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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Misconception #101


What do you think of them? I use to hear from friends that it's hard to be Christians, cuz their lifestyle is really different, they cannot smoke, cannot go clubbing, cannot drink, cannot lie, cannot do this, cannot do that...

But that ain't true at all.

Somehow or another, people has placed a higher standard for Christians. It's like when a Christian does something that seems wrong, they would say like: Eh.. Christians can do that one meh?

Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining or anything. But that's just what i've been observing la..

Righteous living, what do you understand about it?
As defined by Wikipedia
righteousness - The quality or state of being righteous; holiness; purity; uprightness; rectitude. Righteousness, as used in Scripture and theology, in which it chiefly occurs, is nearly equivalent to holiness, comprehending holy principles and affections of heart, and conformity of life to the divine law;

Wait, can anyone really live up to that level of commitment? To really really really stay holy, stay pure, stay upright? It's really impossible if you ask me, i don't know why, but people seem to have a different viewpoint of who i am, thinking that i can't fail, which is of course not true.

Everyone can have a certain degree of self righteousness, to a certain extend, everyone is able to do right, to make sure he/she doesn't say or do anything that is against the law, but God has a higher expectation of us, and it's really impossible to do, in the Bible, it is said that even a thought of hatred against another person is as bad as committing murder. (Matt 5:21)

So, tell me, is it possible for us to really commit ourselves to such a level of holiness and righteousness?

Here i am to enlighten you!
Let me first bring you back to the beauty of language! Long time ago, when i was still in my primary school, i remember hating taking Chinese language, one of the reasons why i hated it is because i couldn't appreciate it's beauty, and i come from a family that speaks English at home. It somehow felt like you're sending an Englishman to Chinese school (which of course, isn't wrong, but yea, i doubt the Englishman would like it (unless under his own freewill)..

Anyways, after years of using it and understanding more and more about the language, i start to appreciate more of it... now, back to the topic, misconception?

This is the traditional Chinese character for 'Righteousness'. It's made out of 2 "smaller" characters, which is firstly the character "羊 (lamb/sheep)" and at the bottom of it is the character "我 (me)".

So what does these two character means when it adds up? It means righteousness, but how does it relate?

The Chinese language is quite a old language if you ask me, so back in those days, in the old testament(in the bible), people use to sacrifice lamb as a sacrifice for their sins, they "transferred" their sins to the lamb. When they transfer over their sins to the lamb, they are considered righteous, so instead of having themselves killed, they kill the lamb.

This practice can also still be seen in our Malaysian culture on the day where the Muslims perform "Korban" that normally involves a cow.

Now, to make it all the more interesting, in the bible, Jesus is also called the "Lamb of God". Now, does it bring a better picture to you?

In the New Testament, i think most of you would know of a Person known as Jesus. Well, He was also known as the Lamb of God, and if you've watch the movie "Passion of Christ", you would have seen Him being accused, beaten up and finally hung on the cross! So how does the story link up again?

Similarly, Jesus, as a sinless-God-Man, took upon all, all our sins, past, present, and even future upon the cross, so, instead that we die, He died for our sake.
Better still, He didn't just die, but on the 3rd day, early in the morning, He rose up in victory. Death could not hold Him down. The Lamb above me eh? His Name is none other than Jesus!

And because of that He is my righteousness! It's all about Him, nothing about me. Along with that, i like this part the most! In Romans 5:17 it says:
For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ!

Gift! Gift! Gift!
Malaysian are especially good at this! Mentioning free gifts brings people together!
Like i mentioned, being righteous is really really nothing to do with us as Christians, it's all about Jesus. Even though it says GIFT, but it doesn't mean it didn't cost anything. It might not have cost us anything, but it cost God everything! He gave His only Son for us all, and in that i'm truly truly grateful!

Talking about gifts, you can't earn them can you? You can only receive them!
So people, get this right, stop trying to earn righteousness, it's a gift, receive it.

So once again, to wrap it all up again, i'd love to stress that it's His love that has transformed me, it's not because Christians are people who can really keep the law, but it's because of the Lamb that is placed above of me!

More interesting Chinese words here: http://www.yutopian.com/religion/words/

Till i blog again

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Like the moon.

Star gazing, moon gazing, sun gazing. Astronomy.

I wonder how many of you enjoy it. I for one, enjoy these because these objects are amazing, they have probably seen it all, from the beginning of mankind till now.

Stars reminds me how God's faithfulness towards Abraham, even at the old age, even in situations where hope seems to be frail, even then, God could still do great and mighty things.

Stars reminds me that God knows me. If God knows each and every star in the universe, He even knows them by name. God is still in control over each of every one of them, He places them in their spots, sets them on their path. As seemingly as useless they are, if God would know them that well, how much more would He know me, how much more would He wanna make Himself known to me.

The moon reminds me of who i am. I guess most of you readers would know a lil science, or at least i hope you do, anyways, as most would know, the moon, by itself, doesn't shine. It's like another useless object going round and round in the universe in it's orbit, and prolly the only use of it (without the Sun) is to "control" the movement of the waves in the ocean with it's gravity. But that's another story.

It reminds me of who i am because, without the Son (pun intended, sun), i'm like a useless object, wandering around my 'orbit', doing the things that every other person can do
(naturally, without any help, ie: Moon -> no Sunlight -> no reflection).

Sometimes, i feel like the sun. Trying to chase away everyone's blue. I remember hearing a song sung by Salvador titled "Trying to be the Sun"

You can't walk into a room without
Feeling obligated to be the life of the party again
You can't stand to look around and see anybody with a frown
So you turn on the same old song and dance

Even if you're at the end of your road
You can't let anybody know
Cause you're too busy being everybody's everything

So have fun trying to be the sun
Chasing everybody's blues away
Good luck trying to keep it up It would never be enough and your days are never done
When you're trying to be the sun

I know that you're meaning well
But it's not hard for me to tell
That you don't have the same joy inside
I know without a doubt that you're close to burning out
But you can't even let yourself give in

Yeah I know that you're at the end of your road
But you can't let anybody know
Cause you're too busy being everybody's everything

You'll never see who you are
When you're trying to be who you're not

Often in my life, i feel obligated to be the sun. But hey! Let the Son be the sun man.. It's alright to help people, it's alright to cheer people up, but face the fact, it's impossible to be the sun. You have your limits, you can try to shine as bright as you can, but as a moon, without the Sunlight, all the efforts, all the time you put in, amounts to nothing.

I'm not writing this to pull you down, i'm not trying to say hey, give up on being awesome cuz its impossible..

I'm writing this to remind firstly, myself, that you need the Son (pun intended again). Without the sunlight, the moon can hardly reflect the slightest sight of light.

And hey, you know what? When the Sun is shinning at it's peak, no one sees the moon; that's as much as the moon can do isn't it? To reflect light. I'm just reminding myself that it's not what i can do, it's what the Lord has done in my life. If i would have to rate myself out of 10, without God, it'd prolly be a negative number.

Like the moon huh? Lord, as imperfect as i may be, as ugly as i think i look like, You love me still. You still choose to use me to shine, still choose to make me a better person day by day, still choose to carry me through my darkest night.

I thank You that it is Your love that has transformed me, to make me the person i am today. Continue to lead me, by myself, i know i'd suck so badly. But with You, i can face a multitude of enemies, knowing that You'd not leave me, not forsake me, but continue to lead me still.

Even in this phase of life, come again, and be the Lord of all i am.

I can't do this alone, i need You to hold on to me. - Saviour Please, Josh Wilson

Till i blog again

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Post 181: Matchstick

[ unintentionally: it's the 8th of Jan, and post number 181.. just some numbers that looks alike, at least, to me ]


I wonder how many of you played with it before, i guess, almost all of you played with it before haven't you?

I remember as i kid, my brother and i use to light up matchsticks again and again, just for the fun of it, just to see it burn, then quickly put it off before the fire reaches either of our hand. It's not always a success when we're trying to light it up, but we still tried anyway...

I also recall that my mom would be scolding the both of us at the end of the day for playing fire in the house, making the room smell and lecture us about the danger of playing fire in the house..

Those were the days eh? I kindda miss them, now that i'm looking back at them and realizing im friggin 23 years old this year. Oh yes time passes real quick, but in times of difficulty, time feels like it's either going very very slow, or too quick for us to catch up.

Anyways, back to the topic, Matchstick..

I think, that's the phase of life i'm facing now. You may now go.. "wert?"... cuz yea, i know it doesn't make sense to you, yet.

So what's with the matchstick eh?

Let me just post you this question: "Do you still light up matchsticks just for fun? Or just because you're able to?"

And yea, so this is the question that im facing in life now. It feels like i'm having a box of matchsticks. Each having the potential to burn, each with the potential to be something amazing! (well, fire is amazing what .. rite?)

[ i'm equating a matchstick to an opportunity ]

Do i wanna light up the matchsticks and just watch it burn till the end of the stick? That is kindda short lived isn't it? No, i determine to see it burn longer.

Do i have what it takes to keep the fire burning? Do i have the substance/fuel to keep it burning?

Every matchstick counts, every single one of them. Every one of them are precious in itself. I suppose it sure sucks to see them burn and amount to nothing at the end huh?

So .. the question remains:
1) Should i light up a matchstick just because i know it will burn?
2) Do i have what it takes to keep it burning?

Do i wanna light it up? Yea, i guess, there's a part of me that want's to feel the excitement of it burning and watch this amazing light show. Yet, i'm taken aback, maybe because there are uncertainties...

Maybe i'm just trying to be cautious, trying not put a matchstick to waste.
Maybe i'm just scared that the matchstick doesn't light up.
Maybe i'm just worried the fire gets out of control.
Maybe, i'm thinking too much.

Well, it's part of life isn't it?

Lord, here's my desire to burn this particular matchstick, to watch it burn, to see something amazing come out from it. I'm not sure whether or not to burn it, cuz seeing it burn is an excitement in itself, but seeing it fail to burn is like a disaster in itself. Lord teach me Lord. I'm really just like a child, wanting to play with fire. Even as i surrender this area more and more to You, lead me Lord in other areas in my life that needs changes, even for my mind, if burning this matchstick is not in accordance to You will, then let it be so, change my way of thinking, shift this paradigm i'm in.

Lead me, change me, be with me. All this i ask, and pray in the Jesus' Name. The loveliest name i've ever known, and ever will. The awesomeness even resonates in the Name itself.



On a random note::
A short update:

Praise the Lord, i've obtained Band 5 for MUET.
Life has been busy, and still is, hence, the lack of updates and even the design hasn't changed just quite yet..

But God has been faithful, has been awesome, has been lovely.

Anyways, i'm off to bed. I'm really tired to my marrows (if that is even possible).
Nites peeps, rest early, rest well, and be blessed!

God bless!

Till i blog again

Monday, January 3, 2011

My 2010 in short

2 years ago, on the 30th of December 2009. I remember posting the following post and promised to repost it, to see what i've accomplished by proclaiming it by faith even before year 2010 started!

So here it is, enjoy:

----- 30/12/2009 -----

So 2010 is almost history now. One more day till 2011... i'm so excited! So many awesome stuffs happened this year.. i can barely recall all, but here's a list of things that happened and i think they're worthy to be listed down here...

1) I went to UK + Europe!

2) I finished my TB medications!

3) God filled the hole in my right lung!(same post as the previous one)

4) Obtained flying colors! - 3A, 1B, 1C [ the best in MMU so far ]

5) Made new friends!

6) I've gone into the deep and uncovered revelations that never grow old!
Step 1: place your hand on ur neck (near the adam's apple, if you have one)
Step 2: say 'zzzzz' and 'sssss'
Step 3: compare the difference.

conclusion: 'zzzzz' produces vibration, 'sssss' doesn't. 'zzzzz' is called voiced speech. 'sssss' is called unvoiced speech.
tiredness is not an excuse to not excel.
tiredness is an opportunity for God's grace to flow through me.
so tiredness, i speak to you now, take on your purpose in glorifying Him.
type your name : Clarence cheong weihan
Type your name with your eyes closed : clarence cheong weihan
Type your name with your elbows : cx l;aEDEWMJNVC ER XNHBWSOLPM NHG WERIUYHAnh
Type your name with your nose : doq43dhfc43bcdhgeong weihan
Type your name with your knuckles : ccplazdee2jnxcde mx jhedopkk nfg, mseojha n
1) Do you feel useless?
2) Are you under a lot of stress?

Just like you, carbon is rather useless... and yes, it's under a lot of stress(pressure) .. and carbon under immense pressure is diamond... so yea, good news for you, you're in the process of becoming something of more worth!

[self motivation #1]

and many more.. just cant find them haha

7) Finished reading another book! - actually i failed doing this ... heh..

8) Had more than enough to share! - checked!

9) Played crazy games! - checked! [ skytrex, prolly more than 40 games of bowling last year (lol), rock climbing, and a few more, can't really recall ]

10) Had more than enough to share! - in progress :D

There's just so much things that i want to thank God for, for the year 2010. It has truly been a wonderful, exciting, and awesome journey. No doubts, there were also times of trouble, times of doubt, times of giving up. Nonetheless, God, You have again and again proven Yourself faithful and loving. Thank You once again.

All honour, all glory, all praise to You.

Lord, as for 2011, take my heart whose nature is to beat for me alone, fill it up with You - make all Your joy and pain my own. Let my heart beat in sync with Yours. I desire to know You more, to know Your heart's desires more and more.

Thank You. Happy New Year peep! Let's usher in 2011 with Christ again!


even as i wrote this post 1 year plus ago, i wrote it with absolutely no guarantee that i would survive and go through all this in 2010, yet God knows me well enough, He knows my desires, He knows even what i wrote in this blog.

With God, by His grace, i was able to do all that i wrote, even my "year end wish" that i made during the end of 2009, is the same "year end wish" i made few days back!

Truly, God is in control! 2010 was really a year that was amazing, even through lots of uncertainties like having TB, hives, and all sorts of weird sicknesses, God showed Himself strong, He led me through, not because i was obedient or anything, but simply because He loves me, and He loves you too!

Asides from that, i've made lots of new friends, brothers and sisters, people who i can trust, people whom i pour my life on, amazing people!

Blessings?! Plenty!
new phone, new car, you name it... even job opportunity when im still studying, opportunities after opportunities.

Did i go through things that i wish i had not? Yea, i guess i had loads of them. But i've learned to trust in His love, and His ways, because my ways are limited.

Even as i end this post at 11:59pm. I just wanna say, Lord lead me on. Lord break my heart for what breaks Yours. Teach me to love like You do. Make me the person You want me to be. Amen.

God bless!

Till i blog again