[ ᴃᴚiפʜᴌ ᵴᴌᴗᴆiᴏ ]: February 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

208: The Hour....

And so here comes the hour i've been waiting for all my life, or so i thought.. Years after years in school, being in this education system where examinations are pretty much a routine to us as students. Me, being one who honestly dislikes the current education system and how it's shaping our students and our society as a whole..

it's saddening to see so many people trying to achieve something, something so illusive and elusive, grades and achievements that has so little value at the end of the day.

being a student for so many years ... 2 years of pre-schooling, 6 years of primary education, another 5 for my high school years, added with 2 years of diploma and now, almost 4 years of degree. exams, at times can be a pain in the ass (pardon my language)

19 years, 19 years in this system... you'd imagine a bird trapped in a cage, waiting to be released, waiting for the day where the smell of freedom fills the air, having freedom particles bring such joy and sense of achievement.

well, now is the hour.. the day, the day i thought i was waiting for.

am i ready for it? what will i do when this cage is finally opened for me? will my wings be able to carry me forward? have i been trapped so long that freedom seems like another trap in itself?

only one way to find out i guess. step out, stretch my wings, flap, flap, flap, and take the leap of faith.What will happen? Will i miss the cage? Will i miss the other birds in the cage? Will i be able to mix around with the birds of the air?

With all doubts and questions, yet one thing i know for sure.I'm called to be an eagle. I'm made to soar, i'm made to flow with the wind. I'm made to succeed, made to be the king of the air. I shall not fear, i shall not worry, for the Maker of Heavens and earth is guiding me, and leading me to higher heights.

To all the other birds still trapped in the cage, do not fear when it's your turn to take the step of faith, even if there are vultures circling around the cage, eyeing on whom they may devour.. remember, the King of kings will definitely see you through, who knows, i might be there with Him, taking down those "good for nothing" vultures.

And yes, if, if there's anything a freed eagle can do, even if it means to be there with you, or just giving you words of courage and wisdom, i'll try my best to be there.

With love,
An almost freed eagle.

p/s: sry for bad "bright" signature... LOL... using a mouse can be troublesome :))

Till i blog again