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Monday, October 24, 2011

Post 204: God, are You kidding me?

There were many times in life when i reach a point where i am only left with one question:

"God, are You kidding me?"

Those were tough times, times where you'd never imagine you'd stand up again.
Those were times when you feel like giving up, and say, whatever man,
this is too hard.
Those were times when it feels like you're holding a knife to your own heart. Those were times when it feels like you're ripping your heart apart with bare hands.

Saying no to things you hold dearly to, saying no to the desires of your heart.

Painful? Yea, in fact, "pain" and "ouch" are understatements.

Nevertheless, It is also at those times when you finally made up your mind and say, not my will, Your will be done.
It is those times when you say, it's painful, but ill give it another try.
It is times like these where i truly grew;

Like how an eagle first discovered their wings, stretching out, reaching for higher heights.

Was it worth it? Was it?
After all that i went through, yea, i would definitely say it was worth it.

Painful? Definitely.
Questions? Plenty.
Yet, i chose to trust in Him. I choose to worship Him with my questions..
If i could understand it all, wouldnt that make me infinite too?
Letting go in pure adoration; it's a beginning of many more.

The closest comparison i can find; is as to how your muscles grow,
it needs to be torn,
it needs to give space,
so that it's able to contain more.
an increase in the capacity.

I guess, it all boils down to this question:

Do you want to have the capacity to contain more?

When there's no test, there is no testimony.
A test, is simply an opportunity for testimonies.


Confirmations after confirmations. mind blowing moments again and again. really, humbled to a point of no words.

I've reached a new season of life. A new beginning of superabundance and of grace.
Yet, humbled, and still learning as i walk into this new dimension of what God has in store.

Below contains quotes after quotes.

18th October 2011:
it feels like you're unknowingly stumbling into kairos time, though the situation may appear otherwise. yet, looking through the eyes of love and eyes of faith, every doubt and fear dissolves and turn into a beautiful exchange. ♥

12th October 2011:
do you remember days when you suddenly understand certain things that you initially don't? tonite was one of those nites :) It's amazing how He pulls strings together and unveiling things one by one.. awesome :D and to top it up, it is also one of those nites that you know you're reaching higher heights :) simply awesome, thanks Pa! :)

16th September 2011:
There's something about Eagles that attracts me:
1) They glide/soar with the wind
2) They pluck off their feathers and breaks their beaks so that they can always perform at the optimized level
3) With reference to the above, they have a time of "camping", a time of retreat
4) They have sharp vision, and they are darn good in what they do.

time to learn to be an eagle, and rise up on wings like eagle :)

to do list: pluck my feathers, break my beak.

14th September 2011:
to understand & discover my origin & purpose in life, in view of perpetuating myself to move forward in the destiny that was set before time

13th September 2011:
pruning is not punishment, pruning is being positioned to be more fruitful #john15 #billjohnson [http://www.ibethel.org/podcast/2011/09/06/first-things-first]

1st September 2011:
Those who did not believe did not enter the promise land, do you believe?

Random awesome quote (26th August 2011):
Food For Thought: Is the existence of anything defined by whether or not u believe or experienced it? yes: if i don't know u & don't believe u, u don't exist?

25th August 2011:
There's something about being the contact point between Heaven and earth. Partnership is in His mind, He's inviting you today!

16th August 2011:
In Hebrew, something exists because it fulfills a function. God has called us into existence, because we are to fulfill a function. Question is, what function? Wanna know more? Come join us in CF tonight, FOE BR3045, 8pm Title: Why are we here for?!

12th August 2011:
He still uses you when you feel like crap. simply to show you that it's not about you, its about Him, and He has not given up on you, so you have no right to give up on yourself.

10th August 2011:
Sometimes i wish i was nearer to home. Nevertheless, i'll be faithful at where i am, afterall, i'm placed here for a purpose, placed here for a mission. Pick up your identity today, until you're able to identify yourself at where you are, you'll never be able to live as who you are called to be.

9th August 2011:
just too many coincidence to deny the truth. awesome Daddy! :D

8th August 2011:
Living a Christian life isn't really about doing what you should be doing, its not really about doing what you know is right to do, neither is it about doing what you have been told. Rather, it is about doing what God is telling you to do. Note that i wrote "is telling", present tense, and for that, a relationship is required. well, of course, there's always a place for doing what is right, and what doing should be done, but never let that place take over what God is telling you to do now.

5th August 2011:

4th August 2011:
To learn to see & envision the good when things seems bad. Things are better than you think.

29th July 2011:
Identity - to know who you are, and to know it correctly.

21st July 2011:
Have you ever felt like you need a Hero to lean on? Feeling so weak and out of place? I know Someone who is perfect for that job, and hence, i'll be away for awhile.

28th June 2011:
to live FROM that realm while living in this.
its a matter of perspective, mission, and desire.

27th June 2011:
#common mistake
living FOR an identity.. instead of living FROM an identity

21st June 2011:
God: Define the relationship.

He's asking us to define the relationship we have with Him, it's not to discourage us, instead He's asking you if you'd wanna take it to a higher level, to take it deeper.

18th June 2011:
A Vénir
// A Vénir means coming soon.

Till i blog again, God bless!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

203: Setup to be pursued

Well, i don't think i wanna write much here, but yea, just jotting it down as a milestone :)

- i was setup to be pursued by Him.

A simple prayer in the morning, signs after signs after signs from morning till nite :)

also, understanding part of the big picture that He's doing in my life.

FB statuses of the day:
you asked, He spoke; time to obey.
do you remember days when you suddenly understand certain things that you initially don't?

tonite was one of those nites :) It's amazing how He pulls strings together and unveiling things one by one.. awesome :D

and to top it up, it is also one of those nites that you know you're reaching higher heights :)

simply awesome, thanks Pa! :)

i guess that sums it up, haha! its ok if you don't understand this post, cuz the intended reader is myself. haha :)

one thing that keeps me running this race despite things that's happening around me, is grounded in the truth that He loves me, and He has a plan for me, not just some random plan, but one that is awesome. Jer 29:11

p/s: i got my haircut today haha.. yea, feels weird if you ask me, but ah, ill get used to it.

Till then, with love :)