hi peeps, just a simple update:

Life's been great, though many uncertainties surrounds me, i know of Someone who remains constant till the end. The Rock on which i stand, the Savior of my soul, the Love of my life.

and hence, the song below is dedicated to Him:

Sidney Mohede
Key: A

Intro: A E A E

Bila ku buka mataku dan lihat wajah-Mu
F#m E
ku terkagum
bila ku lihat hidupku dan Karya tangan-Mu
F#m E
ku tersanjung
DM7 E/D C#m
kar`na semua yang baik dalam hidupku
itulah karya-Mu
Bm7 E
Kau b`ri kesempatan yang baru

dan ku ingin mengenal-Mu Tuhan
Bm E A D E
lebih dalam dari s`mua yang ku kenal
tiada kasih yang melebihi-Mu
Bm E A
ku ada untuk menjadi penyembah-Mu

Till i blog again

Monday, April 18, 2011

A day in words

Summary of 17 April 2011:

slept in church on saturday night

woke up at 5.30am, took my shower around 6am

final preparation for sermon @ 6.20am++

group devotion at almost 7am

breakfast at 8am

9.00am++ church start, worship, testimony, holy communion, sermon in another language i seldom use... service one ended around 10.30am

packed up & travel to another place
the driving was an interesting yet painful experience... driving skill +5

service 2 at around 11.40am (worship, testimony, holy communion, sermon)

lunch at dunno what time with err.. a lot of people in a hall... haha

travel back to where we came from @ 3.30pm

ABC & Cendol + rest

travel again ... drive drive drive drive

reached home with a bunch of friends @ 7.40pm

whitey ran out! - chase him around the garden (while i left my friends at my place)... tired.. came back, saw him coming in! Opportunity! - failed, hence injured my leg

set up trap!

wait for it, wait for it, wait for it~~

Gotcha! Caught whitey! dog trapping exp +5

8pm++ parents came back .. cooked dinner for my friends and i

ate dinner + laughed at all that happened..

9.00pm++ prepare to leave, changed car etc etc etc ... left around 9.30pm

reached cyber at 10.30pm+

tidy up some stuff, send people back..

11.00pm ... go friends place to take assignment stuffs..

11.20pm ... mandi

11.30pm onwards till now, 12.42am... FB and blogging...

and so... gnite worlds... im very very very very very very exhausted.

the trip was awesome nonetheless! thank you peeps! and i bless you!

Till i blog again

Saturday, April 2, 2011

To do list:

well, holidays are here! at least, that's what they say...

1 week of holiday, plans? plenty!

1) Finish up my lab report (which i'm currently stuck with, waiting for lecturer's reply)
2) Start doing my assignments, be it research or doing it
3) Fix my N900; which is still working fine, the only problem is that i forgot my lock code @_@
4) In conjunction with (3), i'm gonna make it dual-boot. Maemo & Andriod ;)) [ or at least try ]
5) Get my internship placement .. now it's a lil worrying, 19 more days, Lord, i still believe.
6) Study for my midterm, which is right after this one week break, [ Monday, 9am ]
7) Read, read, read.
8) Soak in His loving embrace
9) Ice Skating, for the first time... weee~

as of now, these are the items in my to do list..

updates about life?
- Trust. Holding on. Embrace. Have the mind of Christ.


Something i posted on MMUCS wall the other day:
Have you ever wondered, if your prayer is too small? or if the things you care about matters to God?

Well, the good news is, He cares.

I used to think that maybe God wouldn't answer certain kind of prayers, or to be precise, He has other more important things to care about.. it's like comparing a lil flu you're having with an earthquake that is happening somewhere else.

With that sort of thinking, i limited God to my own experience and to my own way of thinking.
Limiting God, an insult to Him? Anyways, this afternoon, while having lunch, we experienced God's care in a rather unique way.

so here goes:
(this would make more sense to people who played pokemon before, nonetheless, i guess there's no harm reading haha)

Stephen, a pokemon trainer, after taking his lunch, continued trying to catch "Lugia", a legendary pokemon which he tried since the night before but nothing seem to work, be it spamming of Ultra Ball, a type of pokeball or even spamming the buttons while trying to catch it.

As a legendary pokemon, one would expect that it would be harder to catch it; and that was the case. Like any other pokemon trainers, most would have contemplated to give up, or even use the Master Ball.

I don't know if i was joking, but i think i wasn't, anyway, i asked Stephen to pray la... and so he prayed, "Lord, i commit this Ultra Ball into Your hands. Amen"

and yes, Lugia was caught with that same Ultra Ball.


So, what am i trying to bring out from this story? - God cares. even with things that seemingly seems irrelevant, unimportant, and useless.

What does God really care about? He cares about you. Yes, you.
He cares about your feeling, about your well being, your desires. He even cares for us more than we do. He numbers our hair, while we couldn't even care less, that is until balding starts.

Little little areas of our lifes, be it a mosquito bite, a dead gold fish, heck, even a pokemon, in a game that is hard to catch. He cares.

Are there areas in our lifes that we've not submitted to Him? Thinking that it's too small, thinking that it's okay to handle it by yourself? There's nothing wrong in trying to handle it yourself, though, it might not be the smartest of choice.

To wrap it up, i'd like to say again, God cares. He really does, sometimes, even more that we do. cast all your cares to Him, if you're tired and weary, lay it all down, take up His burden, for its light and easy.

1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


Be blessed, be a blessing, and have a great week ahead! ;)

Till i blog again

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post 189: Cover

Hi peeps, sorry once again for the lack of updates, so this time, i'm trying something new, here's a cover of "At the foot of the cross" i played and sang.

Agape ♥ sent straight from heaven to my heart
the Love that saved my soul. Thank You Jesus

as always,
Sorry for any mistakes and even the lack of lyrics in the video, just a lil too much of a hassle to put in the lyrics haha.. do pardon the background noise as well, cuz i was just testing out


Lyrics and Chords can be found HERE

i played with capo at 4, intro chord C


To wrap it up,

come, all you who are weary and thirsty, come, drink from this fountain, and you'll never thirst again, come to the cross, where we're made complete. He's arms are wide open, He's prepared to run to you when you take the first step, don't be afraid, He is love. Love never fails.

Have a blessed week ahead! God bless!

Till i blog again

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Post 187: Not so regular updates

Hey peeps,
its been a while since i last blogged, life has been busy. i think.

Well to start of, i'd first like to thank God for my results, though i would have wanted to score higher, but well, i guess the results i got ain't that bad, considering the fact that i was extremely busy, even till the last week of study, heck i even skipped CNY and stayed home.

So, for my previous trimester, i got GPA 3.33 :)
having to juggle between 6 engineering subjects with a total amount of 54 chapters. i think i did well. but yes, thank You Lord for sustaining me throughout the entire 1 months+ of hecticness!


asides from academic related stuff. i prolly haven't update you peeps about my health condition. Praise God again, on the 21st of Feb, i was given a "DISCHARGE" note. which, also means, i'm free from TB, everything is well! awesomeness!

few days back, CFMMU decided to have a Captain Ball game. it was awesome alright! God knows how long since i last played, that wild. haha... injuries? haha, just some slight scratches and cuts, asides from the muscle ache and stuff [ which probably came from the mopping of the court instead of the game itself haha ]

oh yea, i remember one afternoon, prolly Thursday noon, even as i was FB-ing, i saw a friend posting testimonies about healing, and i was like .. hey, i dont wanna be left out in Cyberjaya, so i prayed, and the pain in the back, left.

how awesome is that? God is certainly moving, and He's coming quick. Don't miss out of that peeps, miracles and healings are supposed to be norm in a christian's life.. desire it, practice it. know that it's not you healing the sick, you're just simply laying hands by faith, and letting His power flow through you.

now that's pure awesomeness!


The new trimester just started, and first week is now history. time flies. sometimes, a lil too fast for me to realize that it's gone. nevertheless, i praise God for He is always in control. anyways, for this trimester, CF just started a new ministry called "P.U.S.H" which is the acronym for "Pray Until Something Happens". Though we have not fully developed it into a praying ministry, more of a discipleship program kindda thing for a start, i would say that it's awesome! and for those of you who wants to know more about Christianity and its beliefs and such, be sure to drop by! I'm sure you'll be blessed as i have.

For this trimester, i decided to take a back seat (sorta thing; not exactly since most FOE students in my year is doing that too) in my studies, which is to take up only 2 subjects for this short trimester instead of 3 which i normally do. well, i guess it's alright to take a short 7 weeks more-relaxed trimester once in a while...


Internship. honestly, i've yet to send out any application. whereas most of my closer friends has already submitted their "acceptance letter" haha..

worried? well yea, i guess a lil ..
doing anything about it? frankly, no. as i've have a list of more urgent things to do.. some of my friends asked and when i answered them that, they had a weird look on their faces.. haha, it's not that im not worried that i can't find a placement, but i know that my God is a provider, He will certainly provide me, even as i place Him first above all else.


life. and all the other issues that comes along with it

life has been complicated. yes even in the area of relationship.
you'd prolly be thinking... "eh clarence is in a relationship edi meh?"
haha... err, the exact answer would be no. but yes, its messy, complicated and the like.

things are probably not as complicated as i think (well, me being someone who thinks a lot, actually mentally drew out a mind map, weighed the consequences, pros and cons, and thought about lots and lots of other things.... haha.. yea..)

if some of you has the thought like ... "wah even a person like clarence can't get a gf... i have no hope d.."

LOL... if thats really the case, please la.. give yourself some credit.


happenings in the world. of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano eruption, political change, and all the other "hu ha" issues.

i would say, continue to fix your eyes upon God. God is in control, He has won the victory, earthly disaster happens not because God is angry. It happens simply because this earth is curse. the earth is deteriorating.

sometimes i wonder how selfish i can get. it's really not easy to keep looking out for people's need and keeping your own "happiness, joy and ambition" at bay. the world is full of needs, people NEED the Lord.

Show me Your heart
Show me Your way
Show me Your glory
- Fire fall down, Hillsong

Lord, that's my prayer. Show me Your face, gird up my legs. the road ahead ain't gonna be easy, but Lord, its my desire to please You, to follow Your ways, to see lives around me change to the better, because of You in my life. my hands and my feet, they are Yours. lead me.


Life is fragile; as some may say.
Life is short; others might say.
I beg to differ.
Half truth ain't truth.

Life is more than what your eyes can see.
Life on earth may be short, but life ain't fragile.
Life doesn't end here.
Life is eternal.

It doesn't matter if you believe or not,
Life remains eternal.
The ONLY thing that matters to God's heart,
Is where you'd be when it all ends.

Choose you this day, where you'd wanna be?
Cuz it'll be for eternity.
I'm not scaring you.
I'm just sharing truths.

So what's fragile?
Your heart is.
Its thinner than paper,
Breaks easier than glasses.

Yet, it can be firm as a mountain,
Holding on to what seems to be true;
That is, at least to you.
It's a part of you that makes you, you.

So be strong, and hold on to what is true
Circumstances may say otherwise,
But it doesn't even matter.
He's always there for you.

No matter what comes your way,
Know that He wants to be in all that you do.
He's crazy over you, He even died for you.
He came, to give you life, and life abundantly.

Ask! That's what you'd need to do.
He's waiting, waiting for you.
He's a gentleman, He doesn't budge in,
Unless you invite Him.

Lastly, remember, He loves you.
In fact, He is LOVE himself.
Life means so much more when He's here.
Life is worth living because He lives.

- Clarence

Till i blog again

Sunday, February 20, 2011

♫ Negaraku~

Hey there peeps!
I bet you missed me XD


Before i start, i would first like to thank my Lord and Saviour for sustaining me, in my health, in my mental state, in my emotions, and in my everyday. Without Him, i would have probably break down due to the immense stress and would be sulking somewhere in some corner of Cyberjaya.

The 5 weeks of awesome hecticness has finally slowed down, staying up late, rushing my assignments and studying has been my everyday life for more than a month now. This sense of freedom, hence the title, Negaraku. The National Anthem of Malaysia, which symbolizes freedom and independence.

Late nights, early mornings, and whole day long, toiling and toiling and toiling.
It's wasn't exactly toiling, cuz i had fun while doing the things i was assigned to. Here i would like to thank Stephen, Philip, Deric, Alvin, Victor, Galen, Amelia, Mei Theng, Vivian, Jia Ling, Rui Min, and all others who was part of this hectic season. You peeps made it less stressful and more enjoyable. I hope i was part of the positive aura. haha!

And so, i've ended my second trimester of my Delta year (3rd year). One last trimester this year, and i'm left with 1 year as a student, provided i do well in all my subjects and i decide not to take up any old subjects just to improve my grads, OR continue doing my masters, which i doubt.

I'm prolly not ready to graduate just yet, still having loads of fun as a student

Asides from the academic related stress, emotions has also been playing around with me too. It's never fun having to juggle between 2 major parts of your life at one go, nevertheless, His love is ever faithful, always there to console me when i needed it. Having awesome time to just play the guitar or playing counter strike in the middle of the night sure does help :)

This trimester was probably one of my crazies trimester throughout my entire life as a student, really. It was awesome nonetheless!

Anyways, my trimester break is finally here XD ... i got myself a 500GB external hard disk to pamper myself, and to perform backup before i (finally) format my lappy which i wanted to, for a long time now haha..

(Samsung S2 EXT HDD 500GB)

Plans for this short 1 to 2 weeks break?
1) Archery (if i can borrow some bows)
2) Bowling
3) Format my lappy
4) test of Quake 2 on my N900.. XD
5) pick up my camera and go shooting once again
6) redesign my blog skin, i hope, if inspiration strikes
7) rest. probably one of the most important one. haha

What results do i expect when i get back from my breaks?
As good as i can get, obviously, but i do expect at least 3A, if not A+(s).
and for the rest, B if possible, otherwise, i would be more than glad to just pass them. cuz they're really tough :)

Honestly, i can't think of anything more to write now ..
so, to end this post, i'd like to post up the beauty that bid me farewell on Saturday evening, just before i left Cyberjaya for home.

Till i blog again

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear you, please read this.

Yes i know i posted it before, but i feel the urge to post it up again.
In conjunction with Feb 14,

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. ( 1 Cor 13 )

and for all you broken hearted young man,
[ ladies, you may go to sleep now ]

Continue to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. Even as God prepares you to be the man He wants you to be ( 1 Tim 6:11 )

I know what it feels to be broken hearted. i went through it enough times to tell you that, i know for sure, that God is still preparing us, for greater things ahead. He knows what you like, what you don't like. He knows, He knows.

Believe me when i say that He loves you so much, that He wants the best for you, and nothing less.

Be blessed. Be of good cheer.

- Signed, Clarence.

Till i blog again

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yes, i have been ever so busy, my mind is prolly gonna shut down any minute now, but ive yet to bathe... anyways, this week has been a very very very very very .. that's 5 very(s) for each day...

anyways, one precious value i learn today is that ...
i am amazing!
i am God's greatest creation
He loves me to death!

i rock!
...i was born to do greater works than Jesus!
i was born for glory!
Nations are attracted to me
cuz i'm so good looking!
and i have the mind of christ
therefore i think like God
He's my inheritance
and im His inheritance
and He actually likes me
and i like me too

and if you gotta know me
you would like me
creation knows who i am
the devils knows who i am
God knows who i am
and the angels, they know who i am
and today, i know who i am!

i suggest you go to the youtube link instead.. :)

Things i wanna note down:
1) I think your character in the midst of exam that counts
2) 11022011 has been a great day. a really great one.
3) Welcome baby Jayden! Ahh... cuteness!
4) :)

err.. brain died.. err so, gnites :D .. im having paper in the morning hahah

Till i blog again

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Misconception #101


What do you think of them? I use to hear from friends that it's hard to be Christians, cuz their lifestyle is really different, they cannot smoke, cannot go clubbing, cannot drink, cannot lie, cannot do this, cannot do that...

But that ain't true at all.

Somehow or another, people has placed a higher standard for Christians. It's like when a Christian does something that seems wrong, they would say like: Eh.. Christians can do that one meh?

Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining or anything. But that's just what i've been observing la..

Righteous living, what do you understand about it?
As defined by Wikipedia
righteousness - The quality or state of being righteous; holiness; purity; uprightness; rectitude. Righteousness, as used in Scripture and theology, in which it chiefly occurs, is nearly equivalent to holiness, comprehending holy principles and affections of heart, and conformity of life to the divine law;

Wait, can anyone really live up to that level of commitment? To really really really stay holy, stay pure, stay upright? It's really impossible if you ask me, i don't know why, but people seem to have a different viewpoint of who i am, thinking that i can't fail, which is of course not true.

Everyone can have a certain degree of self righteousness, to a certain extend, everyone is able to do right, to make sure he/she doesn't say or do anything that is against the law, but God has a higher expectation of us, and it's really impossible to do, in the Bible, it is said that even a thought of hatred against another person is as bad as committing murder. (Matt 5:21)

So, tell me, is it possible for us to really commit ourselves to such a level of holiness and righteousness?

Here i am to enlighten you!
Let me first bring you back to the beauty of language! Long time ago, when i was still in my primary school, i remember hating taking Chinese language, one of the reasons why i hated it is because i couldn't appreciate it's beauty, and i come from a family that speaks English at home. It somehow felt like you're sending an Englishman to Chinese school (which of course, isn't wrong, but yea, i doubt the Englishman would like it (unless under his own freewill)..

Anyways, after years of using it and understanding more and more about the language, i start to appreciate more of it... now, back to the topic, misconception?

This is the traditional Chinese character for 'Righteousness'. It's made out of 2 "smaller" characters, which is firstly the character "羊 (lamb/sheep)" and at the bottom of it is the character "我 (me)".

So what does these two character means when it adds up? It means righteousness, but how does it relate?

The Chinese language is quite a old language if you ask me, so back in those days, in the old testament(in the bible), people use to sacrifice lamb as a sacrifice for their sins, they "transferred" their sins to the lamb. When they transfer over their sins to the lamb, they are considered righteous, so instead of having themselves killed, they kill the lamb.

This practice can also still be seen in our Malaysian culture on the day where the Muslims perform "Korban" that normally involves a cow.

Now, to make it all the more interesting, in the bible, Jesus is also called the "Lamb of God". Now, does it bring a better picture to you?

In the New Testament, i think most of you would know of a Person known as Jesus. Well, He was also known as the Lamb of God, and if you've watch the movie "Passion of Christ", you would have seen Him being accused, beaten up and finally hung on the cross! So how does the story link up again?

Similarly, Jesus, as a sinless-God-Man, took upon all, all our sins, past, present, and even future upon the cross, so, instead that we die, He died for our sake.
Better still, He didn't just die, but on the 3rd day, early in the morning, He rose up in victory. Death could not hold Him down. The Lamb above me eh? His Name is none other than Jesus!

And because of that He is my righteousness! It's all about Him, nothing about me. Along with that, i like this part the most! In Romans 5:17 it says:
For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ!

Gift! Gift! Gift!
Malaysian are especially good at this! Mentioning free gifts brings people together!
Like i mentioned, being righteous is really really nothing to do with us as Christians, it's all about Jesus. Even though it says GIFT, but it doesn't mean it didn't cost anything. It might not have cost us anything, but it cost God everything! He gave His only Son for us all, and in that i'm truly truly grateful!

Talking about gifts, you can't earn them can you? You can only receive them!
So people, get this right, stop trying to earn righteousness, it's a gift, receive it.

So once again, to wrap it all up again, i'd love to stress that it's His love that has transformed me, it's not because Christians are people who can really keep the law, but it's because of the Lamb that is placed above of me!

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Till i blog again