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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Like the moon.

Star gazing, moon gazing, sun gazing. Astronomy.

I wonder how many of you enjoy it. I for one, enjoy these because these objects are amazing, they have probably seen it all, from the beginning of mankind till now.

Stars reminds me how God's faithfulness towards Abraham, even at the old age, even in situations where hope seems to be frail, even then, God could still do great and mighty things.

Stars reminds me that God knows me. If God knows each and every star in the universe, He even knows them by name. God is still in control over each of every one of them, He places them in their spots, sets them on their path. As seemingly as useless they are, if God would know them that well, how much more would He know me, how much more would He wanna make Himself known to me.

The moon reminds me of who i am. I guess most of you readers would know a lil science, or at least i hope you do, anyways, as most would know, the moon, by itself, doesn't shine. It's like another useless object going round and round in the universe in it's orbit, and prolly the only use of it (without the Sun) is to "control" the movement of the waves in the ocean with it's gravity. But that's another story.

It reminds me of who i am because, without the Son (pun intended, sun), i'm like a useless object, wandering around my 'orbit', doing the things that every other person can do
(naturally, without any help, ie: Moon -> no Sunlight -> no reflection).

Sometimes, i feel like the sun. Trying to chase away everyone's blue. I remember hearing a song sung by Salvador titled "Trying to be the Sun"

You can't walk into a room without
Feeling obligated to be the life of the party again
You can't stand to look around and see anybody with a frown
So you turn on the same old song and dance

Even if you're at the end of your road
You can't let anybody know
Cause you're too busy being everybody's everything

So have fun trying to be the sun
Chasing everybody's blues away
Good luck trying to keep it up It would never be enough and your days are never done
When you're trying to be the sun

I know that you're meaning well
But it's not hard for me to tell
That you don't have the same joy inside
I know without a doubt that you're close to burning out
But you can't even let yourself give in

Yeah I know that you're at the end of your road
But you can't let anybody know
Cause you're too busy being everybody's everything

You'll never see who you are
When you're trying to be who you're not

Often in my life, i feel obligated to be the sun. But hey! Let the Son be the sun man.. It's alright to help people, it's alright to cheer people up, but face the fact, it's impossible to be the sun. You have your limits, you can try to shine as bright as you can, but as a moon, without the Sunlight, all the efforts, all the time you put in, amounts to nothing.

I'm not writing this to pull you down, i'm not trying to say hey, give up on being awesome cuz its impossible..

I'm writing this to remind firstly, myself, that you need the Son (pun intended again). Without the sunlight, the moon can hardly reflect the slightest sight of light.

And hey, you know what? When the Sun is shinning at it's peak, no one sees the moon; that's as much as the moon can do isn't it? To reflect light. I'm just reminding myself that it's not what i can do, it's what the Lord has done in my life. If i would have to rate myself out of 10, without God, it'd prolly be a negative number.

Like the moon huh? Lord, as imperfect as i may be, as ugly as i think i look like, You love me still. You still choose to use me to shine, still choose to make me a better person day by day, still choose to carry me through my darkest night.

I thank You that it is Your love that has transformed me, to make me the person i am today. Continue to lead me, by myself, i know i'd suck so badly. But with You, i can face a multitude of enemies, knowing that You'd not leave me, not forsake me, but continue to lead me still.

Even in this phase of life, come again, and be the Lord of all i am.

I can't do this alone, i need You to hold on to me. - Saviour Please, Josh Wilson

Till i blog again


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