[ ᴃᴚiפʜᴌ ᵴᴌᴗᴆiᴏ ]: August 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a quickie ..

Well, its the 12th Week of my internship now, internship has been fun, though yes, tiring especially during the weeks where i had to do programming from 8 to 5..

Things has slowed down a lil on my side, though i've been involved in various administrative work, but yea, good for me, cuz i don't like doing paper work, and He provided me opportunities to work and build my skills in this area..

Later, at 11am my lecturer in charge will be coming in to do the compulsory ITP visitation.. but ah well, i don't think there'll be anything much also, well since im familiar with my work, and im in campus... haha.. just hope for the best la...

Oh yea, my lappy is on its way! I'll be collecting it on Wednesday @ Sunway area, so if you'd like to meet up, that is the time haha!

Also, look what i got myself the other day from the "Reject Shop"

The bright light is the right light eh?

Haha, i got myself 2 of those for RM36 i think, quite comfy if you ask me, quality wise not bad... quite a steal eh? sommore it's like a custom made T-shirt, so yea... awesomeness! hah!

Anyways, im off to bed, getting myself enough rest just in case i need to do any impromptu presentation or anything to that extend, don't wanna get myself caught off guard would i?

Nites & God bless! Blessed day ahead!

Till i blog again

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Identity ..

Identity is something i hold on to dearly, because it defines who i am.

Why is identity important? Identities are important because it defines who you are, without an identity, or a right identity, one is not able to live as who he or she is supposed to.

I grew up watching TV and movies, there are always those movies where people got into an accident, go through some concussion, and losses their memory along with their identity . These characters often find themselves wondering and wandering, finding out who they are, in some movies, a certain antagonist character will try to give a wrong idea of who that person is, effectively handicapping the person to live as who he or she really is.

So the question is, do you know who you are? Seriously, have you ever asked yourself this question? It's quite a scary question if you ask me. But it is a question that you need to ask yourself, if you are to live as who you meant to live.

How sure are you that your identity is not a mere make-believe?
Are you sure that you are not living a life less than who you are called to live as?
Are you sure that you're not living a handicap life?
How sure are you?

Unless, unless you really know who you are. You will never be able to live as who you are meant to be.
Are you living in your identity?

Most of you would have learned identity matrix and such in school, they remain the same even after transformations. That having said, knowing your identity is a vital part of life, it's vital because life comes with all sorts of pressure, all sorts of challenges, all sorts of "transformations", but yet, if you know who you are, you'll be able to go through them without having you going against your stand, beliefs and core values.

See how important identity is? But the question remains, who are you? What is your identity? How are you being defined?

Since the 30th of May, approximately 10+ weeks now, I started doing my internship program in the University itself.. When i started, it felt nothing more than me just coming to campus, nothing more than a student life, with working hours in an office environment. Yes, i know that i'm now a MMU staff, i know that i am now not just a student, with that, i dressed proper, one fit for a University staff.

When you are able to identify yourself at where you are, you begin to live as you are meant to be.

Knowing your identity empowers you to live as you ought to

Slightly more than a year ago, my friend and i took up an offer to work as Research Assistants in the campus, we talked about making Staff ID and Staff Stickers, we talked about the benefits we would reap from doing that, yet something held us back, we didn't do it back then. This time, this time was however different! I was not satisfied with just identifying myself at where i am, i pressed in, i took an extra step, to finally get myself a Staff ID.

Making the Staff ID wasn't really easy for me, yes, i know it is my right as a fellow University Staff to make an ID, but yet, deep inside, i had a mix feeling that i'm still a student what, why do i even need the Staff ID? I have all the documents needed to make a Student Car Sticker, why do i want to go through the trouble? Do i want to go through the trouble?

Nevertheless, i gathered up my guts from all over the place, and walked the extra mile. Before you judge, you've got to know that i am naturally a person that hates paperwork, i hate going through the hassles of red tapes and what not, more than that, i was never really a bold person. Anyways, i proceeded to the ID making department and got the ID done within 30-45 minutes. Ahh, such an overwhelming relief came over me, thinking that all is good now.. but i forgot that my Car Sticker was still not done, so i went through all the hassle again.. now, back to our topic, identity.

More than just a sense of achievement, obtaining the Staff ID itself played a deeper role than just another ID with memento.

It redefined who i was. I walk around campus with a different identity now. I move about knowing my identity, knowing what i can do, and what i shouldn't do as a staff. A sense of boldness was upon me.

Similarly, in life, there's a deep longing in everyone to know what is life for, to know if there is more to life than this.. But this can only be answered, if you, if you found your identity, knowing it rightly, and living it out. Imagine for a second if Superman didn't know who he was, there would never be comics, animations or even movies about him. If you don't know your identity, something is missing!

Just the other day, i posted up on Facebook

"An amazing sight seeing people living in their identity!".

Seriously, it was absolutely AMAZING! Each one playing out their role, each fitting into a beautiful picture! I urge you to know who you are, and to know it rightly!

You may have some questions like "how then am i suppose to know who am i?", "who is going to tell me who am i?".. For that, i know a Perfect Person for that job, He is after all your creator, the Person who called you into being. Your identity can only be found in God. He created you, He knit you together in your mother's womb, and when He created you, you were made wonderful! (Psalms 139:13-14)

The devil is good at giving you identities which are make-believes, identities which are lower than what God has for you, identities that will handicap you, identities that will never allow you to live life as who you are meant to. Never give in to his suggestions, God has more, God has more! Never settle for less! That being said, you can always rest assured that His plans for you are good, His plans for you are never to harm you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

God has more! Never settle for less!

Just last night, i posted this on Facebook:

Sometimes i wish i was nearer to home. Nevertheless, i'll be faithful at where i am, afterall, i'm placed here for a purpose, placed here for a mission.
Pick up your identity today, until you're able to identify yourself at where you are, you'll never be able to live as who you are called to be.

and i went to bed after that.. While resting my head, I asked God to speak to me, and He did. A simple thought, Isaiah 53 came to me. So i picked up a Bible, the Living Word of God, and read up Isaiah 53.

As i was reading it, i felt like my status was speaking back to me through that chapter. Jesus, though He was far from Home, probably He would have wished to be closer to Home, nevertheless, He was faithful at where He was sent, after all, He was placed here for a purpose, for a mission!

I thank God, that because He identified Himself at where He was, He was able to live out His calling, without which, we would amount to nothing.

Such an amazing God isn't He? He's not a make-believe, He is real! So real that sometimes it freaks me out, but that's just so reassuring isn't it? :)

I'll end this post with a song to encourage you, an invitation to learn to live as how He meant you to, His arms are wide open, ready to show you how to live. God bless!

I heard the sound of your first breath
A brand new life on your mother’s chest
A beating heart, expectant eyes
On the first day of your life
I saw you take your first step
And I watched you run with no regret
To chase your dreams and find true love
And the best is yet to come

So come with Me
I’ll show you life
Even better than this
Come with Me
I’ll show you love
You didn’t know could exist
Better than your first crush
Better than your first kiss
I’ll show you how to live

Remember how you felt from across the room
When you realized someone had eyes for you
And the way your heart sang cuz you believed
You were worth something

So come with me
I’ll show you life
Even better than this
Come with me
I’ll show you love
You didn’t know could exist
Better than your first crush
Better than your first kiss
I’ll show you how to live
Oh, I’ll show you how to live

Cuz I created your heart
That makes you feel
I am the love that makes it real
Oh, I am the One, I’m the One, I’m the One
I am the One, I’m the One, I’m the One

So come with Me
I’ll show you life
Even better than this
Come with Me
I’ll show you love
You didn’t know could exist
Better than your first crush
Better than your first kiss
I’ll show you how to live

Cause I am the One, I’m the One, I’m the One
I am the one, I’m the One, I’m the One

Till i blog again