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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Post 181: Matchstick

[ unintentionally: it's the 8th of Jan, and post number 181.. just some numbers that looks alike, at least, to me ]


I wonder how many of you played with it before, i guess, almost all of you played with it before haven't you?

I remember as i kid, my brother and i use to light up matchsticks again and again, just for the fun of it, just to see it burn, then quickly put it off before the fire reaches either of our hand. It's not always a success when we're trying to light it up, but we still tried anyway...

I also recall that my mom would be scolding the both of us at the end of the day for playing fire in the house, making the room smell and lecture us about the danger of playing fire in the house..

Those were the days eh? I kindda miss them, now that i'm looking back at them and realizing im friggin 23 years old this year. Oh yes time passes real quick, but in times of difficulty, time feels like it's either going very very slow, or too quick for us to catch up.

Anyways, back to the topic, Matchstick..

I think, that's the phase of life i'm facing now. You may now go.. "wert?"... cuz yea, i know it doesn't make sense to you, yet.

So what's with the matchstick eh?

Let me just post you this question: "Do you still light up matchsticks just for fun? Or just because you're able to?"

And yea, so this is the question that im facing in life now. It feels like i'm having a box of matchsticks. Each having the potential to burn, each with the potential to be something amazing! (well, fire is amazing what .. rite?)

[ i'm equating a matchstick to an opportunity ]

Do i wanna light up the matchsticks and just watch it burn till the end of the stick? That is kindda short lived isn't it? No, i determine to see it burn longer.

Do i have what it takes to keep the fire burning? Do i have the substance/fuel to keep it burning?

Every matchstick counts, every single one of them. Every one of them are precious in itself. I suppose it sure sucks to see them burn and amount to nothing at the end huh?

So .. the question remains:
1) Should i light up a matchstick just because i know it will burn?
2) Do i have what it takes to keep it burning?

Do i wanna light it up? Yea, i guess, there's a part of me that want's to feel the excitement of it burning and watch this amazing light show. Yet, i'm taken aback, maybe because there are uncertainties...

Maybe i'm just trying to be cautious, trying not put a matchstick to waste.
Maybe i'm just scared that the matchstick doesn't light up.
Maybe i'm just worried the fire gets out of control.
Maybe, i'm thinking too much.

Well, it's part of life isn't it?

Lord, here's my desire to burn this particular matchstick, to watch it burn, to see something amazing come out from it. I'm not sure whether or not to burn it, cuz seeing it burn is an excitement in itself, but seeing it fail to burn is like a disaster in itself. Lord teach me Lord. I'm really just like a child, wanting to play with fire. Even as i surrender this area more and more to You, lead me Lord in other areas in my life that needs changes, even for my mind, if burning this matchstick is not in accordance to You will, then let it be so, change my way of thinking, shift this paradigm i'm in.

Lead me, change me, be with me. All this i ask, and pray in the Jesus' Name. The loveliest name i've ever known, and ever will. The awesomeness even resonates in the Name itself.



On a random note::
A short update:

Praise the Lord, i've obtained Band 5 for MUET.
Life has been busy, and still is, hence, the lack of updates and even the design hasn't changed just quite yet..

But God has been faithful, has been awesome, has been lovely.

Anyways, i'm off to bed. I'm really tired to my marrows (if that is even possible).
Nites peeps, rest early, rest well, and be blessed!

God bless!

Till i blog again


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