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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quick updates...

Hey peeps! Sorry for my awayness, life has been really busy, hectic would be the right word.

anyway, just some quick updates... finals is around the corner, practically knocking at my door step... Next Monday & Tuesday!

Preparations? Almost nonexistence. Yes, i did study a lil here and there, but i've been traveling around lately to get some paper work done, and oh how tiring it is..

Nevertheless, i thank God that most of the other things that i was assigned to do/was supposed to do is done, and done well.

Internship placement? Did i not update you all yet? hmm.. anyways, i've got my internship stuff more or less settled. I'll be working in the university itself under the Research Management Centre (RMC) where i previously worked part time... so yes, i'm a MMU staff.

I wonder if i would finally apply for a staff sticker this time... haha, the last time my friend and i worked part time, we had all sorts of idea about getting staff ID, getting staff parking sticker and all these sort of stuff.. well the cool thing is, i wanted to work in Cyberjaya as i had other commitments here.. and everything went well, so praise Jesus again! woooo~

Things that needs to be done real quick? Get my accommodation stuff done real quick, settle some management stuff, plan some stuff, email lots of people, and the list goes on... haha :)

Finally, just for the heck of it, happy 05/05/11!
i woke up at 05:05:11 just to take a screenshot from my phone... lol.. but too bad, it didn't show the "seconds" information on the screenshot..

05:05:11 @ 05/05/11

Till i blog again


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