[ ᴃᴚiפʜᴌ ᵴᴌᴗᴆiᴏ ]: March 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post 189: Cover

Hi peeps, sorry once again for the lack of updates, so this time, i'm trying something new, here's a cover of "At the foot of the cross" i played and sang.

Agape ♥ sent straight from heaven to my heart
the Love that saved my soul. Thank You Jesus

as always,
Sorry for any mistakes and even the lack of lyrics in the video, just a lil too much of a hassle to put in the lyrics haha.. do pardon the background noise as well, cuz i was just testing out


Lyrics and Chords can be found HERE

i played with capo at 4, intro chord C


To wrap it up,

come, all you who are weary and thirsty, come, drink from this fountain, and you'll never thirst again, come to the cross, where we're made complete. He's arms are wide open, He's prepared to run to you when you take the first step, don't be afraid, He is love. Love never fails.

Have a blessed week ahead! God bless!

Till i blog again

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Post 187: Not so regular updates

Hey peeps,
its been a while since i last blogged, life has been busy. i think.

Well to start of, i'd first like to thank God for my results, though i would have wanted to score higher, but well, i guess the results i got ain't that bad, considering the fact that i was extremely busy, even till the last week of study, heck i even skipped CNY and stayed home.

So, for my previous trimester, i got GPA 3.33 :)
having to juggle between 6 engineering subjects with a total amount of 54 chapters. i think i did well. but yes, thank You Lord for sustaining me throughout the entire 1 months+ of hecticness!


asides from academic related stuff. i prolly haven't update you peeps about my health condition. Praise God again, on the 21st of Feb, i was given a "DISCHARGE" note. which, also means, i'm free from TB, everything is well! awesomeness!

few days back, CFMMU decided to have a Captain Ball game. it was awesome alright! God knows how long since i last played, that wild. haha... injuries? haha, just some slight scratches and cuts, asides from the muscle ache and stuff [ which probably came from the mopping of the court instead of the game itself haha ]

oh yea, i remember one afternoon, prolly Thursday noon, even as i was FB-ing, i saw a friend posting testimonies about healing, and i was like .. hey, i dont wanna be left out in Cyberjaya, so i prayed, and the pain in the back, left.

how awesome is that? God is certainly moving, and He's coming quick. Don't miss out of that peeps, miracles and healings are supposed to be norm in a christian's life.. desire it, practice it. know that it's not you healing the sick, you're just simply laying hands by faith, and letting His power flow through you.

now that's pure awesomeness!


The new trimester just started, and first week is now history. time flies. sometimes, a lil too fast for me to realize that it's gone. nevertheless, i praise God for He is always in control. anyways, for this trimester, CF just started a new ministry called "P.U.S.H" which is the acronym for "Pray Until Something Happens". Though we have not fully developed it into a praying ministry, more of a discipleship program kindda thing for a start, i would say that it's awesome! and for those of you who wants to know more about Christianity and its beliefs and such, be sure to drop by! I'm sure you'll be blessed as i have.

For this trimester, i decided to take a back seat (sorta thing; not exactly since most FOE students in my year is doing that too) in my studies, which is to take up only 2 subjects for this short trimester instead of 3 which i normally do. well, i guess it's alright to take a short 7 weeks more-relaxed trimester once in a while...


Internship. honestly, i've yet to send out any application. whereas most of my closer friends has already submitted their "acceptance letter" haha..

worried? well yea, i guess a lil ..
doing anything about it? frankly, no. as i've have a list of more urgent things to do.. some of my friends asked and when i answered them that, they had a weird look on their faces.. haha, it's not that im not worried that i can't find a placement, but i know that my God is a provider, He will certainly provide me, even as i place Him first above all else.


life. and all the other issues that comes along with it

life has been complicated. yes even in the area of relationship.
you'd prolly be thinking... "eh clarence is in a relationship edi meh?"
haha... err, the exact answer would be no. but yes, its messy, complicated and the like.

things are probably not as complicated as i think (well, me being someone who thinks a lot, actually mentally drew out a mind map, weighed the consequences, pros and cons, and thought about lots and lots of other things.... haha.. yea..)

if some of you has the thought like ... "wah even a person like clarence can't get a gf... i have no hope d.."

LOL... if thats really the case, please la.. give yourself some credit.


happenings in the world. of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano eruption, political change, and all the other "hu ha" issues.

i would say, continue to fix your eyes upon God. God is in control, He has won the victory, earthly disaster happens not because God is angry. It happens simply because this earth is curse. the earth is deteriorating.

sometimes i wonder how selfish i can get. it's really not easy to keep looking out for people's need and keeping your own "happiness, joy and ambition" at bay. the world is full of needs, people NEED the Lord.

Show me Your heart
Show me Your way
Show me Your glory
- Fire fall down, Hillsong

Lord, that's my prayer. Show me Your face, gird up my legs. the road ahead ain't gonna be easy, but Lord, its my desire to please You, to follow Your ways, to see lives around me change to the better, because of You in my life. my hands and my feet, they are Yours. lead me.


Life is fragile; as some may say.
Life is short; others might say.
I beg to differ.
Half truth ain't truth.

Life is more than what your eyes can see.
Life on earth may be short, but life ain't fragile.
Life doesn't end here.
Life is eternal.

It doesn't matter if you believe or not,
Life remains eternal.
The ONLY thing that matters to God's heart,
Is where you'd be when it all ends.

Choose you this day, where you'd wanna be?
Cuz it'll be for eternity.
I'm not scaring you.
I'm just sharing truths.

So what's fragile?
Your heart is.
Its thinner than paper,
Breaks easier than glasses.

Yet, it can be firm as a mountain,
Holding on to what seems to be true;
That is, at least to you.
It's a part of you that makes you, you.

So be strong, and hold on to what is true
Circumstances may say otherwise,
But it doesn't even matter.
He's always there for you.

No matter what comes your way,
Know that He wants to be in all that you do.
He's crazy over you, He even died for you.
He came, to give you life, and life abundantly.

Ask! That's what you'd need to do.
He's waiting, waiting for you.
He's a gentleman, He doesn't budge in,
Unless you invite Him.

Lastly, remember, He loves you.
In fact, He is LOVE himself.
Life means so much more when He's here.
Life is worth living because He lives.

- Clarence

Till i blog again