[ ᴃᴚiפʜᴌ ᵴᴌᴗᴆiᴏ ]: April 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

MengenalMu - GMB (Acoustic Cover)

Hi peeps, just a simple update:

Life's been great, though many uncertainties surrounds me, i know of Someone who remains constant till the end. The Rock on which i stand, the Savior of my soul, the Love of my life.

and hence, the song below is dedicated to Him:

Sidney Mohede
Key: A

Intro: A E A E

Bila ku buka mataku dan lihat wajah-Mu
F#m E
ku terkagum
bila ku lihat hidupku dan Karya tangan-Mu
F#m E
ku tersanjung
DM7 E/D C#m
kar`na semua yang baik dalam hidupku
itulah karya-Mu
Bm7 E
Kau b`ri kesempatan yang baru

dan ku ingin mengenal-Mu Tuhan
Bm E A D E
lebih dalam dari s`mua yang ku kenal
tiada kasih yang melebihi-Mu
Bm E A
ku ada untuk menjadi penyembah-Mu

Till i blog again

Monday, April 18, 2011

A day in words

Summary of 17 April 2011:

slept in church on saturday night

woke up at 5.30am, took my shower around 6am

final preparation for sermon @ 6.20am++

group devotion at almost 7am

breakfast at 8am

9.00am++ church start, worship, testimony, holy communion, sermon in another language i seldom use... service one ended around 10.30am

packed up & travel to another place
the driving was an interesting yet painful experience... driving skill +5

service 2 at around 11.40am (worship, testimony, holy communion, sermon)

lunch at dunno what time with err.. a lot of people in a hall... haha

travel back to where we came from @ 3.30pm

ABC & Cendol + rest

travel again ... drive drive drive drive

reached home with a bunch of friends @ 7.40pm

whitey ran out! - chase him around the garden (while i left my friends at my place)... tired.. came back, saw him coming in! Opportunity! - failed, hence injured my leg

set up trap!

wait for it, wait for it, wait for it~~

Gotcha! Caught whitey! dog trapping exp +5

8pm++ parents came back .. cooked dinner for my friends and i

ate dinner + laughed at all that happened..

9.00pm++ prepare to leave, changed car etc etc etc ... left around 9.30pm

reached cyber at 10.30pm+

tidy up some stuff, send people back..

11.00pm ... go friends place to take assignment stuffs..

11.20pm ... mandi

11.30pm onwards till now, 12.42am... FB and blogging...

and so... gnite worlds... im very very very very very very exhausted.

the trip was awesome nonetheless! thank you peeps! and i bless you!

Till i blog again

Saturday, April 2, 2011

To do list:

well, holidays are here! at least, that's what they say...

1 week of holiday, plans? plenty!

1) Finish up my lab report (which i'm currently stuck with, waiting for lecturer's reply)
2) Start doing my assignments, be it research or doing it
3) Fix my N900; which is still working fine, the only problem is that i forgot my lock code @_@
4) In conjunction with (3), i'm gonna make it dual-boot. Maemo & Andriod ;)) [ or at least try ]
5) Get my internship placement .. now it's a lil worrying, 19 more days, Lord, i still believe.
6) Study for my midterm, which is right after this one week break, [ Monday, 9am ]
7) Read, read, read.
8) Soak in His loving embrace
9) Ice Skating, for the first time... weee~

as of now, these are the items in my to do list..

updates about life?
- Trust. Holding on. Embrace. Have the mind of Christ.


Something i posted on MMUCS wall the other day:
Have you ever wondered, if your prayer is too small? or if the things you care about matters to God?

Well, the good news is, He cares.

I used to think that maybe God wouldn't answer certain kind of prayers, or to be precise, He has other more important things to care about.. it's like comparing a lil flu you're having with an earthquake that is happening somewhere else.

With that sort of thinking, i limited God to my own experience and to my own way of thinking.
Limiting God, an insult to Him? Anyways, this afternoon, while having lunch, we experienced God's care in a rather unique way.

so here goes:
(this would make more sense to people who played pokemon before, nonetheless, i guess there's no harm reading haha)

Stephen, a pokemon trainer, after taking his lunch, continued trying to catch "Lugia", a legendary pokemon which he tried since the night before but nothing seem to work, be it spamming of Ultra Ball, a type of pokeball or even spamming the buttons while trying to catch it.

As a legendary pokemon, one would expect that it would be harder to catch it; and that was the case. Like any other pokemon trainers, most would have contemplated to give up, or even use the Master Ball.

I don't know if i was joking, but i think i wasn't, anyway, i asked Stephen to pray la... and so he prayed, "Lord, i commit this Ultra Ball into Your hands. Amen"

and yes, Lugia was caught with that same Ultra Ball.


So, what am i trying to bring out from this story? - God cares. even with things that seemingly seems irrelevant, unimportant, and useless.

What does God really care about? He cares about you. Yes, you.
He cares about your feeling, about your well being, your desires. He even cares for us more than we do. He numbers our hair, while we couldn't even care less, that is until balding starts.

Little little areas of our lifes, be it a mosquito bite, a dead gold fish, heck, even a pokemon, in a game that is hard to catch. He cares.

Are there areas in our lifes that we've not submitted to Him? Thinking that it's too small, thinking that it's okay to handle it by yourself? There's nothing wrong in trying to handle it yourself, though, it might not be the smartest of choice.

To wrap it up, i'd like to say again, God cares. He really does, sometimes, even more that we do. cast all your cares to Him, if you're tired and weary, lay it all down, take up His burden, for its light and easy.

1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


Be blessed, be a blessing, and have a great week ahead! ;)

Till i blog again