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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Letting go... ?

Just like any healthy mother who wants the best for her kids,
she would wake up earlier,
prepare the table, get the breakfast done,
make sure the kids wakes up on time, get ready and etc.

Well, honestly, i FEEL like a mother.. at least, few months back... i know its been a while since i last blogged.. but the strange feeling of wanting to jot down something bubbled up from within.

Having to take care of the Christian Fellowship of MMU for the past 2 years had placed me in a position of wanting the best for my "kids" a.k.a. people under my care, like a mother, constantly having to lookout for her kids, making sure they are alright, eating properly, making good friends and are around good companies in school..well, that was what i feel.. i think.

But yea, the time came where i had to let go. It was definitely not an easy thing to do... but here's a good illustration i came up with .. or rather He inspired..

Like how a mom teaches her child to write, until she lets go of his hands. She'll never find out how much he has learned.

As much as i didn't really want to.. i didn't have much choice of not letting go. But i suppose, it all works out for good. Of course there are times when the mother figure has to step in again, to make sure the child is writing properly. But all in all.... i'm happy to see what's happening now :)

Yes, its time to move on. Not to abandon, but to continue to impart a greater vision upon my kids' lives! I may not always be able to be there for them anymore, but they'll know when to call MUM! when they need it :D .. i think :))

Anyways, IT FEELS GOOD writing again.. i hope the next won't be as short... and too far away.. haha..

Well, till i blog again ;)


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