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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

199: What is freedom?

What is freedom?

I remember once where my brother was asking for the "key to freedom" for his upcoming 21st birthday.


Mom: what key to freedom are you talking about? We have been giving you, all 3 of you the freedom way before you are 21.


So again, the question, what is freedom?
Many people would identify freedom with a key, but why?
Is the key the freedom that many are searching for?

Even for myself, i had the same idea, thinking that the key is my freedom. While i was walking back from lunch to my workplace, the Lord spoke through an impression. He brought back the scene and asked me, what is freedom?

For a moment, i paused and pondered. Soon enough the answer was unveiled. Freedom is not the key.

A key, by itself, is useless.
A key, by itself, is nothing more than a piece of molded iron.
A key, by itself, without the knowledge of how to use it, is meaningless.
A key, by itself, without a lock sums up to nothing.
A key, by itself, can't bring freedom.

So what is freedom? Without the slightest of doubt, a key is needed in bringing one to freedom. But the key itself isn't freedom.

Freedom is when one knows that they are free-ed.


Back to where i started, my parents gave all 3 of us siblings the liberty and the key way before we were 21. Here, the key meant nothing because we didn't know that we had been set free.

Isn't it somewhat sad, having us 'trapped' not knowing that there was no prison to begin with.

Similarly, in life, The KEY had come, The KEY paid the price.
The problem?

The problem is that many has yet to know that they have been liberated. Many have yet to know The KEY who loosed the chains, The KEY that took our place in redeeming sacrifice.

The KEY is none other than my beloved Father, beloved Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Don't get me wrong and conclude that i'm saying Jesus, by Himself is useless, a piece of molded iron and etc. I'm saying that if you have yet to receive Him as your personal Lord, you have yet to receive freedom.


Dear friends and readers,

There's a difference in knowing about The KEY and knowing The KEY personally.
There's a difference in knowing about the freedom and living in the freedom.

Here's an invitation to receive The KEY and to live in freedom.

If you'd like to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour, to know Him personally and to live in this freedom that He is offering, come, let us pray.

Dear Lord Jesus,
I thank You for saving me while i have yet to know You.
I thank You for loving me first, I thank You for paying the price i could never pay.

Thank You for washing away my sins on the Cross.

Lord i open up my heart to You, here is my heart Lord. Come, come and live in me. Come and make me the person You want me to be.

In Jesus' Name, i pray,

If you have prayed the prayer above,
Congratulations & welcome into this Family of God. All heaven is rejoicing over you. DO however leave a note, or send me a personal message through my email or any means that you are comfortable with. I'd be most glad to hear from you.

God bless and have a blessed week ahead!

In love,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Internship Week 3 Summary

Hey peeps, i know i haven't been updating much lately, especially good posts like i used to do... i'll try to get back to that soon :)

Anyways here's what i learned throughout my last week here ..

It is ok to praise and tell me "well done" but it's not ok if you tell me i'm working too hard, even though it might be a fact, you can tell me to take some time off, but no, never tell me that i'm working too hard. Well my supervisor did, and now i'm slacking. big time. hahaha, but of course, comparatively to the other interns, i think i'm still doing more than them...

maybe, i'm not really slacking afterall... hah!

anyways, back to work, its working hour afterall :))



its sad when you hear others talking about someone you know when they do not know that you know that person.

anyways this was what happened, and that person is someone i know, and i would say somewhat close.

i've always heard and knew that it is wrong to curse in God's name, it's not like i don't understand why i shouldn't or why it is wrong. But yet, i didn't really really understand how hurtful it is. Yes, of course i felt the pain when i hear people curse in God's name, but the pain was somewhat minimal. But after this experience, i'm able to understand it better, here's the beginning of so much more.

Till i blog again

Friday, June 10, 2011

Week 2 of Internship

And so, week 2 of internship has come to an end, time passed faster than i expected, well maybe because i had lots of fun this week, of captain ball, ikan bakar and cyber cafe despite having internship, i guess that's something not many interns can afford, especially with my fellow university friends.

Honestly i have nothing much to update, but i can only thank God for a smooth week, though faced with lots of programming problems, God still gave me ideas to solved them :D

Thank God i'm on schedule, at least, my own schedule, but maybe i'm taking things too fast .. lol

I'll prolly finish my supposed internship work soon if i continue at my pace, though its a good thing, but i'm sure my boss would hand me some other heavier stuff on me after this, so i'll prolly take things a lil slower summore... haha

life has been good, though a lil tiring as i have to juggle between work and CF related issues, but its all in good hands for He is with me. Being connected to Him daily really feels good, especially when you're not doing it alone.

and so, this morning i was reading the book of Acts, chapter 9..

Acts 9:40
Peter sent them all out of the room; then he got down to his knees and prayed. Turning toward the dead woman, he said "Tabitha, get up." She opened her eyes, and seeing Peter she sat up.


Background: Peter was in a "foreign" place, and there, some people came to him and asked him to come over immediately to their place where Tabitha was.

Why did he send "them" all out of the room? Probably because Peter needed to listen from God and probably because he sensed that they have little faith.

What amazes me is at how much Peter cared for a stranger. Why?

Looking at my own life, when do i really get down to my knees and pray? I guess only in desperate times, times where nothing else seems to be able to help, times where i ONLY have Jesus.

Are we willing to love others like how Peter and Jesus did? Do we really care? Our fellow campus students and staffs. Our coursemates? Do we care?

I believe that if it matters to us, it matters to Him, and when we pray, He'll answer us. And that's what fervent prayer is about.

May the Lord continue to speak to all of us even through this verse.
God bless! Have an awesome day ahead :)

Anyways, time to head home .. an awesome weekend lies ahead :)

Till i blog again

Friday, June 3, 2011

Week 1 of Internship

Hi there readers! How are you peeps doing? i hope yall are in good shape and good health!

Anyways, so... week 1 of my internship has finally come to an end, yes i know its only week 1.. but seriously with all my heart, believe me, being student is so much much much more awesome!

Being an intern in the campus itself has its good and bad. i think.
Well for my case, i'd say it's very very different, mainly because i'm following up on what i did earlier this year when i took up a job opportunity in campus as a part time research assistant.

Following up on a programming based work is definitely not fun. it's never fun to dig up something you consider done and doing it all over again... (not exactly doing it all over, but to just dig it up and do it, is quite a pain in the ass IMHO)

And so, this week, i spent most of my days programming... and i feel very lifeless after that... though yes i love programming, but doing that for 8 hours a day is really tiring, boring and very brain consuming! I can feel the heat coming out of my brain everyday, and as soon as i get back from work, i'll crash into my bed, and wake up wondering why i slept earlier.. cuz i would have problems sleeping in the night! =_=

Nevertheless, here comes the awesome part of doing internship in your campus (and having stay near your campus) ... you don't really have to sleep early, you don't really have to wake up early (though i still wake up at 7am every morning while work only starts at 8.30am)

through this short working experience, i've gain even more respect to my parents as they are able to sleep late (1-2am) and yet still wake up at 6-7am! maybe it's because we children don't help around at home, maybe it's because we are the ones who keep them up awake.

working really does drain you out.. having to stay awake the whole day without much time to break... it's really not a nice experience. nonetheless, even for the rest of my internship (15 more weeks) i pray that i'll continue to depend on His strength for me!

work load has been quite bad, maybe it's because i was previously working on the same project, hence, my superiors place a higher expectation on me. and yes, that sucks.. especially when you think you don't have what it takes to fulfill their expectations.

there were quite some hook ups along this week, be it in shifting my stuff (yet to really shift in to my new unit) though i have been staying here for a week+ now.. still.. quite messy as i didnt have the time to unbox and clear up everything..

i guess that's enough of complain eh? good news coming up next!

what's the good news?
I got 4.0 last trimester! WOOOOOTS~
Praise God, even with my busyness in my involvement in CF, in campus, studies and all those, i still manage to do well... even with bad exam timetable (back to back, 2 papers in 2 days) ... Thank God for strength and wisdom in all things..

Bucket list:
get 4.0 at least once before i graduate [ checked ]

anyways, time to sleep.. i need them. gnite peeps!

Photo credits to Philip, my new room mate

Till i blog again